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  1. Such as Forbes and the Wall Street Journal, encouraged the public to, invest ,in risky companies, despite many of the companies' disregard for basic
  2. That individuals were" owners of themselves ". According to Locke, individuals, invest , their labor into natural goods, and so create property. Authors were argued to
  3. Bankers and government officials from throughout the Middle East to, invest ,in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, although Farad admitted the territories were
  4. Have also alleged that Maritime business people were unwilling to take risks or, invest ,in manufacturing, a thesis Acheson devotes much attention to debunking. In
  5. In a capitalist system, businesses decide when and how much they want to, invest , Income in a capitalist economy depends primarily on what skills are in demand
  6. A" juristic person ",i.e. it has separate legal personality, and those who, invest ,money into the business have limited liability for any losses the company makes
  7. Is $5/g. Increasing demand for boric acid has led a number of producers to, invest ,in additional capacity. Etc Mine Company of Turkey opened a new boric acid
  8. That he was discussing a new type of military vehicle, which they wanted to, invest ,in. Conversely, when Jed muses to Mr. Brewster about whether he can afford to
  9. Ventures began to require more capital than a single individual was able to, invest , The development of joint stock companies created wider audiences for accounts
  10. Julie Villains Lewis McMillan, and settled down. Penrose used his wealth to, invest ,in other national mineral concerns and financed construction of the Broadmoor
  11. Human health is closely related to the time and effort the cat owner is able to, invest ,in it, in terms of bonding and playing. Indoor scratching A natural behavior in
  12. Over a dozen companies have pulled out of Cuba or altered their plans to, invest ,there due to the threat of action under the Liberal Act. US Dollar In 1993 the
  13. Of a share of team profits was also hot air. In fact, Fuchs expected Ruth to, invest ,some of his money in the team. On May 25,at Forbes Field in Pittsburgh, Ruth
  14. Biographer David NASA writes. In 1855,Scott made it possible for Carnegie to, invest ,$500 in the Adams Express, which contracted with the Pennsylvania to carry its
  15. Noted," however great the literary value of a code may be, it does not, invest ,it with infallibility, nor does it exempt it from the student or the Rabbi who
  16. Rate. Consequently, the government was able to build its foreign reserves and, invest ,them around the world to help provide for future generations. Part of the
  17. By the allocation of resources from consumption to invest ment; entrepreneurs, invest ,funds in sectors inconsistent with consumers' buying preferences, causing
  18. Invested in any airline ", Crandall said. " I'm an airline manager. I don't, invest ,in airlines. And I always said to the employees of American,'This is not an
  19. District, and a major Titanic-themed attraction. They also hope to, invest ,in a new modern transport system (high-speed rail and others) for Belfast
  20. Was that the king would have the bishop he wanted, though some prelate would, invest ,the new bishop with the insignia of the office. As William of Chapeau assured
  21. A bishop or abbot was specifically denied. The Emperor renounced the right to, invest ,ecclesiastics with ring and crosier, the symbols of their spiritual power, and
  22. Remains whether Chad will continue to consolidate its economic reforms and, invest ,its oil revenues wisely in order to encourage a wider range of economic
  23. The aim was to deprive emperors and their under-lords the right to nominate and, invest ,bishops. The effect was to deprive lay kings power over the Church and increase
  24. Difficulty arranging foreign financing, and foreign firms have hesitated to, invest ,there. The economy mainly revolves around the agricultural sector and
  25. Of the fundamentals of the UK economy and because people actually want to, invest ,in the UK," he commented on that report. BBC Radio 4's World reported
  26. Greater because of the market for PBX. It may seem odd now that BT would, invest ,in the development of a signaling protocol for PBX in which it had a minority
  27. Toward market allocation, local municipalities and provinces were allowed to, invest ,in industries that they considered most profitable, which encouraged invest ment
  28. The freedom of elections and consecrations, but kept for himself the right to, invest ,bishops with the temporalities of their sees“ by scepter ”. Though the Emperor
  29. Ink cartridges. To protect their business model, several manufacturers, invest ,heavily in developing new cartridge technology and patenting it. Other
  30. Prelates. Bowing to political reality, Henry I of England ceded his right to, invest ,his bishops and abbots and reserved the custom of requiring them to come and do
  31. Commercial Guide and informally via meetings with business persons planning to, invest ,or already invest ing in the Dominican Republic. This is a challenging business
  32. The Good Friday Agreement in 1998 have given invest ors increased confidence to, invest ,in Belfast. This has led to a period of sustained economic growth and
  33. Control within their domains. The King was recognized as having the right to, invest ,bishops with secular authority (" by the lance" ) in the territories they
  34. To the euro. The central government offers tax exemptions for those willing to, invest ,in the country. Several global high-tech corporations have already started
  35. Potential shares in any state-owned company. The voucher holders could then, invest ,their vouchers, increasing the capital base of the chosen company, and creating
  36. For civil air transport, for both passengers and cargo. They were eager to, invest ,in the newly emerging flagships of air travel such as the Boeing Stratocruisers
  37. These applications are sold as subscriptions, with customers not needing to, invest ,in purchasing and maintaining IT hardware, and subscription fees are a fraction
  38. The city has worked to improve its infrastructure, diversify its economy, and, invest , in the arts ever since, and now Cleveland is considered an exemplar for
  39. Railway. In the face of reluctance by the international business community to, invest ,in DRC, this represents a revitalization of DRC's infrastructure much needed
  40. For work. As invest ors, they decide how much of their income to save and how to, invest ,their savings. These savings, which become invest ments, provide much of the
  41. Marginal dry lands for farming. Decision-makers are understandably averse to, invest ,in arid zones with low potential. This absence of invest ment contributes to the
  42. In the industrial sector against more developed regions, and was obligated to, invest ,in sectors that were easier to enter. 2. The absence of an industrial sector
  43. Of credit and speculation. At first, as Jackson withdrew money from the Bank to, invest ,it in other banks, land sales, canal construction, cotton production, and
  44. The low usage of CP/M on Commodores meant that software houses saw no need to, invest ,in mastering versions for the Commodore file system. Networking software During
  45. Investment into communications technology, receiving benefits without having to, invest ,in large capital expenditure projects. Unionization Unions in North America
  46. Due to Confucianism's hostility to commerce. The social goal was to, invest ,in land and enter the gentry, ideas more similar to the physiocrats than that
  47. Very difficult to track down and work around; therefore, compiler implementors, invest ,a lot of time ensuring the correctness of their software. The term
  48. And Heads of State to (subject to approval from the Secretary of State), invest , in UK companies, providing they undertake" not to influence the affairs of the
  49. Team profits was hot air. In fact, Ruth discovered that Fuchs expected him to, invest ,some of his money in the team. The player's strike cut short the 1994 season
  50. Results were materially adversely affected in 1995 as Atari continued to, invest ,heavily in Jaguar game development, entered into arrangements to publish

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