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  1. Advising him of his appointment as chairman of an Apollo 13 Review Board to, investigate ,the cause of the accident. A second memorandum to Copyright from Paine and Low
  2. And in Dumb Witness, Poirot tells of an elderly invalid mother as a pretence to, investigate ,the local nurses. The character was in the Brussels police force by 1893. A
  3. Of the United Nations to support an international war crimes commission to, investigate ,alleged torture and genocide by the USA in South Vietnam. The following month
  4. By David Mitchell. In the first, Poirot is asked by the captain of a ship to, investigate ,a murder that has taken place on board (The gag being that Mitchell is playing
  5. Use. (Troops and Leaver,2001). Numerous scientific studies continue to, investigate ,the potential effects of BT corn on a variety of nontarget invertebrates. A
  6. Of the Mediterranean Fleet based in the Tagus River, to despatch a squadron to, investigate , This squadron, consisting of three ships of the line and three frigates, was
  7. Conspired to purposefully lose. At last, in 1920,a grand jury was convened to, investigate ,these and other allegations of fixed baseball games. Eight players (Charles "
  8. Including economic indexes. Others have applied computer modeling techniques to, investigate ,trends. Gauquelin's research In 1955,Michel Jacqueline stated that although he
  9. Drug (OTC) or supplement in most countries and research continued to, investigate ,its neurotransmitter effects and active components, particularly hyperbolic
  10. To Russia as part of an official delegation sent by the British government to, investigate ,the effects of the Russian Revolution. He met Vladimir Lenin and had an
  11. With lethal force. The Or Commission, an Israeli panel of inquiry appointed to, investigate ,the October 2000 events, : criticized the Israeli police for being unprepared
  12. Of" Snake Oil Science" states that" it's become politically correct to, investigate ,nonsense. " There are concerns that just having NIH support is being used to
  13. New title. This new title details Batman's the most recent adventures in Gotham to, investigate ,about the disappearance of his friend Dawn Golden, in an environment of
  14. And relatively large size have provided the powerful tools required to, investigate ,a bacterium from all possible aspects. Recent improvements in fluorescence
  15. System has a judge (or a group of judges who work together) whose task is to, investigate ,the case. The adversarial system is generally adopted in common law countries.
  16. Asking south to pass and so play 3. ) In the auction, North-South are trying to, investigate ,whether their cards are sufficient to make a game (ten tricks in hearts or
  17. Of the ABC. It was replaced by a new Innovations area, to manage ABC Online and, investigate ,new technologies for the ABC. International Australia Network, formerly ABC
  18. Herself as the Lady from Lourdes, a professional Miracle Inspector, come to, investigate ,the miracle. As Scrub runs off to warn Cora, Fay seeks out Hap good in his hotel
  19. Old One designs a vessel, the Out-of-Band II, to reach the Tines world and to, investigate ,what the ship carried with it from the High Lab. The Blight attacks Relay and
  20. Buildings and traveling to Internet cafés, libraries and universities to, investigate ,networks, and sometimes exploiting security holes. During this period, in 2001
  21. And presented an RTE television series called Leagues Apart, which saw him, investigate ,the biggest and most passionate football rivalries in a number of Europeans
  22. Macquarie Ridge sea mounts, as well as the Antarctic Circumpolar Current to, investigate ,the effects of climate change of the Southern Ocean. The circumpolar current
  23. Changed during the Raj, in which commissions were set up after each famine to, investigate ,the causes and implement new policies, which took until the early 1900s to have
  24. Journalists (CPJ) wrote to President Compare to request his government, investigate ,the sending of e-mailed death threats to journalists and radio commentators in
  25. Evolution of quantum systems which have slightly different Hamiltonian's. They, investigate ,the level of sensitivity of quantum systems to small changes in their given
  26. To the Bat cave, only to be summoned to the Hall of Justice by the JLA to help, investigate ,Orion's death. This in turn led into the events of" Final Crisis" ( which
  27. A Committee on Designs. While the stated purpose of the Committee was to, investigate ,and report on future requirements of ships, Fisher and his associates had
  28. Borrowed millions of pounds in 2005. He called on the Electoral Commission to, investigate ,the issue of political parties taking out loans from non-commercial sources.
  29. Bloody Sunday Inquiry (1998),an inquiry commissioned by Tony Blair to, investigate ,the killings of 1972 * January Events (Lithuania) - January 13, 1991 attack
  30. Campus police with a request that the Federal Bureau of Investigation, investigate ,the call. Book Doubts about her testimony were furthered by journalist David
  31. Federal Court about the arrests. The D. C. Attorney General had outside counsel, investigate ,apparent destruction of evidence, and forensic investigations continue, and the
  32. Across a human ear in a field in his hometown of Lumberton. He proceeds to, investigate ,the ear with help from a high school student, Sandy Williams (Dean),who
  33. Their ways of making a living, and their demographics. Archaeologists also, investigate ,nutrition, symbolization,art, systems of writing, and other physical remnants
  34. After lending the Labour Party money. He called on the Electoral Commission to, investigate ,the issue of political parties taking out loans from non-commercial sources.
  35. 1998,Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott asked Rail Regulator John Swift QC to, investigate ,the operation of the market and make recommendations. It was believed by many
  36. Sound was named the Mach number after Ernst Mach, who was one of the first to, investigate ,the properties of supersonic flow which included Schlieffen photography
  37. Him. Employed as an investigator for a fire insurance company, his job was to, investigate ,the causes of industrial fires. In his own words: In studying the cause of a
  38. Of society. " It found a reversal of this progress since 2000. It aimed to, investigate ,the problem, identify the sources of contemporary antisemitism and make
  39. A progress report released in March 2007,by an independent panel formed to, investigate ,the occurrences found that the rate of occurrence for breast cancer rate at the
  40. Of thought. In 1960,a U. S. House committee (HUAC) came to San Francisco to, investigate ,the influence of communists in the Bay Area. Their presence was met by
  41. In systems of governance of towns, and a Royal Commission was set up to, investigate ,the issue. This resulted in a regularization of municipal government (
  42. Blame for the era exclusively on uniformed personnel ", and failing to, investigate ,any role played by team ownership and management. Much controversy surrounded
  43. Examined the wrecks of Invincible, Queen Mary, Defence, and Luzon to, investigate ,the cause of the British ships' tendency to suffer from internal explosions.
  44. Molecular biology, ecology,planetary science, geography,and geology to, investigate ,the possibility of life on other worlds and help recognize biospheres that
  45. Experiment at LBNL involving high energy particles from a cyclotron used to, investigate ,the origin of the flashes of light seen by Apollo astronauts on their way to
  46. Kennedy Space Center to facilitate the review board's disassembly in order to, investigate ,the cause of the fire. When this was complete, it was moved to the NASA Langley
  47. Connecticut to visit Europe. Dr. Mason Cog swell had asked Gallaudet to, investigate ,methods of teaching his deaf daughter, Alice Cog swell. While in England
  48. On Miss Marple's long affection for them, arranges for Miss Marple to, investigate ,Ruth's belief that Carrie Louise is in danger of her life. ) Miss Marple may
  49. Moon. Experiments were conducted on board Apollo 15,16 and 17 and Skylab to, investigate ,this phenomenon; with the" Light Flashes Experiment Package" ( a box of
  50. The oxidative stress caused by high-altitude hypoxia. In animal studies that, investigate ,diseases facilitated by oxidative stress, introduction of UA both prevents the

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