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  1. When he discovered that the original Desiree, Glynis Johns, was able to, sing ,(she had a" small, silvery voice" ) but could not" sustain a phrase ", he
  2. His three friends – Jacob Schmidt, Bank Account Billy, and Alaska Wolf Joe –, sing ,of the pleasures awaiting them in" Off to Mahagonny ", they look forward to
  3. Men waiting in line to make love to Jenny and the other whores. The men, sing ,the" Mandalay Song ", warning that love doesn’t last forever, and urging those
  4. Up The Ass!. In addition to the usual English football chants, supporters, sing ," One-Nil to the Arsenal" ( to the tune of" Go West" ) and" Boring, Boring
  5. Discusses the worship service of Corinth and textually uses the words speak and, sing ,in ways that cannot include instruments. There is no reference to instrumental
  6. And as a result rebetadika are often crammed with people of all ages who will, sing , dance and drink till dawn. The Nazi () area, one of the latest in full
  7. During Holy Week, in which thousands of penitents (known as Nazarene), sing , saetas. Andalusia is the site of such pilgrim destinations as the Ontario de
  8. From a wide range of Christian traditions. " Quires and Places where they, sing ," In the late medieval period, many English cathedrals and monasteries had
  9. Gloom of Joe’s death, Jimmy invites everyone to have a drink on him. The men, sing ," Life in Mahagonny ", describing how one could live in the city for only five
  10. Hebrews 2:12,13:15; James 5:13,which reveal a command for all Christians to, sing , Further study reveals that in the New Testament, when God was worshiped in
  11. And lower body; she is able to demonstrate realistic facial expressions and, sing ,while simultaneously dancing. In South Korea, the Ministry of Information and
  12. There ten thousand years, Bright shining as the sun,We've no fewer days to, sing ,God's praise, Than when we have first begun. " Amazing Grace" came to be an emblem
  13. Let us all combine: To Advance Australia Fair.: In joyful strains then let us, sing ,: Advance Australia Fair. Copyright Even though any copyright of Peter Odds
  14. To project her voice more easily to the back of a room. " Smith would" ..., sing ,a song in an unusual key, and her artistry in bending and stretching notes with
  15. Page, let eV'Ry stage: Advance Australia fair.: In joyful strains then let us, sing ,: Advance Australia fair.; Verse 2: When gallant Cook from Albion sailed, : To
  16. The middle of the 18th century, when the slaves were Christianized and began to, sing ,and play Christian hymns, in particular those of Isaac Watts, which were very
  17. Q-r-s-t-u-v-w: x-y-zed: Now I know my" ABCs ": Next time won't you, sing ,with me Other variants make significantly more changes in order to rhyme with
  18. Animal sacrifices, in the New Testament, all Christians are commanded to, sing ,praises to God. This leaves those opposed to instrumental music in worship with
  19. Y, w and x last for two beats): Now I know my ABCs; (): next time won't you, sing ,with me? (). Zed for ZEE In the United States, Z is pronounced ZEE; in most
  20. Marian Anderson sing s at the Lincoln Memorial, after being denied the right to, sing ,at the Daughters of the American Revolution's Constitution Hall. *1940 – World
  21. Got it, I just got it! ' Then he showed me a sketchbook with the words 'let us, sing ,the ode of the immortal Schiller' ". However, Beethoven did not retain this
  22. Into Temple worship based upon a commandment from God. God commanded who was to, sing , who was to play, and what instruments were to be used, as seen in
  23. Prefer" America the Beautiful" for various reasons, saying it is easier to, sing , more melodic, and more adaptable to new orchestrations while still remaining
  24. With heart and hand: To advance Australia fair.: In joyful strains then let us, sing ,: Advance Australia fair.; Verse 4: Should foreign foe e'er sight our coast, : Or
  25. Then. Scene 11 Tensely, people watch for the hurricane’s arrival. The men, sing ,a hymn-like admonition not to be afraid. Jim meditatively compares Nature’s
  26. Conservative congregations. ) Similarly, when Jewish families and larger groups, sing ,traditional Sabbath songs known as zero outside the context of formal
  27. Where they stop at," All Mensches ", before the slow part when the soloists, sing ,for one last time the song of joy. In the ending climax, the chorus softens
  28. Song" ), which arouses Jim’s interest, and he chooses her. Jenny and the girls, sing ,a tribute to" the Jimmy's from Alaska. " Scene 6 Jimmy and Jenny get to know
  29. Prayer until 1662,when the famous rubric" In quires and places where they, sing ,here followed the Anthem" first appears. In common usage among many
  30. Cafe music, Jimmy’s friend Jacob gorges until he keels over and dies. The men, sing ,a chorale over his body, saluting " a man without fear ". Scene 14: Loving.
