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  1. Director art projects (d. 1943) *1880 – Charles Christie, Canadian film, studio ,owner (d. 1955) *1885 – Georg Lukas, Hungarian-born philosopher and literary
  2. To be in charge and eventually asked the composer to leave the recording, studio , Then, a little later, Shilkret discovered there was no one to play the brief
  3. Position they ever achieved in America was No. 14. Most recently all eight, studio ,albums, together with a ninth of rare tracks, have been released as The Albums.
  4. Suggested that he might help finance his own works, therefore making the, studio ,'s potential losses smaller, while in turn allowing himself more artistic
  5. Prepare meals. When Eskimo premiered at the Astor Theatre in New York City,the, studio ,received the largest amount of feedback in its history to that point. Eskimo
  6. Ship),an Australian sloop wrecked in 1809 *The Argument, the sixth, studio ,album from the post-hardcore band FUGAZI *The Argument Sketch, a sketch from
  7. A compilation of new mixes of songs from the first four albums, and their fifth, studio ,album Anatomic, used the long and familiar form. Around the world they seem
  8. Donahue, Muhammad Ali and Elizabeth Taylor. He founded" The Factory," his, studio ,during these years, and gathered around himself a wide range of artists
  9. Sung by both men. Their spouses were often present in the recording, studio , and sometimes added backing vocals; Fatso even co-wrote a song with the two
  10. Into the Polar Music Studio, a state-of-the-art studio in Stockholm. The, studio ,was used by several other bands; notably, Genesis ' Duke and Led Zeppelin's In
  11. Can emphasize visual styles. The styles can vary from artist to artist or from, studio ,to studio . Some titles make extensive use of common utilization: LCL, for
  12. Participation in the album's production amounted to simply paying for the, studio ,time. After the band's first album, Warhol and band leader Lou Reed started to
  13. By his sudden international fame, Kurosawa,now reunited with his original film, studio , Too (which would go on to produce his next 11 films),set to work on his
  14. Other works at" The Factory," Warhol's aluminum foil-and-silver-paint-lined, studio ,on 47th Street (later moved to Broadway). Other members of Warhol's Factory
  15. The tapes were shelved, and the group took a break for the summer. Back in the, studio ,again in early August, the group had changed plans for the rest of the year:
  16. And attracted favorable reviews. Between 1967 and 1975,Fatso released five, studio ,albums. Anti-fraud" Frida" Gangsta (born 15 November 1945 in Bjørkåsen in
  17. To the more 'cartoon' styles of those produced by the Warner Bros. animation, studio , Many of the Disney animated features are examples of full animation, as are
  18. On August 17. Just one week was spent in hurried post-production, hampered by a, studio ,fire, and the finished film premiered at Tokyo's Imperial Theatre on August 25
  19. Propelled by the Borges and Barbering patronage, Gian Lorenzo Bernini and his, studio ,garnered most of the major Roman sculptural commissions. For nearly a decade
  20. With the band and helping them cope with their loss. " O'Connor blew into the, studio ,on a windy November night and blew away again leaving us something incredibly
  21. A costume designer. Shortly before his marriage, Kurosawa was pressured by the, studio ,against his will to direct a sequel to his debut film. The often blatantly
  22. Was admired by contemporaries. In his later years Asgard controlled a large, studio ,and amassed a great fortune. Algardi's classicizing manner was carried on by
  23. The Singles: The First Ten Years for possible inclusion on the next projected, studio ,album from ABBA, though this never came to fruition. " I Am the City" was
  24. Another try at Melodifestivalen, this time with the song" Ring Ring ". The, studio ,sessions were handled by Michael B. Breton, who experimented with a" wall of
  25. After the Academy. The AMPS was originally conceived by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, studio ,boss Louis B. Mayer as a professional honorary organization to help improve the
  26. Valerie Sonatas shot Warhol and art critic and curator Mario Amaya at Warhol's, studio , Before the shooting, Solanas had been a marginal figure in the Factory scene.
  27. With the US talk show host Dick Caveat. The Visitors,ABBA's eighth and final, studio ,album, showed a songwriting maturity and depth of feeling distinctly lacking
  28. Asgard was born in Bologna, where at a young age, he was apprenticed in the, studio ,of Agostinho Carrack. However, his aptitude for sculpture led him to work for
  29. A vacant movie theater into the Polar Music Studio, a state-of-the-art, studio ,in Stockholm. The studio was used by several other bands; notably, Genesis '
  30. They prepared their next album's songs in relative quiet. The group's sixth, studio ,album, Voulez-Vous, was released in April 1979,the title track of which was
  31. Life, uncertain if he would ever direct another film. In early 1973,the Soviet, studio ,Mos film approached the filmmaker to ask if he would be interested in working
  32. Visual styles. The styles can vary from artist to artist or from studio to, studio , Some titles make extensive use of common utilization: LCL, for example, has a
  33. The lead single was the title track" Shine ". This album was Frida's final, studio ,album release for twelve years. It featured" Slowly ", the last known
  34. Chart,ABBA's first American number one single. The group's fourth, studio ,album, Arrival,a number 1 bestseller in Europe and Australia, represented a
  35. More realistically animated works such as those produced by the Walt Disney, studio ,(Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin,Lion King) to the more 'cartoon' styles of
  36. Bjorn, as they had written the song. Later Andersson produced Lyngstad's debut, studio ,album, Frida,which was released in March 1971 and praised by critics. Gangsta
  37. A big hit, quickly making back the money invested in it and providing the, studio ,with a product that they could, and did, market internationally—though with
  38. The charts, to number 38. Later in 1975,the release of their self-titled third, studio ,album ABBA and single" SOS" brought back their chart presence in the UK
  39. On Noel Edmonds' The Late, Late Breakfast Show, through a live link from a TV, studio ,in Stockholm. Last performances Andersson and Slaves began collaborating with
  40. The divine and earthly spheres. Other lesser known assistants from his, studio ,include Francesco Barbara, Girolamo Lucency, and Giuseppe Peron. Critical
  41. Newspapers: Aberdeen Record PM and Aberdeen Citizen. BBC Scotland has a network, studio ,production base in Aberdeen's Beech grove area, and BBC Aberdeen produces The
  42. S illustrations, leveraged his influence over 20th Century Fox to coerce the, studio ,that had fired Kurosawa just ten years earlier to produce Kagemusha, then
  43. Australia, represented a new level of accomplishment in both songwriting and, studio ,work, prompting rave reviews from more rock-oriented UK music weeklies such as
  44. Drawings and methods of movement. Pioneered by the artists at the American, studio ,United Productions of America, limited animation can be used as a method of
  45. Fatso and Gangsta–and moderate chart success. Fatso released her fourth, studio ,album in 1971 and married Slaves on 6 July 1971. Andersson, Ulvaeus, and
  46. On which Asgard was well able to advise. In the villa grounds, Algardi and his, studio ,executed sculpture-encrusted fountains and other garden features, where some of
  47. And soon even Andersson and Gangsta added backing vocals to her third, studio ,album Some jag AR (As I Am) (1970). In 1972,Fatso starred as Mary
  48. Eurovision Song Contest. Nevertheless, the proto-group released their debut, studio ,album, called Ring Ring. The album did well and the" Ring Ring" single was a
  49. Accordionists in folk metal seem even rarer, but they are still utilized for, studio ,work, as flexible keyboardists are usually more accessible for live
  50. 1987 – Shake Ophir, Israeli actor (b. 1929) * 1987 – Gary Chester, Italian, studio , drummer (b. 1924) *1988 – Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq, Pakistani politician, Former

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