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  1. Set actually exists (e.g.,ZF's axiom of separation only allows us to, construct ,subsets of some existing set, and thus cannot be used to construct the desired
  2. On some measure of proximity or similarity * Factor analysis – a method to, construct ,models describing a data set of observed variables in terms of a smaller set of
  3. Continue on his way. When Dido learned of this, she ordered her sister Anna to, construct ,a pyre, she said, to get rid of Aeneas' possessions, left behind by him in his
  4. Of the Academic DES Sciences at Paris in the ensuing year. He was the first to, construct ,a special type of lens, now called a Fresnel lens, as a substitute for mirrors
  5. But not adjectives, had been widely replaced by the emphatic state. # The, construct ,state is a form of the noun used to make possessive phrases (for example
  6. Biology. He found and termed both oxygen (1778) and hydrogen (1783),helped, construct ,the metric system, put together the first extensive list of elements, and
  7. Masculine and feminine); and three" states" ( indefinite, definite,and, construct ,). The cases of singular nouns (other than those that end in long ā) are
  8. While some historians define and minimize the Arian conflict as the exclusive, construct ,of Arius and a handful of rogue bishops engaging in heresy, other historians
  9. Allows us to construct subsets of some existing set, and thus cannot be used to, construct ,the desired set). The attempt to prove a contradiction using Russell's
  10. Empirical, mathematical,and statistical methods, and focus on induction to, construct ,and test theories. Austrian economists reject empirical statistical methods
  11. Greeks from the 5th century BC. The Delian problem, for instance, was to, construct ,a length x so that the cube of side x contained the same volume as the
  12. Like" father" and" brother" with special long-vowel case endings in the, construct ,state, the nominative is used everywhere, hence " father of "," brother of ".
  13. Typically using a fast Fourier transform),an additive resynthesis system can, construct ,an equally weighted sinusoidal at the same frequency for each partial. Because
  14. He had a reasonable conception of a deductive system, he could never actually, construct ,one and relied instead on his dialectic. Plato believed that deduction would
  15. عادةً" usually ". *The tax Martha ending ة is pronounced, except in, construct ,state nouns, where it sounds as t (and in adverbial accusative construct ions
  16. For any sufficiently large set of axioms (Peano's axioms, for example) to, construct ,a statement whose truth is independent of that set of axioms. As a corollary
  17. Walls that had been previously damaged by earthquakes, and,in some places, to, construct , a new line of fortification in front of the old. An account of this invasion
  18. Paradox is neither provable nor disprovable from ZF alone: it is impossible to, construct ,the required decomposition of the unit ball in ZF, but also impossible to prove
  19. Of a turn. It was the unit used by the Babylonians, and is especially easy to, construct ,with ruler and compasses. The degree, minute of arc and second of arc are
  20. Proofs are required to be totally explicit. That is, one must be able to, construct , in an explicit and canonical manner, anything that is proven to exist. This
  21. Squares, together with a possible change of state of mind ":" We may now, construct ,a machine to do the work of this computer ". J. B. Roster (1939) and S. C.
  22. Protected objects for mutual exclusion. Protected objects are a monitor-like, construct , but use guards instead of conditional variables for signaling (similar to
  23. Equivalent to measuring the product GMT in SI units. Hence, it is possible to, construct ,Epimenides entirely in SI units, which is increasingly becoming the norm. A
  24. a hundred dollars than a thousand and two hundred dollars, although the latter, construct ,is common in AME. The term twelve hundred dollars, popular in AME, is
  25. Undergo vowel reduction in longer words. The feminine construct and masculine, construct ,plural are marked by suffixes. Unlike a genitive case, which marks the
  26. Meridians to the meridians of longitude used in geography – an imaginary human, construct , Mann attempted to join up his medical knowledge with that of Chinese theory.
  27. Simply ignored him. Among Speer's innovations were quick-reaction squads to, construct ,roads or clear away debris; before long, these units would be used to clear
  28. Spectators somewhere in the near future. The extension will be realized to, construct ,a second tier to three of the four stands. The main stand with all technical
  29. Passing (via guarded task entries),protected objects (a monitor-like, construct ,with additional guards as in conditional critical regions) and nondeterminism
  30. Lengths are not prime to one another. Euclid stipulated this so that he could, construct ,a reductio ad absurdum proof that the two numbers' common measure is in fact
  31. Prefixes ti- Yi- NI-; WI-" and "; IL-" the "; feminine -it in the, construct ,state). *Loss of third-weak verbs ending in w (which merge with verbs ending
  32. Elements. Such an ordering is not necessarily a numbering, but can be used to, construct ,a numbering by fiat. Dmitri Mendeleev claimed he arranged his tables in order
  33. A member of Hitler's inner circle. Hitler commissioned him to design and, construct ,a number of structures, including the Reich Chancellery and the Zeppelinfeld
  34. Source code. Programs using such facilities, such as the Linux kernel, can then, construct ,abstractions using different assembly language on each hardware platform. The
  35. To house the Tablets of Stone. Moses instructed Befall and Holiday to, construct ,the Ark (Exodus 31). The Book of Exodus gives detailed instructions on how
  36. Terrified in the film, suffered nightmares afterward). For Red Beard, to, construct , the gate for the clinic set, Kurosawa had his assistants dismantle rotten wood
  37. On movement, combat and resources. Resources are used to feed the population, construct ,units and facilities, and supply energy. Player can allocate energy between
  38. A programmable harmonic definable FM/additive synthesizer and sampler.: one can, construct ,a patch defining 16 partials per voice This means that you could use it as a 16
  39. Large) number of templates applied to roots. For verbs, a given root can, construct ,up to fifteen different verbs, each with one or more characteristic meanings
  40. Are marked by suffixes. Unlike a genitive case, which marks the possessor,the, construct ,state is marked on the possessed. This is mainly due to Aramaic word order:
  41. The client or the architect, who must ensure that the work is co-ordinated to, construct ,the design. Design role The architect hired by a client is responsible for
  42. As the absolute, but may undergo vowel reduction in longer words. The feminine, construct ,and masculine construct plural are marked by suffixes. Unlike a genitive case
  43. S Collins class submarines and more recently the A$6 billion contract to, construct ,the Royal Australian Navy's new air-warfare destroyers. Employment statistics
  44. Abu Bakr for cowardice and fear. Life in Medina, Muhammad decided to, construct ,a mosque. A piece of land was chosen and the price of the land was paid for by
  45. The broken plural). Definite nouns include all proper nouns, all nouns in ", construct ,state" and all nouns which are prefixed by the definite article /all-/.
  46. A. Sat found that the" virtual ticket counter" of the website was a virtual, construct ,and hence not a" public place of accommodation. " As such," To expand the ADA
  47. Rides shorter than 75 miles will no longer be included in the reckoning. The, construct ,of the Eddington Number for cycling is identical to the h-index that quantifies
  48. Balancing and stimulated emission with spontaneous emission, it is possible to, construct ,a relation between excitation temperature and density. Moreover, since the
  49. Viharas (intellectual hubs) such as Neyland and Taxila. Ashoka helped to, construct ,Sancho and Maharishi Temple. Ashoka never tried to harm or to destroy
  50. Many later philosophers to abandon these attempts, regarding it impossible to, construct ,any unassailable proof for the existence or non-existence of God. In his 1844

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