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  1. Vote of no confidence in the Council or the Prime Minister or rejects a vote of, confidence , The current government is made of the center-right Citizens for European
  2. The margin of sampling error in that survey is 4.4 percent, at a 95 percent, confidence ,interval. To questions about their ethnicity at the end of the questionnaires
  3. On aim. Consequently, it may be that such effect helps the archer's feeling of, confidence ,on the shot, thereby contributing to accuracy. Shooting technique and form The
  4. Is portrayed as suffering a pang of conscience, but as he speaks he regains his, confidence ,and asserts that he will be evil, if such needed to retain his crown. The fight
  5. On October 17. Saratoga was the turning point of the war. Revolutionary, confidence ,and determination, suffering from Howe's successful occupation of Philadelphia
  6. Apollo for herself, told Orchards the truth, betraying her sister's trust and, confidence ,in her. Enraged, Orchamus ordered Leucotomy to be buried alive. Apollo refused
  7. The Imperial Prince at once complied, demonstrating the high degree of, confidence ,and mutual co-operation between the two generals. Although the Rebel stream lay
  8. Appeared to her disguised as Artemis, or in some stories Apollo, gained her, confidence , then took advantage of her (or raped her, according to Ovid). As a result of
  9. Compliance with laws relating to Islamic teachings. Brunei also aims to build, confidence ,in the brand through strategies that will both ensure the halal integrity of
  10. Ground controllers, the mission was a technical success, which gave NASA the, confidence ,to launch Apollo 8 around the Moon two months later. However, the flight would
  11. Or BAM)- the national currency introduced in 1998 - is pegged to the euro, and, confidence , in the currency and the banking sector has increased. Implementation of
  12. Prerogatives. He appoints ministers, including a Prime Minister, that have the, confidence ,of the Chamber of Representatives to form the federal government. The numbers
  13. Public characters who through broken anonymity might get drunk and destroy, confidence ,in us. " The Big Book, the Twelve Steps and the Twelve Traditions In 1937
  14. Inference and its extensions already provide a framework for maximizing our, confidence ,in any theory, given a limited sequence of physical observations, and some
  15. 1203. By the beginning of 1204,Isaac II and Alexios IV had inspired little, confidence ,among the people of Constantinople in their efforts to defend the city from the
  16. Whenever the Government so chooses to seek a new mandate or loses a vote of no, confidence ,in Parliament. It is part of Barbados' political system and supported by the
  17. To attend a gymnastics competition. The Arapaho Island crash caused public, confidence ,in Air Albatross to falter, contributing to the company going into liquidation
  18. Almost every senior manager at NASA agreed with this new mission, citing both, confidence ,in the hardware and personnel, and the potential for a significant morale boost
  19. Against the colonists) to get the runs. Peace humorously replied," I had no, confidence ,in Mr Study, sir,so thought I had better do my best. " The momentous defeat
  20. Still, Hume takes care to warn that historians are generally to be trusted with, confidence , so long as their reports on facts are extensive and uniform. However, he seems
  21. Integration testing, and system testing phases. The results of these tests give, confidence ,to the clients as to how the system will perform in production. There may also
  22. As functional testing, black-box testing, QA testing, application testing, confidence ,testing, final testing, validation testing, or factory acceptance testing.
  23. Of machinery, every piece of which worked flawlessly ... We have always had, confidence ,that this equipment will work properly. All this is possible only through the
  24. Was the wealthy Lithuanian magnate Michael Link, who justified his master's, confidence ,by his great victory over the Tatars at Keck (5 August 1506),news of which
  25. At arms principle; in 1809,he went into the War of the Fifth Coalition with, confidence ,and inflicted Napoleon's first major setback at Aspern-Essling, before
  26. Initiative. Cabaret also wrote that Loyalists were pessimists who lacked the, confidence ,in the future displayed by the Patriots. In the last 50 years, historians have
  27. Then their IQ would indicate. " What a shame that others seem to have less, confidence ,in black children than Professor Jensen has had. However,Jensen's 1998 The g
  28. Was rejected by the government. By 1980 postmodernist sensibilities undercut, confidence ,in overarching metanarratives. As Jacques Revel notes, the success of the
  29. Demonstrators taking to the streets in support of demands for a referendum of, confidence ,in him. The unicameral parliament (also called the National Assembly) is
  30. LTCM that if LTCM actually failed, they would as well, causing a collapse in, confidence ,in the economic system. Thus, LTCM failed as a fixed income arbitrage fund
  31. Lacks the warrant of randomization. For observational data, the derivation of, confidence ,intervals must use subjective models, as emphasized by Ronald A. Fisher and his
  32. Feature of Ginsberg's style. He said later this was a crutch because he lacked, confidence ,; he did not yet trust" free flight ". In the 60s,after employing it in some
  33. On the recommendation of the chancellor if the latter has lost a vote of, confidence ,in the Bundestag. This has happened three times as of 2005: 1972 under
  34. Noun from which this adjective was produced has not been determined with, confidence , The stem is theorized to have had the form *Ang? L/r-. The more prominent
  35. Agreed between the sponsor and the manufacturer. The objective is to provide, confidence ,that the delivered system meets the business requirements of both sponsors and
  36. As 1781 senior officials in London, misled by Loyalist exiles, placed their, confidence ,in their rising. Saratoga and Philadelphia When the British began to plan
  37. A Founding Father of the United States * Alexander Day, British 18th Century, confidence ,trickster * Alexander Ivanovich Levitt (1835 - 1877),Russian writer *
  38. Sickness. Through the sacrament a gift of the Holy Spirit is given, that renews, confidence ,and faith in God and strengthens against temptations to discouragement, despair
  39. Grew substantially between 2004 and 2006. These processes increased public, confidence ,in the banks. Although the system still requires consolidation, loan activity
  40. Appoint the prime minister, make constitutional amendments, call for a vote of, confidence ,on the prime minister, and make suggestions on foreign and domestic policy. The
  41. Between belief and fiction is that the former produces a certain feeling of, confidence ,which the latter doesn't. (Hume 1974:340) 6. Of probability This short
  42. With a successful invasion of Sassanian Persian province of Iraq, Abu Bakr’s, confidence ,grew. He concentrated four large corps at Zhu Nissan and sent them to Roman
  43. Chastity and sexual experience, between hedonism and responsibility, between, confidence , and vulnerability. " Her vocal ability has also been criticized, often drawing
  44. Of the City of God, consisting of 22 books),which he wrote to restore the, confidence ,of his fellow Christians, which was badly shaken by the sack of Rome by the
  45. Charles James Fox (the leader of the Fox-North Coalition),and renewed, confidence ,in the system engendered by the leadership of the new Prime Minister, William
  46. And order. The Council must resign if the National Assembly passes a vote of no, confidence ,in the Council or the Prime Minister or rejects a vote of confidence . The
  47. Movements that underlie aikido techniques, wherein an attack is met with, confidence ,and directness. Morita Yeshiva once remarked that one" must be willing to
  48. Learning. In a 2007 poll,92 % of Alabamians reported having at least some, confidence ,in churches in the state. In the 2008 American Religious Identification Survey
  49. Probability, and the binomial and normal distributions, test of hypotheses and, confidence ,intervals, linear regression, and correlation. People denotes a group of humans
  50. Since the Battler had died some decades earlier) and Alfonso II expressed, confidence ,that Louis would arrest him at the earliest possible moment and bring him to

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