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  1. Salicylic-acetic anhydride" ( wasserfreie Salicylsäure-Essigsäure). This, preparation ,of aspirin (" salicylic-acetic anhydride" ) was one of the many reactions
  2. A syllogize of Roman inscriptions from Milan and its territories, as part of his, preparation ,for his history of Milan, written in 1504-05. Alias is most famous for his
  3. Or pasta. Another prevailing feature characterizing Argentine cuisine is the, preparation ,of homemade food, especially when a meal is prepared in somebody's honor, too
  4. Keerai Musial (கீரை மசியல்). In Andhra Pradesh, India,this leaf is added in, preparation ,of a popular DAL called thotakura pappy తొట కూర పప్పు (Telugu). In
  5. Produced by these bacteria. Laboratory synthesis Several methods exist for the, preparation ,of alcohols in the laboratory. Substitution Primary alkyl halves react with
  6. Pools and spas to reduce high levels of both chlorine and bromine. Industrial, preparation ,Ascorbic acid is synthesized from glucose through a five-step process. First
  7. Adding local flavors that somehow preserved the local spirit involved in their, preparation , Even though the origin of Amado may be traced back to the Pampas, it goes
  8. From many foreign nations; such influx developed a rich diversity in food, preparation ,throughout the country. History Seafood Saltwater fish eaten by the American
  9. To the OMB standards on race in its data collection and tabulations efforts. In, preparation ,for the United States 2010 Census, a marketing and outreach plan, called 2010
  10. Ink, dyes,paints, cosmetics,leather tanning, ceramics,glass manufacture, preparation ,of extracts, liquors,and so on (it seems that the preparation of aqua vitae
  11. The Viking Press. *1940 – World War II: Royal Marines land in Names, Norway in, preparation ,for a larger force to arrive two days later. *1941 – World War II: The Mustache
  12. Writing in the Times Literary Supplement in 1968,Garner commented that in, preparation ,for writing his book Elinor:: I had to read extensively textbooks on physics
  13. In 1908 and translated in English by Ernest Newman in 1911. During its, preparation ,he became a friend of Colima Wagner (then in Strasbourg),with whom he had
  14. He reformed his enterprises into conventional joint stock corporations as, preparation ,to this end. John Pierpont Morgan was a banker and perhaps America's most
  15. Some circumstances. There are complications and the technique requires careful, preparation ,and a level of skill and experience above that required for a single anchor.
  16. Manufacture, preparation of extracts, liquors,and so on (it seems that the, preparation ,of aqua vitae, the " water of life ", was a fairly popular" experiment" among
  17. The spectrum of the architect's services may be extensive (detailed document, preparation ,and construction review) or less inclusive (such as allowing a contractor to
  18. To an assault. But the words which a person uses may give to his gestures or, preparation ,such a meaning as may make those gestures or preparation s amount to an assault.
  19. Use CSM-104. On September 9,the crew entered the simulators to begin their, preparation ,for the flight. By the time the mission flew, the crew had spent seven hours
  20. Sooner than originally planned, leaving them a shorter time for training and, preparation , thus placing more demands than usual on their time and discipline. After
  21. Hurtle Fisher. The rural area surrounding Adelaide was surveyed by Light in, preparation ,to sell a total of over of land. Adelaide's early economy started to get on
  22. All agree that Hephaestion's death devastated him, and that he ordered the, preparation ,of an expensive funeral pyre in Babylon, as well as a decree for the observance
  23. Are often employed. Specialized methods Many laboratory methods exist for the, preparation ,of amines, many of these methods being rather specialized. Reactions Alkylating
  24. Are popular offerings in American Chinese food due to the speed and ease of, preparation ,and their appeal to American tastes. Fried rice is generally prepared with rice
  25. Thermal processing of amaranth, particularly in moist environment, prior to its, preparation ,in food and human consumption may be a promising way to reduce the adverse
  26. Muhammad's command, and he was reported to have given all his wealth for the, preparation ,of this expedition. In 631,Muhammad sent a delegation of three hundred Muslims
  27. Of whom Thole was one),came to associate the practice of alchemy with the, preparation ,of chemical medicines. Pure antimony was well known to Jair in Aryan
  28. As king ". Victorian writers interpreted this as an anticipatory coronation in, preparation ,for his ultimate succession to the throne of Wessex. However, his succession
  29. With international treaties Armenia is a signatory to, participate in the, preparation ,of the population, the national economy and the maintenance of wartime reserves
  30. Who was at Mesa that time. Moreover, Thomas, in order to get more time for, preparation ,of a siege, sent the armies to delay or if possible halt Khalid's march to
  31. Spend two days preparing for Yukon to film a single long take, and due to the, preparation , usually only a single take was needed. Sven Nyquist In his last film, The
  32. A degree at the University College London, Bell considered his next years as, preparation ,for the degree examinations, devoting his spare time at his family's residence
  33. Of the ellipse and he wrote a book on conic sections, which was excellent, preparation ,for designing the elaborate vaulting of Hagia Sophia. He compiled a survey of
  34. The Combs test is also used for antibody screening in blood transfusion, preparation ,and also for antibody screening in antenatal women. Multiple sclerosis
  35. Devised no really novel apparatus, and worked out no improved methods of, preparation , He was essentially a theorist, and his great merit lay in the capacity of
  36. Engine. It was first raced in the 2006 12 Hours of Sebring as a race-test in, preparation ,for the 2006 24 Hours of Le Mans, which it later went on to win. Audi has been
  37. Modern composer It would also be the first opera to receive a serious, preparation ,in a piano and vocal reduction by Carl Friedrich Crater in 1783. Armada was
  38. Defense Forces, and Training Grounds. They deal with planning and reservist, preparation , armaments and equipment storage, training of formations for active forces
  39. Companies in the American food industry develop new products requiring minimal, preparation , such as frozen entrées. Many of these recipes have become very popular. For
  40. Goes to great lengths to support his argument, including a list of possible, preparation ,styles for the children, and calculations showing the financial benefits of his
  41. Punishing the minor infractions of his trainees during their basic training in, preparation ,for their deployment. Paul later figures that the training taught by Himmelstoß
  42. To savoring a meal: NASA is the enjoyment of flavors that arise from the proper, preparation ,of ingredients and the quality of ingredients. What NASA actually is, in a
  43. In a future movie about his kidnap. Acting style Hopkins is renowned for his, preparation ,for roles. He has indicated in interviews that once he has committed to a
  44. Prepared by the latter is the curator (a term meaning" hot stone" ). Its, preparation ,involves digging a hole about 150 cm deep in the ground, within which
  45. Arsenal news from Sky Sports Other * American cuisine is a style of food, preparation ,originating from the United States of America. European colonization of the
  46. And" Use" describe how thinking strategies and attention work together during, preparation ,for action. They connote the general sequence of how intention joins together
  47. Secondary school program includes vocational training, basic education, college, preparation , and advanced placement. Higher education goals can be pursued through the
  48. Marker * Voyage in Time: documents the travels in Italy of Andrei Tchaikovsky in, preparation ,for the making of his film Nostalgia, Tonino Guerra,1983. Ambiguity of words
  49. And was allowed freedom to conduct geographical and anthropological studies in, preparation ,for a future book. At home in Sweden again, five years after Peter's death, in
  50. Mirrors revealed that he was contracting his whole body prior to phonation in, preparation ,for all verbal response. He developed the hypothesis that this habitual pattern

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