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  1. The war ended status quo antebellum with the 1784 Treaty of Mangalore. French, opposition ,was led in 1782 and 1783 by Admiral the Baillie de Suffren, who recaptured
  2. Of anthropology became politicized through the Algerian War of Independence and, opposition ,to the Vietnam War; Marxism became an increasingly popular theoretical approach
  3. On 6 August 1945,he was one of the few French editors to publicly express, opposition ,to the United States' dropping the atomic bomb in Hiroshima. He resigned from
  4. Of the economic antisemitism, there would be no economic antisemitism). In, opposition ,to this view, Derek Hensley contends that in the modern era, the economic
  5. By the Bird family, particularly Prime Ministers Var and Lester Bird. The, opposition ,claimed to be disadvantaged by the ALP's longstanding monopoly on patronage
  6. Franz Boas established academic anthropology in the United States in, opposition ,to this sort of evolutionary perspective. His approach was empirical, skeptical
  7. The Republican Party's production of campaign literature dwarfed the combined, opposition ,; a Chicago Tribune writer produced a pamphlet that detailed Lincoln's life
  8. Are the ideas of" sovereignty of the individual ", a market economy, and the, opposition ,to collectivism. A defining point that they agree on is that defense of liberty
  9. Word followed naturally from the word" Semitism ", and indicated either, opposition ,to the Jews as a people, or else opposition to Jewishness or the Jewish spirit
  10. On October 16, 1854,in his" Peoria Speech ", Lincoln declared his, opposition ,to slavery, which he repeated en route to the presidency. Speaking in his
  11. As a term of abuse, used by Royalists against their Round head opponents. In, opposition ,to Jacobin centralization of power, seeing " revolutionary government" as
  12. But contained a complaint about states' rights in the North in the form of, opposition ,to the Fugitive Slave Act, claiming that Northern states were not fulfilling
  13. To the said question. In law, an answer was originally a solemn assertion in, opposition ,to someone or something, and thus generally any counter-statement or defense
  14. From the left, the right, and radical Islam, which tends to focus on, opposition ,to the creation of a Jewish homeland in the State of Israel, and argue that the
  15. Slavery. Lincoln insisted the moral foundation of the Republicans required, opposition ,to slavery, and rejected any" groping for some middle ground between the right
  16. Boasts of his originality as a dramatist, yet his plays consistently espouse, opposition ,to radical new influences in Athenian society. He caricatured leading figures
  17. He left home before the age of eighteen, his main interest in life was his, opposition ,to the death penalty, which he regarded as state-sponsored murder. However
  18. 2008,announced MPA as the winning party with 81 % of votes. The closest, opposition ,party was UNITS with 10 %. These elections were the first since 1992 and were
  19. Facilities, both in occupied territories and in Germany. He carried out his, opposition ,to Hitler's scorched earth program ... by deliberately sabotaging it at
  20. The Continuing Anglican movement produced a number of new church bodies in, opposition ,to women's ordination, prayer book changes, and the new understandings
  21. Includes the individual, love and compassion in Buddhism are outside the, opposition ,between self and other. It is even said that the very distinction between self
  22. Always had some use in non-Scandinavian languages. There is considerable, opposition ,to the AA spelling and according to a May 2011 poll 59.8 % of the city's
  23. Semitism ", and indicated either opposition to the Jews as a people, or else, opposition ,to Jewishness or the Jewish spirit, which he saw as infiltrating German culture
  24. Sorry ...." Biographer Jonah Rankin has claimed that, despite his often stark, opposition ,to communist orthodoxy, Ginsberg held" his own idiosyncratic version of
  25. Problems began in the mid-1980s,when the first" green" groups formed in, opposition ,to Yerevan's intense industrial air pollution and to nuclear power generation
  26. all the Parliament's 125 seats. During the 2010 Parliamentary election,the, opposition ,parties, Musavat and Azerbaijani Popular Front Party, failed to win a single
  27. Discovered only through logical reasoning, and,since reason could not run in, opposition ,to God, reason must be compatible with theology. This ran contrary to the
  28. Alienated many tribal and religious leaders. Faced with overwhelming armed, opposition , Manuela Khan was forced to abdicate in January 1929 after Kabul fell to
  29. Shortly afterwards. UNIT Agave up its armed wing and assumed the role of major, opposition ,party, although in the knowledge that in the present regime a legitimate
  30. An argument for individual resistance to civil government in moral, opposition ,to an unjust state. Later Benjamin Tucker fused Sterner´s egoism with the
  31. Uncle Tom’s Cabin (1852) by Harriet Beecher Stowe greatly increased Northern, opposition ,to the Fugitive Slave Law of 1850. Name" mcpherson3"/> name "
  32. Some Afghan groups (including the former intelligence chief Mullah Sale and, opposition ,leader Dr. Abdullah) believe that Karma plans to appease the
  33. Saroyan, brother of Vaughn Saroyan, and has become the primary voice of the, opposition , which also includes the Armenian Communist Party, the National Unity party of
  34. Include Southwest Airlines and Microsoft. Originally, the company stood in, opposition ,to staid competitors like IBM by default, thanks to the influence of its
  35. The churches founded at the beginning of the twenty-first century in, opposition ,to the ordination of openly homosexual bishops are usually referred to as part
  36. Attractive rainbow, that rises in showers of blood ". Lincoln emphasized his, opposition ,to Polk by drafting and introducing his Spot Resolutions. The war had begun
  37. The individualist wing of anarchism emphases negative liberty, i. e., opposition ,to state or social control over the individual, while those in the social wing
  38. Although it was foreseeable that it would eventually fail in face of UNITS, opposition , Ceasefire with UNITS On February 22, 2002,after the MPA regime come to terms
  39. The Jews for defeats and political economic crises" while seeking to" exploit, opposition ,and resistance to Jewish influence as elements in political party platforms. "
  40. Favored the reelection of Douglas for the Senate in 1858,since he had led the, opposition ,to the Compton Constitution, which would have admitted Kansas as a slave
  41. On 27 October 1999,a period of political instability ensued during which an, opposition ,headed by elements of the former Armenian National Movement government
  42. Be formed in September 1991,disagreements between the government and the, opposition ,Azerbaijani Popular Front Party impeded creation of a unified force. Around
  43. Favoring high tariffs, banks,internal improvements, and railroads in, opposition ,to the agrarian Democrats. William C. Harris found that Lincoln's" reverence
  44. Most anarcho-communists view anarcho-communist as a way of reconciling the, opposition ,between the individual and society. In the early 20th century
  45. Of the Anglican realignment movement. In some ways, they represent a stronger, opposition ,because they have the backing of many member provinces of the Anglican
  46. But it is strongly directional and non-Lambertian, displaying also a strong, opposition ,effect. A =\left (\franc \right) ^2,where A is the astronomical albedo’D is
  47. However, the Bolsheviks soon turned against the anarchists and other left-wing, opposition , a conflict that culminated in the 1921 Ronstadt rebellion which the new
  48. S father was a successful craftsman who employed 50 workers). Despite this, opposition , the two married in Berlin on August 28, 1928; seven years were to elapse
  49. Ruling party MPA won 82 % (191 seats in the National Assembly) and the main, opposition ,party won only 10 % (16 seats). The elections however have been described as
  50. Sterile seeds. Terminator seeds are currently under strong international, opposition ,and face continual efforts of global bans. Another controversial issue is the

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