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  1. Of faith, but a second perspective deserves mention. These Arminians, reject ,the concept of individual election entirely, preferring to understand the
  2. Can thus recognize the transcendentality of moral facts and yet still, reject ,premise (3) on the basis that a theistic hypothesis still leaves
  3. Up into God, and therefore have lost the grace of redemption, because they, reject ,that on which salvation depends. Mariology The powerful Mariology of Ambrose of
  4. Churches tended not to promote these manifestations, but did not totally, reject ,the miraculous. Pilgrim Mar peck, for example, wrote against the exclusion of
  5. Aspects of alchemy. Despite this, other scholars such as Dalian and Milton, reject ,this view as entirely historically inaccurate, drawing examples of historical
  6. Capitalism as an inherently authoritarian and hierarchical system and therefore, reject ,anarcho-capitalism as a form of anarchism. Considerable tension exists between
  7. With strictly more options, anti-globalization advocates would likely either, reject ,the assumption of rationality or more likely argue that globalization creates
  8. The dual-nature doctrine held by the Catholic Church and Eastern Orthodoxy, and, reject , Church councils that the other Churches regard as foundational to their
  9. His party is viewed as being anti-Muslim, though Shiv Saints officially, reject ,this accusation. When explaining his views on Hindu, he has conflated Islam
  10. To Chile. In Chile, public outrage over the treaty forced the government to, reject ,it. Chile organized a second attack on the Confederation and defeated it in the
  11. Judaism's reject ion of Resurrection Reform Judaism and Reconstructionist Judaism, reject ,Resurrection. Accordingly, they have modified the text to read m'China Hall (
  12. Seat of its own. Travis County was also the only county in Texas to, reject ,Texas Constitutional Amendment Proposition 2 that effectively outlawed gay
  13. In infinitesimal geometry. His reformed empirical model was the first to, reject ,the equal and eccentrics, separate natural philosophy from astronomy, free
  14. Tend not to believe in life after death, while secular humanists explicitly, reject ,the idea of a supernatural afterlife. Agnostics generally hold the position
  15. By Gratin. Ambrose prevailed upon Gratin, Valentinian and Theodosius to, reject ,requests to restore the Altar. Death and legacy Soon after acquiring the
  16. All emphasize the necessity of God's undeserved grace for salvation, and, reject , so-called Plagiarism, which would make man earn salvation through good works.
  17. When attributed to Arminius' or Wesley's doctrine. Indeed, most Arminians, reject ,all accusations of Plagiarism; nonetheless, primarily due to Calvinist
  18. True of all low church parishes. Most Continuing churches in the United States, reject ,the 1979 revision of the Book of Common Prayer by the Episcopal Church and use
  19. Specially consecrated, and about other details. Several Evangelical groups, reject ,the practice so as not to be identified with charismatic and Pentecostal groups
  20. Head to guide them away from the straight path. True believers (Muslims) will, reject ,these misleading thoughts, but will not be able to defeat him on their own. God
  21. Play more of a role in deciding what evidence to admit into the record or, reject , At worst, abusing judicial discretion would actually pave the way to a biased
  22. The authority given to the apostles as unique, proper to them alone. They, reject ,any doctrine of a succession of their power. The Protestant view of
  23. Being thermally managed is required. The materials used to transfer and, reject ,heat from the heat source in electronics are often anisotropic. Many crystals
  24. They are usually religious leaders of breakaway Roman Catholic groups that, reject ,the commonly recognized popes (sedevacantist groups). For this reason they
  25. Feminist in the character of Harriet Free. But, like Jane Austen, she does not, reject ,Wollstonecraft’s ideas. Both Edgeworth and Austen argue that women are crucial
  26. And focus on induction to construct and test theories. Austrian economists, reject ,empirical statistical methods, natural experiments and constructed experiments
  27. Advocates Bavarian independence from Germany. Bavaria was the only state to, reject ,the West German constitution in 1949,but this did not prevent its
  28. Problem' simply did not exist. The philosophers John Leslie and Nick Bottom, reject ,the Barrow and Tiller SAP as a fundamental misreading of Carter. For Bottom
  29. Common folk belief in Christian societies, even among members of churches which, reject ,that belief. Christian theologians Thomas Aquinas and Jonathan Edwards wrote
  30. On continence and devotion to God as coming from Augustine's need to, reject ,his own highly sensual nature as described in the Confessions. But in view of
  31. That King Ali (Attila) died at the hands of his wife, Gudrun. Most scholars, reject ,these accounts as no more than hearsay, preferring instead the account given by
  32. Allowance for other government programs. In contrast, anarcho-capitalists, reject , any level of state intervention, defining the state as a coercive monopoly and
  33. We confess, that Christ the Lord was born from a virgin, and therefore we, reject ,the natural order of things. Because not from a man she conceived but from the
  34. Illich-Svitych and Aaron Dolgopolsky. * Joseph Greenberg (2000–2002) did not, reject ,a relationship of Afroasiatic to these other languages, but he considered it
  35. Hippo, many have seen a connection to Cowhide Law, while some modern scholars, reject ,the connection to Cowhide Law () and instead see as the basis. See also Old
  36. 1659,Pascal fell seriously ill. During his last years, he frequently tried to, reject ,the ministrations of his doctors, saying," Sickness is the natural state of
  37. Where the When We Were Very Young verses had first appeared, was ultimately to, reject ,him, as Christopher Milne details in his autobiography The Enchanted Places
  38. To Alchemy and relevant to the person's situation. Jung did not completely, reject ,the material experiments of the alchemists, but he massively downplayed it
  39. Since Protestants frequently hold to the priesthood of all believers, they, reject , the need for a special episcopal class to administer the sacraments. Yet such
  40. The scheme. I see now how imbecile I was, how hideously wrong and weak it is to, reject ,any part of one's personality. " It was in December 1896 that he had his first
  41. Officials, conduct an impeachment trial of the president, and accept or, reject ,the bills passed by the House of Representatives. Each chamber has the ability
  42. The principal credit for re-verification and publishing the Qur'an. Shi'as, reject ,the idea that Abu Bakr or Umar were instrumental in the collection or
  43. Speculated that Ælle may have led the Saxon forces at this battle, while others, reject ,the idea out of hand. The British thus gained a respite, and peace lasted at
  44. Market incentives and disincentives may be altered by state action. So they, reject ,the state, based on the belief that states are aggressive entities which steal
  45. Without any seats in the government (United Torah Judaism parties usually, reject ,having ministerial offices as a policy). Between 16 and 30 August 2005,Sharon
  46. By several nineteenth-century individualists anarchists, Rothbard decided to, reject ,minimal state laissez-faire and embrace individualist anarchism. Rothbard said
  47. A federal anti-terrorism watch list. The ACLU has stated that it would ", reject ,$500,000 in contributions from private individuals rather than submit to a
  48. Development. The Anthroposophical Society in America has stated: We explicitly, reject ,any racial theory that may be construed to be part of Rudolf Steiner's
  49. Apostolic order by angelic ordination; and the Jehovah's Witnesses who largely, reject ,secular society. Yet many Protestants disavow these three churches as not
  50. To the notaries who recorded the acts of the martyrs. Other authors, reject ,this early institution and ascribe it to Pope John XXII (1316). It is certain

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