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  1. During the agricultural intensification period of the 1970s and 1980s, coffee , planting and farming in general moved constantly onward to new lands in the
  2. Vegetation and climate, he warned that the extensive clearing of rainforest for, coffee ,cultivation in Ceylon (Sri Lanka) and India would adversely impact the
  3. Stretching down South Congress Avenue from Downtown. This area is home to, coffee ,shops, eccentric stores, restaurants,food trucks, trailers and festivals. It
  4. Bourbon whiskey, an American whiskey made using a corn-based mash * Bourbon, coffee , a type of coffee made from a cultivar of coffee arabica Places * Bourbon
  5. Is trivial or boring ". However, in answering a question such as" Tea or, coffee , ", if either alternative is equally acceptable an American may answer," I do
  6. Frank House, Amsterdam Museum, its red-light district, and its much cannabis, coffee ,shops draw more than 3.66 million international visitors annually. History The
  7. Restrictions on international transactions, diversify exports, and reform the, coffee ,industry. IMF structural adjustment programs in Burundi were suspended
  8. Going from the New World to the Old, and several varieties of wheat, spices, coffee , and sugar cane going from the Old World to the New. The most important animal
  9. Gardens in the world, with many old and rare specimens, among them the, coffee ,plant that served as the parent for the entire coffee culture in Central and
  10. Companies which offers a variety of products (bake shop, mail order, creamery, coffee , ) and services (business education). Flint Ink Corp., another Ann Arbor-based
  11. 2nd Street District consists of several new residential projects, restaurants, coffee , shops,record stores, upscale boutiques and museums, and the Austin City Hall.
  12. On the tea house. Typically, different types of black tea, green tea, or even, coffee ,can form the basis of this beverage. The most common black tea varieties are
  13. To a burned area on a wildfire capable of acting as a safety zone. * Black, coffee ,refers to coffee without sugar or cream. Pigments Black pigments include carbon
  14. Equipment, automobiles,ethanol, textiles,footwear, iron ore, steel, coffee , orange juice, soybeans and corned beef. The country has been expanding its
  15. Wine (occasionally mixed with carbonated water known as soda); tea and, coffee ,are equally important. Quizzes is the national brand of pale lager, named after
  16. Alkaline, almanac,amber, arsenal,assassin, banana,candy, carat,cipher, coffee , cotton, hazard,jar, jasmine,lemon, loofah,magazine, mattress,sherbet, sofa
  17. Production of the culturally important chichi. Currently, tobacco,cotton and, coffee ,are the main export crops. Coca, despite eradication programs in some
  18. As one. His name is probably a variation of Abraham. In Amsterdam, there is a, coffee ,shop named" Abraham. " In the East of Paris, Ricardo Bill built a housing
  19. For 17 % of imports in 1997. Agriculture The main cash crop of Burundi is, coffee , which accounted for 78.5 % of exports in 1997. This dependence on coffee has
  20. Base of most alcoholic drinks). Leisure activities Coffeehouses, where Bosnian, coffee ,is served in Delta with Rabat locum and sugar cubes, proliferate Sarajevo and
  21. Or RSA, which had been founded in 1754),whose early meetings took place in, coffee ,shops in London's Convent Garden district, close to Franklin's main residence
  22. AA chapter. *The Simpsons Movie - Barney and a few other people were drinking, coffee ,at the local AA when a book is thrown in from the book club. *I'll Cry
  23. In some places. Bubble tea cafés will also frequently serve drinks without, coffee ,or tea in them. The base for these drinks is flavoring blended with ice, often
  24. An American whiskey made using a corn-based mash * Bourbon coffee , a type of, coffee ,made from a cultivar of coffee arabica Places * Bourbon Street, a street in New
  25. Is coffee , which accounted for 78.5 % of exports in 1997. This dependence on, coffee ,has increased Burundi's vulnerability to seasonal yields and international
  26. With Benguela) palm and peanut oil, wax,coal, timber,ivory, cotton, coffee , and cocoa, among many other products. Maize, tobacco,dried meat and cassava
  27. Upon a coffee cup that is distributed out of an office, café,or drive-through, coffee ,shop. This form of advertising was first popularized in Australia, and has
  28. Jackfruit. Other popular non-fruit flavors include taro, pudding,chocolate, coffee , mocha, barley,sesame, almond,ginger, lavender,rose, caramel and violet.
