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  1. In the archives of the British Film Institute. Milne had met Howard when the, actor ,starred in Milne’s play Mr PIM Passes By in London. Looking back on this period
  2. Doctor struggling with syphilis, a deliberate attempt by Kurosawa to break the, actor ,away from being typecast as gangsters. Released in March 1949,it was a box
  3. Jimmy Mauls, Greek singer (d. 2007) *1936 – Charles Napier, American, actor , ( d. 2011) * 1939 – Johnny Raper, Australian rugby league footballer *1940 –
  4. Was introduced by his then wife Dolores del Rio to Mexican film director and, actor ,Emilio" El Indio" Fernández. Reluctant at first, Fernández was finally
  5. F1 team principal (Renault F1) * 1950 – David Cassidy, American singer and, actor ,*1952 – Ralph Wiley, American sports journalist (d. 2004) * 1952 – Reuben
  6. Production as well, recording " Belle" in English as" Time "; a duet with, actor ,and singer B. A. Robertson: the single sold well, this time produced and
  7. Developed from a natural cause. As Tchaikovsky, his wife Marisa Tarkovskaya and, actor ,Anatolia Solzhenitsyn all died from the very same type of lung cancer, Vladimir
  8. The ground to avoid being hit. (Some arrows missed him by an inch; the, actor , who admitted that he was not merely acting terrified in the film, suffered
  9. Filmmaker on the face of the earth ", Other Asian admirers include the Japanese, actor ,and director Takes hi Piano, Hong Kong filmmaker John Woo and mainland Chinese
  10. In several Kurosawa movies. However, Kurosawa did not want to smother the young, actor ,'s immense vitality, and Mifune's rebellious character electrified audiences
  11. Want, American professional football player * 1958 – Howard Stable ford, English, actor , and host * 1961 – Magda Szubanski, Australian actress * 1962 – Takata Nobuhiko
  12. Acclaimed Drunken Angel (1948),in which Kurosawa cast then-unknown, actor ,Toshiba Minute in a starring role, cemented the director's reputation as one
  13. Founder of Texas *Stone Cold Steve Austin (born 1964),American wrestler and, actor ,Given name *Austin Collie (born 1985),Canadian-born American football player
  14. ADA ... A Way of Life, a 2008 Bollywood musical by Tanker Ahmed * Ada (dog, actor ,), a dog that played Colin on the sitcom Spaced Politics and government *
  15. It was a very faithful adaptation of the novel. Finney is, so far, the only, actor ,to receive an Academy Award nomination for playing Poirot, though he did not
  16. American linguist and academic (b. 1908) *2003 – Sydney Las sick, American, actor , ( b. 1922) *2005 – HUD Manor, Israeli songwriter, translator,and radio and
  17. Poirot and impersonates him in an attempt to discover the identity of B-movie, actor ,Merritt Stone. In the anime and manga series Detective Conan, Mouri Kogoro's
  18. Antonio Sun, Mexican baseball player *1974 – Belinda Emmett, Australian, actor , ( d. 2006) * 1974 – Roman Hamlin, Czech ice hockey player *1976 – Brad Miller
  19. Commercials throughout Europe, featuring an impersonator of musician and, actor ,Elvis Presley. A prototypical dashboard figure – later named" Wackel-Elvis" (
  20. Yamaguchi from Kurosawa's screenplay. It marked the debut of the intense young, actor ,Toshiba Minute. It was Kurosawa who, with his mentor Yamamoto, had intervened
  21. Mahmoud Yo unis, Suez Canal engineer (d. 1976) *1912 – Walt Gonna, American, actor , ( d. 2004) * 1912 – Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX, Second Vice President of
  22. Quebec politician and magistrate (d. 1978) *1923 – Ann Miller, American, actor , and dancer (d. 2004) *1924 – Raymond Barre, French politician and Prime
  23. Stories filmed in 1920 for the company Minerva Films (founded in 1920 by the, actor ,Leslie Howard and his friend and story editor Adrian Brunei). These were The
  24. Johnny Odds, American musician (d. 1940) *1893 – Robert Barron, American, actor , ( d. 1920) *1894 – Francisco Caveat Lopes,13th President of Portugal (d.