  31. Near the end to form the climax. As in the Ninth Symphony, the vocal forces, sing ,a theme first played instrumentally, and this theme is highly reminiscent of
  32. S land: Still keep their courage green.: In joyful strains then let us, sing ,: Advance Australia fair. * The 1901 Federation version of the third verse was
  33. These choral establishments are specified as" Quires and Places where they, sing ,". For nearly three centuries, this round of daily professional choral worship
  34. Ticket inspectors on the train line through Aberdeen were known for their, sing ,song refrain:" Half an hour, Half an hour, Half an hour to Aberdeen - tickets
  35. They each performed, both were deemed equal until Apollo decreed they play and, sing ,at the same time. As Apollo played the lyre, this was easy to do. Marshal could
  36. And polyphony At several points, Sondheim has multiple performers each, sing ,a different song simultaneously. This use of counterpoint maintains coherence
  37. Turned to heaven above: Advance Australia fair.: In joyful strains then let us, sing ,: Advance Australia fair! An automatic number announcement circuit (ANA) is a
  38. Act 2, Scene 12 Magically, the hurricane bypasses Mahagonny, and the people, sing ,in awe of their miraculous rescue. This confirms Berwick’s belief in the
  39. Is not authentic: Parry's composition was a unison song (that is, all voices, sing ,the tune – perhaps one of the things that make it so ' sing able' by massed
  40. EDC BA said like LMNP in alphabet song): Now I know my Yes: Next time we'll, sing ,down in Texas The Canadian children's TV series The Big Comfy Couch used a
  41. Let us all combine: To advance Australia fair.: In joyful strains then let us, sing ,: Advance Australia fair! * Criticism Lack of impact Both the lyrics and melody
  42. In the Basilica Gnosis they are called son ships (υἱότητες Hittites;, sing ,.: υἱότης quotes); according to Marcus, they are numbers and sounds; in
  43. Marshal could not do this as he only knew how to use the flute and could not, sing ,at the same time. Apollo was declared the winner because of this. Apollo flayed
  44. Q-r-s: t-u-v: w-x: y and ZEE: Now I know my" ABCs ", : Next time won't you, sing ,with me In UK (Nursery Rhymes):: a-b-c-d-e-f-g: h-i-j-k-lmnop: q-r-s-t-u-v-w:
  45. Appalachian region often used" New Britain" with other hymns, and sometimes, sing ,the words of" Amazing Grace" to other folk songs, including titles such as "
  46. Page, let every stage: Advance Australia Fair.: In joyful strains then let us, sing ,: Advance Australia Fair.; Verse 2: Beneath our radiant Southern Cross: We'll
  47. To put it into effect. Scene 13 At the renovated" Do It" tavern. The men, sing ,of the four pleasures of life: Eating, Lovemaking,Fighting and Drinking. First
  48. It should be," as to ever let a woman in my life," but it just didn't, sing ,well. " Awards and honors; Academy Award *Best Original Screenplay,1951 An
  49. Love her still ":" Britannia rules the wave. ": In joyful strains then let us, sing ,: Advance Australia fair.; Verse 3: While other nations of the globe: Behold us
  50. To the ground, he moved as if he wanted to play all the instruments himself and, sing ,for the whole chorus. All the musicians minded his rhythm alone while playing "

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