  29. Duck" ) originated in Hong Kong and consisting of half black tea and half, coffee , Decaffeinated versions of teas are sometimes available when the tea house
  30. Rich resources await development: gold, forest products, fisheries,iron ore, coffee , and fruits. This is a chart of trend of nominal gross domestic product of
  31. Specimens, among them the coffee plant that served as the parent for the entire, coffee ,culture in Central and South America. Some of Amsterdam's primary schools base
  32. With the Petticoat Junction show, Granny mistakes a dog for a baby child and a, coffee ,pot for a telephone. Two of Granny's phobias are" Injury" ( she actually
  33. Economic production cycles - sugar, gold and, from the early 19th century on, coffee , The economy of Brazil was heavily dependent on African enslaved labor until
  34. Unreliable. Consisting largely of tropical forest, Cabinda produces hardwoods, coffee , cocoa, crude rubber and palm oil. The product for which it is best known
  35. Or baobab (Adanisonia digital),drum palm (Hyphen) and euphoria. The, coffee ,plant grows wild in such widely separated places as Liberia and southern
  36. Diet and to till the land without the use of animal labor. They also banned, coffee , tea, alcoholic drinks, milk,and warm bathwater. They only ate" aspiring
  37. Pastime and part of the culture. Bosnian's are believed to be the heaviest, coffee ,drinkers in the world. Botswana, officially the Republic of Botswana (), is a
  38. Angola was a breadbasket of Southern Africa and a major exporter of bananas, coffee ,and sisal, but three decades of civil war (1975–2002) destroyed the fertile
  39. Given that there is a strong European cultural imprint, the consumption of, coffee ,is very common (141 cups per capita, annually ).
  40. Has increased Burundi's vulnerability to seasonal yields and international, coffee ,prices. It generates about 90 percent of export revenues, making the country
  41. He studied a question analogous to that of the surface movement in cup of, coffee , What can we say, in general, about the trajectories on a surface animated by a
  42. Manson brutally murder pregnant actress Sharon Tate (wife of Roman Polanski), coffee , heiress Abigail Folder, Polish actor Wojciech Minkowski,men's hairstylist Jay
  43. Cup advertising: Coffee cup advertising is any advertisement placed upon a, coffee ,cup that is distributed out of an office, café,or drive-through coffee shop.
  44. Eaten in lunch and served in most typical restaurants. The national beverage is, coffee ,and Pachuca is Brazil's native liquor. Pachuca is distilled from sugar cane
  45. If the area is of the same kind as a disk, as is the case for the cup of, coffee , there must necessarily be a fixed point. This fixed point is invariant under
  46. Theorem is supposed to have originated from Brouwer's observation of a cup of, coffee , If one stirs to dissolve a lump of sugar, it appears there is always a point
  47. Beverages) in Argentina, for example those flavored with orange, egg,anise, coffee , cherry and, inevitably,dunce de Lethe. The Hesperia is a type of liqueur
  48. Area on a wildfire capable of acting as a safety zone. * Black coffee refers to, coffee ,without sugar or cream. Pigments Black pigments include carbon black, charcoal
  49. Food chains. The cafés are similar to bars, and offer beer and light dishes;, coffee ,houses are called the Salons de Thé. Also, widespread are brasseries, which
  50. Mate condo is the same leaf, which rather than brewed is boiled and served, as, coffee , or tea, with milk or sugar to taste. Other typical drinks include wine (

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