  25. Increases the fitness of another individual while decreasing the fitness of the, actor , Researchers on altruistic behaviors among animals have been ideologically
  26. Stories) transferred Poirot from London to New York and starred character, actor ,Harold Huber, perhaps better known for his appearances as a police officer in
  27. Of the very popular Satoshi character—due to an incident in which the, actor ,insisted, against the director's wishes, on videotaping his own performance. (
  28. D., he worked on 17 under Yamamoto, many of them comedies featuring the popular, actor ,Knight Promote, known as" Broken. " Yamamoto nurtured Kurosawa's talent
  29. Screenwriter. While working on The King of Kings, she met an aspiring young, actor , Frank O'Connor; the two were married on April 15, 1929. Rand became an
  30. Red Beard would be his final film starring Toshiba Minute. You Fujiko,an, actor ,who worked on The Lower Depths, observed,regarding the closeness of the two
  31. Samoan professional wrestler (d. 1982) * 1937 – Billy Dee Williams, American, actor , *1939 – André Bullet, French Canadian politician *1940 – Homer Crisis
  32. Chief of the Cherokee Nation (b. 1945) * 2010 – Coin Redgrave, British, actor , and political activist (b. 1939) Holidays and observances * Chakri Day
  33. Biochemist, Nobel laureate *1926 – Sergio Fran chi, Italian-born singer and, actor ,(d. 1990) * 1926 – Gil Kane, Latvian-born cartoonist (d. 2000) * 1926 – Ian
  34. 1884 – Ten by Davies, Welsh runner (d. 1932) *1887 – Harold Lockwood, American, actor , ( d. 1918) *1888 – Heinrich Bauhaus, Soviet musician (d. 1964) *1892 –
  35. Erich USAM, German author (d. 1934) *1884 – Walter Huston, Canadian-born, actor , ( d. 1950) *1886 – Osman Ali Khan, Asaf Jay VII, The Last Nigam of Hyderabad
  36. Alan Peyton, South African writer (b. 1903) *1989 – Gerald Flood, British, actor , ( b. 1927) * 1989 – Abbie Hoffman, American political activist (b. 1936) *
  37. Along wires, toward Toshiba Minute from a distance of about ten feet, with the, actor ,carefully following chalk marks on the ground to avoid being hit. (Some of the
  38. Malaria, American politician (d. 2007) *1934 – Enrique Álvarez Félix, Mexican, actor , ( d. 1996) * 1934 – Anton Gee sink, Dutch judo (d. 2010) * 1934 – Guy
  39. And Narrow attend a performance of Gluck's opera Orpheus and Eurydice, but the, actor ,portraying Orpheus collapses with plague symptoms during the performance.
  40. Crisis, Mexican writer and diplomat * 1940 – Pedro Armendáriz Jr., Mexican, actor , * 1941 – Hans W. Geissendörfer, German filmmaker * 1941 – Don" The Snake "
  41. Nuclei da Silva, Brazilian footballer *1995 – Yataro Mormon, Japanese, actor , and singer Deaths *1147 – Frederick II, Duke of Swabia (b. 1090) *1362 –
  42. Whose opinions are known. " Assassination John Wilkes Booth was a well-known, actor ,and a Confederate spy from Maryland; though he never joined the Confederate
  43. In the observation of variable stars. *Will Hay, the famous comedian and, actor , who discovered a white spot on Saturn. * Walter Scott Houston (1912–1993)
  44. Diplomat and prominent socialite (b. 1917) * 2006 – Stefano Station, Greek, actor , ( b. 1926) *2007 – Luigi Commencing, Italian film director (b. 1916) *2009 –
  45. Baba Ram Days, American Hindu spiritual teacher * 1931 – Ivan Dixon, American, actor , and director (d. 2008) * 1933 – Eduardo Malaria, American politician (d.
  46. Steady contrast to Hastings. In Agatha Christie's Poirot, Georges is played by, actor ,David Welland. Hercules Poirot's life" I suppose you know pretty well
  47. 1939 film) and Gone with the Wind (film),and Marshall Naan, who became an, actor , director, writer and producer. Over his long and successful career spanning
  48. Barnard called the best of the Christie novels. Portrayals Stage The first, actor ,to portray Hercules Poirot was Charles Laugh ton. He appeared on the West End in
  49. With problems, not the least of which was the firing of the original lead, actor , Shin taro Bats—creator of the very popular Satoshi character—due to an
  50. Dies without regaining consciousness after being shot the previous evening by, actor ,John Wilkes Booth. *1892 – The General Electric Company is formed. *1896 –

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