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  1. The shapes of orbitals Any discussion of the shapes of electron orbitals is, necessarily ,imprecise, because a given electron, regardless of which orbital it occupies
  2. Astatine has 23 nuclear isomers (one isotope does not, necessarily ,correspond to one isomer). Name "/IN"> FFF"/> The most stable of them is
  3. In category theory, morphisms aren't necessarily functions and objects aren't, necessarily ,sets. In most concrete settings, however,the objects will be sets with some
  4. Firmly committed to a policy of increasing the quantity of money that must, necessarily ,make them soar. As long as this terminological confusion is not entirely wiped
  5. This is a very abstract definition since, in category theory, morphisms aren't, necessarily ,functions and objects aren't necessarily sets. In most concrete settings
  6. Behavior spectrum is continuous, boundaries between diagnostic categories are, necessarily ,somewhat arbitrary. Or on how much support the individual requires in daily
  7. Of God (7th day) - Salem Conference. Other groups denying the Trinity are not, necessarily ,Arian. * Oneness Pentecostalism is a grouping of denominations and believers
  8. Be self-regulating. If it were not, then inflation would occur, so it is not, necessarily ,desirable to increase the money supply in the first place. Secondly, he says
  9. The existence or nonexistence of any deities is currently unknown but is not, necessarily ,unknowable; therefore, one will withhold judgment until/if any evidence is
  10. Considered art. The marker of status becomes understanding the work instead of, necessarily ,owning it, and the artwork remains an upper-class activity. " With the
  11. Sometimes" well-being ". To have the potential of ever being happy in this way, necessarily ,requires a good character (strike are),often translated as moral (or
  12. Socialist Commonwealth" that the pricing systems in socialist economies were, necessarily ,deficient because if government owned the means of production, then no prices
  13. Thought only to affect the motor system, sensory abnormalities are not, necessarily ,absent, with some patients finding altered sensation to touch and heat, found
  14. The Life of a Philosopher," As soon as an Analytical Engine exists, it will, necessarily ,guide the future course of the science. Whenever any result is sought by its
  15. Intensive borrowing and long contact among speakers of languages that are not, necessarily ,closely related. Doubt was also raised about the affinities of Korean and
  16. S. Nationals; the latter tends to refer to any resident of the Americas and not, necessarily ,from the United States. In Portuguese, estado-unidense (or estadunidense) is
  17. Instead of the Holy Eucharist for Sunday worship services, although this is not, necessarily ,true of all low church parishes. Most Continuing churches in the United States
  18. In many series (mostly anime) as Bio Android Although human morphology is not, necessarily ,the ideal form for working robots, the fascination in developing robots that
  19. In the Real Presence but deny that the presence of Christ is carnal or is, necessarily ,localized in the bread and wine. Despite explicit criticism in the Thirty-Nine
  20. Which could result in further fulfillment of human desires, there would, necessarily ,be a redistributive organization of some sort which would have the authority to
  21. And school boards are elected and operate separately. Their boundaries do not, necessarily ,coincide. Municipalities where the same body act as both local government and
  22. Magnesium sulfate paste is considered a" home remedy" and is not, necessarily ,an effective or accepted medical treatment. Perianal abscess Perianal abscesses
  23. One of the previously observed squares. " It may be that some of these change, necessarily ,invoke a change of state of mind. The most general single operation must
  24. A periodic table creates an ordering for the elements. Such an ordering is not, necessarily ,a numbering, but can be used to construct a numbering by fiat. Dmitri Mendeleev
  25. Proportion of known asteroids falling into the various spectral types does not, necessarily ,reflect the proportion of all asteroids that are of that type; some types are
  26. To have constant variance, then the assumption of unit treatment additivity is, necessarily ,violated. To test the hypothesis that all treatments have exactly the same
  27. Unlike final goods. Therefore, they were unpriced and hence the system would be, necessarily ,inefficient since the central planners would not know how to allocate the
  28. Thus," it is perfectly possible to hate and even to persecute Jews without, necessarily ,being anti-Semitic" unless this hatred or persecution displays one of the two
  29. The degree of force, if severe, can cause serious internal injuries without, necessarily ,succeeding in inducing miscarriage. Both accidental and deliberate abortions of
  30. Or repulsive. Though perception is always colored by experience, and is, necessarily ,subjective, it is commonly understood that what is not somehow aesthetically
  31. At a final ending state. The transition from one state to the next is not, necessarily ,deterministic; some algorithms, known as randomized algorithms, incorporate
  32. Forward air speed and lift, it must descend in relation to the air (but not, necessarily ,in relation to the ground). Some gliders can 'soar' - gain height from
  33. Said the powers of the governor devolved upon the successor, rather than them, necessarily ,becoming governor, but the official listing includes these as full governors.
  34. Is to find the largest number in an (unsorted) list of numbers. The solution, necessarily ,requires looking at every number in the list, but only once at each. From this
  35. Around 50 % die within 14 months of diagnosis. The remaining 50 % will not, necessarily ,die within the next 14 months as the distribution is significantly skewed. As a
  36. Off a part. A contraction is an abbreviation, but an abbreviation is not, necessarily ,a contraction. However, normally acronyms are regarded as a subgroup of
  37. America in reference to U. S. residents, often in a pejorative way but not, necessarily , Yaqui (Yankee) is also very common in some regions, but it is usually
  38. For each set of values of the independent variables, which procedure, necessarily ,terminates and in such manner that from the outcome we can read a definite
  39. Outcomes. Simply it is the goal or purpose that brings about an event (not, necessarily ,a mental goal). Taking our two dominoes, it requires someone to intentionally
  40. With Disabilities Act was“ an expensive headache to millions” that would not, necessarily ,improve the lives of people with disabilities. Quotations On signing the
  41. Sclerosis and Parkinson's disease, ~20 % in Epilepsy. Depression does not, necessarily ,increase as the symptoms progress, and in fact many patients report being happy
  42. Powerful in this market due to its advanced graphics capabilities, which had, necessarily ,been built in to create the intuitive Macintosh GUI. It has been suggested that
  43. In English is Feast of All Souls. In some other languages the celebration, not, necessarily , on the same date, is known as Day of the Dead (Did de los Puerto or de Los
  44. They affirm that“ not being able to see or hold some specific thing does not, necessarily ,negate its existence,” as in the case of gravity, entropy,or reason and
  45. A meeting with Hitler. One of his biographers, Dan van der Vat, suggests this, necessarily ,implies he must have still been present at Pose then, and must have heard
  46. To say about the virtues of" Eurasians" and then Jews: All these remarks must, necessarily ,be contrasted with Crowley's explicit philosophical instructions in his last
  47. Of construction projects prior to the late nineteenth century were not, necessarily ,trained in a separate architecture program in an academic setting. Instead
  48. Isomer is sometimes called the n-isomer (n for" normal ", although it is not, necessarily ,the most common). However, the chain of carbon atoms may also be branched at
  49. Production processes. Böhm-Bawerk also argued that the law of marginal utility, necessarily ,implies the classical law of costs. Economic calculation problem The economic
  50. All nth roots of unity, because these are (by definition) the n (not, necessarily ,distinct) zeroes of the polynomial in − 1. A field extension that is contained

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