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  1. The Democratic Progressive Party and apologized thus:" Today I have to say, sorry ,to all the DPP members and supporters. I let everyone down, caused you
  2. don't want to be rude but – there it is. You're too old. I'm really very, sorry , " Notably, during this time his physical characteristics also change
  3. The Centennial Olympic Park bombing. She later apologized, saying " I'm very, sorry ,it happened. I think we owe him an apology. I regret the leak. " * The
  4. By people in the larger world and thus the misunderstanding. And for that, I am, sorry , Gay people who set out to be parents can be just as good parents as anybody
  5. Ginsberg writes:" America I used to be a communist when I was a kid I'm not, sorry ,...." Biographer Jonah Rankin has claimed that, despite his often stark
  6. In an interview saying he was not really sorry for the comments he made, only, sorry , he didn't make it clear that he was joking. He added," I can't be sorry for
  7. Has, no question, the best score on Broadway. " He noted, though,that" I'm, sorry ,the cast was reduced from 52 to 38,the orchestra from 26 players to 14 ... To
  8. The fruit's victim, Clarke,agreed that it was Wellman's idea, saying," I'm, sorry ,I ever agreed to do the grapefruit bit. I never dreamed it would be shown in
  9. Merchant NPC say" Josh, kapleck Dog. Oh, sorry , that's Klingon for 'Buy something or die. '" Kid Icarus, known as in Japan
  10. Of course utterly unfair and I am pleased to have the chance to say how deeply, sorry ,I and we all are for what happened to him ... So on behalf of the British
  11. 2011 issue of GQ, Von Trier is quoted in an interview saying he was not really, sorry ,for the comments he made, only sorry he didn't make it clear that he was
  12. S chief architect before assuming ministerial office. As" the Nazi who said, sorry ,", he accepted responsibility at the Nuremberg trials and in his memoirs for
  13. I feel loathing contempt and revulsion (toward you, O God); and I am, sorry ,for frail man. " Talmudic tradition The Talmudic Tract ate Lava Basra 15a-b
  14. Whitlam's advisers urged him to stop joking about McMahon; people were feeling, sorry ,for him. The election saw the ALP increase its tally by 12 seats, mostly in
  15. It grotesque junk, and said it looked like something you'd spit up. I felt, sorry ,for my crew because they had worked so hard! ". However, as time went on, the
  16. Deign Taggart's eye as one of the few competent men on staff. After seeing the, sorry ,state of the Ohio Division, she decides to make him its new Superintendent.
  17. On hearing of the rebel defeat in April 1939,Montgomery said," I shall be, sorry ,to leave Palestine in many ways, as I have enjoyed the war out here ". Second
  18. Pole pole (Swahili for slowly, or slowly-slowly). – In Swahili pole means, sorry , to express sympathy. * Haraka-haraka (Swahili for quickly, or quickly-quickly
  19. S writings in Hebrew were later found:: I am going to die, and I am not, sorry ,at all. Why? Because I am going to die for our country. Solomon Ben-Yosef. On 29
  20. Observed:" The Indians had an experience they were never to repeat: they were, sorry ,to see these white men leave. " Alarcón wrote of his contact with the
  21. Policies (2008) In November 2008,the university declared itself" profoundly, sorry ," for having allowed" institutional policies to remain in place that were
  22. Shooting Stick" and Mabel Fair confirmed that Heppenstall came to her in a, sorry ,state the following day. However, Orwell got on well with young people. The
  23. Cannon replied," If you mean that I am to get up in meeting and say that I am, sorry ,I married Mary, I won't do it. I'm damned if I'm sorry , and I'm damned if I
  24. Partially clad or scantily dressed; also a special type of garment.; resole:, sorry ,; détente: easing of diplomatic tension; diabetic: witchcraft, devilry,or
  25. More pain than a bullet wound. Yet this quaint dandified little man who, I was, sorry ,to see, now limped badly, had been in his time one of the most celebrated
