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  1. Have largely ignored her work, although attention to her literary work has, increased ,since the 1990s. Some academic philosophers have criticized Rand for what they
  2. States and efforts by debtors to use popular government to erase their debts, increased ,the anxiety of the political and economic elites which had led the Revolution.
  3. And her fictional hero John Salt appeared at Tea Party protests. There was also, increased ,criticism of her ideas, especially from the political left, with critics
  4. Availability of a large pool of highly skilled, English-speaking workers. The, increased ,use of outsourcing has assisted the rise of India and the China as financial
  5. Along with mined rock phosphate, pesticides and mechanization, have greatly, increased ,crop yields in the early 20th century. Increased supply of grains has led to
  6. Of communal land and the application of modern agricultural techniques that, increased ,the amount of arable land. Algeria's social fabric suffered during the
  7. Was created as part of the North-West Territories in 1882. As settlement, increased , local representatives to the North-West Legislative Assembly were added. After
  8. Season) is gradually becoming a more common mode of production because of, increased ,profits and a reduction of soil erosion. Across the province, the once common
  9. 1992. Although the total effect of the increased market concentration is likely, increased ,efficiency, the changes redistribute economic surplus from producers (farmers
  10. Evidence does not rule out the possibility that autism's true prevalence has, increased ,; The risk is greater with older fathers than with older mothers; two potential
  11. North. Lincoln's effort to consolidate Kentucky paid off as Union enlistments, increased ,by over 40,000 troops from Maryland, Kentucky,and Missouri. The Trent Affair
  12. Degradation (acidification and salinization). Pesticides Pesticide use has, increased ,since 1950 to 2.5 million tons annually worldwide, yet crop loss from pests has
  13. Practices in animal husbandry such as intensive pig farming have similarly, increased ,the output of meat, but have raised concerns about animal cruelty and the
  14. That when the distance between the aperture and the surface with the image, increased , the image was magnified. Chance and spontaneity According to Aristotle
  15. Foundation, a conservative American think tank, oil production from Angola has, increased ,so significantly that Angola now is China's biggest supplier of oil. Before
  16. 1940s,agricultural productivity has increased dramatically, due largely to the, increased ,use of energy-intensive mechanization, fertilizers and pesticides. The vast
  17. Colorado by 400 to 500 % from 1940 to 1997. The genetic" yield potential" has, increased ,for wheat, but the yield potential for rice has not increased since 1966,and
  18. Disorder at 0.02 per 1,000. The number of reported cases of autism, increased ,dramatically in the 1990s and early 2000s. This increase is largely
  19. 150 bushels per acre) in 2001. Similarly, worldwide average wheat yields have, increased ,from less than 1 t/ha in 1900 to more than 2.5 t/ha in 1990. South American
  20. Varieties ". For example, average yields of corn (maize) in the USA have, increased ,from around 2.5 tons per hectare (t/ha) (40 bushels per acre) in 1900 to
  21. Has not increased since 1966,and the yield potential for maize has" barely, increased ,in 35 years ". And the Dorsett-Morse Oriental Agricultural Exploration
  22. To income rather than health or education achievements. Its per capita income, increased ,a stunning 21-fold over the last four decades, also lifting hundreds of
  23. The chart following the September 11 terrorist attacks. Popularity of the song, increased ,greatly following the September 11, 2001 attacks; at some sporting events it
  24. Pesticides and fertilizers, and technological improvements have sharply, increased ,yields from cultivation, but at the same time have caused widespread ecological
  25. In volunteer, sheltered or part-time work. Changes in diagnostic practice and, increased ,availability of effective early intervention make it unclear whether these
  26. Lithium Since the end of World War II, lithium production has greatly, increased , The metal is separated from other elements in igneous minerals such as those
  27. In Algeria (2002–present) ). The issue of Amazing languages and identity, increased ,in significance, particularly after the extensive Kabyle protests of 2001 and
  28. More crops can be grown on less land allowing farmers to provide an, increased ,supply of food at an affordable price. Food safety, labeling and regulation
  29. Modify the organism. Domestication of plants has, over the centuries, increased ,yield, improved disease resistance and drought tolerance, eased harvest and
  30. Associated with autistic symptoms. *Minor physical anomalies are significantly, increased ,in the autistic population. *Preempted diagnoses. Although the DSM-IV rules out
  31. Had 50 % of sales compared to 32 % in 1992. Although the total effect of the, increased ,market concentration is likely increased efficiency, the changes redistribute
  32. The Emancipation Proclamation, which did not apply to every state, Lincoln, increased , pressure on Congress to outlaw slavery throughout the entire nation with a
  33. Rand's case. Since Rand's death in 1982,interest in her work has gradually, increased , Historian Jennifer Burns has identified" three overlapping waves" of
  34. Not the world marketplace. Development of agricultural techniques has steadily, increased ,agricultural productivity, and the widespread diffusion of these techniques
  35. Standard s has been widely taken up. Hardware * Large monitors can be used with, increased ,DPI for ease of electronic text reading. * E-book readers, such as the Amazon
  36. Of the steepness of the reflectivity-vs. -incident-angle curve and a locally, increased ,average incident angle. Albedo and climate in some areas are affected by
  37. While this feeling lay dormant for decades, as environmental awareness has, increased ,in the 21st century there has been a movement towards sustainable agriculture
  38. State product was $170 billion, or $29,411 per capita. Alabama's 2008 GDP, increased ,0.7 % from the previous year. The single largest increase came in the area of
  39. An x-ray tube. The square root of the frequency of these photons (x-rays), increased , from one target to the next linearly. This led to the conclusion (
  40. To move freely in the comparatively smaller cabins of those spacecraft. The, increased ,cabin space in the Apollo Command Module afforded astronauts greater freedom of
  41. Agriculture, integrated farming and holistic management, as well as an, increased ,trend towards agricultural diversification. Crop statistics Important
  42. By 1990 it had declined to 30 % and by 1998,22.2 %. Market concentration has, increased ,in the sector as well, with the top 20 food manufacturers accounting for half
  43. Economics. For example, since the 1980s in the United States median income has, increased ,more slowly than the arithmetic average of income. Ben Bernanke has voiced the
  44. Potential" has increased for wheat, but the yield potential for rice has not, increased ,since 1966,and the yield potential for maize has" barely increased in 35
  45. This is related to the greater efficiency of farming, combined with the, increased ,level of value addition (e.g. more highly processed products) provided by
  46. To more than two groups. Doing multiple two-sample t-tests would result in an, increased ,chance of committing a type I error. For this reason, ANOVAs are useful in
  47. In 2010. Energy and agriculture Since the 1940s,agricultural productivity has, increased ,dramatically, due largely to the increased use of energy-intensive
  48. And undisciplined. Desertions during 1863 were in the thousands and they, increased ,after Fredericksburg. Lincoln brought in Joseph Hooker, despite his history of
  49. Corn, and wheat provide 60 % of human food supply. For example, irrigation, increased , corn yields in eastern Colorado by 400 to 500 % from 1940 to 1997. The genetic
  50. To Algeria. Village traditions underwent significant change as urbanization, increased , New industries emerged, and agricultural employment was substantially reduced.

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