  26. Was the cause of AIDS, and Gallo had a very important role in that. I'm very, sorry ,for Robert Gallo. " AIDS denialism A small group of individuals continues to
  27. Pages have been put there for purely dramatic purposes. The author would be, sorry ,if any reader supposed he was too stupid to have enjoyed Mr. H. G. Wells's
  28. Only sorry he didn't make it clear that he was joking. He added," I can't be, sorry ,for what I said—it's against my nature. " On October 5,2011,On Trier was
  29. All those who live freely thanks to Alan's work I am very proud to say: we're, sorry , you deserved so much better. *The University of Texas at Austin has an honour
  30. Are often pronounced rather than. * The stressed vowel of words such as borrow, sorry ,or tomorrow is rather than. * Words such as fragile, fertile,and mobile are
  31. A failure: King Louis, says Joinville," see repent fort" (" felt very, sorry ,"). Death Andrew died some time after 1253,while he was active as a
  32. Because we tremble, and neither we cry, strike,nor tremble because we are, sorry , angry, or fearful, as the case may be. " Such experiments also have
  33. Escort to Marlborough. The Duke welcomed the French commander –" I am very, sorry ,that such a cruel misfortune should have fallen upon a soldier for whom I have
  34. Viewers have been upset by the recent episodes of Fasteners, and we are very, sorry , because the production team and program makers did not mean to cause any
  35. Homosexual parents. Corolla responded to GLAND via TMZ. Com, stating," I'm, sorry ,my comments were hurtful. I'm a comedian, not a politician. " GLAND responded
  36. Of the evil chess establishment that he felt had robbed and cheated him, I am, sorry ,I never had a chance to thank him personally for what he did for our sport. "
  37. Had seen all the horrors in store for us after the war, we should have been, sorry ,not to see Stalin go down together with Hitler: an end to the war in favor of
  38. Friedman noted," I believe he would have succeeded Reagan as president and the, sorry ,Bush-Clinton period would never have occurred. " Rumsfeld briefly sought the
  39. Grant's Tomb? " Or" What color is the White House? " (asked when Marx felt, sorry ,for a contestant who had not won anything). It ran for eleven years on
  40. Then apologized on behalf of the British Government by saying he was" deeply, sorry ,". A survey conducted by Angus Reid Public Opinion in June 2010 found that 61
  41. September Oxford again spoke of ill health, writing to Lord Burgher that 'I am, sorry ,that I have not an able body which might have served to attend her Majesty in
  42. I was glad she was alive. I expected them to be killed at any time. " She felt, sorry ,for the group and agreed to help the remaining group hide from the police and
  43. It is 75 pages long—"As to the shortness of the book, I am awfully, sorry ,for it ... If you were to squeeze me like a lemon you would get nothing more
  44. Story. Brian Allies has called the story a" tawdry illiterate tale" and a ", sorry ,concoction" while Lester del Rey called it" simply dreadful. " While most
  45. An agnostic and stated when asked if he believed in God," No, and I am very, sorry ,about it. " Orthodoxy and revisionism Shostakovich's response to official
  46. And say that I am sorry I married Mary, I won't do it. I'm damned if I'm, sorry ,and I'm damned if I will say I am. " Joseph Cannon died in his residence in
  47. Cagney believed in hard work, later stating," It was good for me. I feel, sorry ,for the kid who has too cushy a time of it. Suddenly he has to come
  48. You come here?: Human: He says I'm depressed much of the time.: ELIZA: I am, sorry ,to hear you are depressed.: Human: It's true. I'm unhappy.: ELIZA: Do you
  49. Noises. ’ La Motto said.: ‘ God bless you! Ma’Moselle,’ said Peter.: ‘ I’m, sorry ,I frightened you so last night. ’: ‘ Frightened me,’ said Adeline; ‘ how was
  50. Out a way to handle the incessant inquiries. He told his inquirers" Pardon me, sorry , Always I am mistaken for Professor Einstein. " Einstein has been the subject

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