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  1. In the northwest of the country. Climate Angola's average temperature on the, coast ,is in the winter and in the summer. It has two seasons; dry season (May to
  2. Of Macedonia to the east and Greece to the south and southeast. It has a, coast ,on the Adriatic Sea to the west, and on the Ionian Sea to the southwest. It is
  3. The Ottomans established Algeria's modern boundaries in the north and made its, coast ,a base for the Ottoman corsairs; their privateering peaked in Algiers in the
  4. Just before a French fleet under Admiral d'Estaing arrived off the American, coast , Washington's army returned to White Plains, New York, north of the city.
  5. Now accounts for more than half of Angola's output. Most of the oil along its, coast ,was discovered under Portuguese rule by the Cabinet Gulf Oil Company (CABG OC)
  6. Trade routes with other trading cities and civilizations up and down the, coast ,of southwestern and West Africa and even with the Great Zimbabwe Mutant Empire
  7. Canada (the Grand Banks of Newfoundland area) and Africa's north-western, coast , In general, winds transport moisture and air over land areas. Hurricanes
  8. The Lesser Antilles in the southern Caribbean Sea, located 27 km north of the, coast ,of Venezuela and 130 km (approx. ) east of Guard Peninsula (Colombia).
  9. Some inland from the Bering Sea. Most of the population lives along the, coast , Kodiak Island is also located in Southwest. The massive Yukon–Kuskokwim Delta
  10. To Southeast Alaska and, to a lesser degree, towns along Alaska's gulf, coast , The population of Ketchikan may rise by over 10,000 people on many days during
  11. France, England,and Spain each lost thousands of ships, and long stretches of, coast ,in Spain and Italy were almost completely abandoned by their inhabitants.
  12. In the Portuguese“ bridgeheads” Luanda and Benguela, which existed on the, coast ,of what today is Angola since the 15th and 16th century, respectively
  13. Of siege. The capture of the French-controlled port of Mahé on India's west, coast ,motivated Mysore's ruler, Hyder Ali (who was already upset at other British
  14. But engaged in little or no transoceanic trade. Portuguese presence on the, coast ,The geographical areas now designated as Angola entered into contact with the
  15. Alberta to settle the Americas. Alternatively they may have migrated down the, coast ,of British Columbia and then moved inland. Over time, they differentiated into
  16. Even mountainous, and there are a few natural harbors. The area from the, coast ,to the Tell Atlas is fertile. South of the Tell Atlas is a steppe landscape
  17. Is Koran situated in the district of Fiber, reaching up to. The climate on the, coast ,is typically Mediterranean with mild, wet winters and warm, sunny,and rather
  18. Have tributaries that flow in broad, elevated basins. Access inland from the, coast ,is limited to a few narrow valleys because mountain ridges. Because of these
  19. By a range of steep mountains that extend along the entire length of the, coast , separating it from the inland Anatolian plateau. In the west, the mountains
  20. Gyre, with hypersaline Mediterranean water moving northward along the west, coast ,of Turkey, before being displaced by less dense Black Sea outflow. The dense
  21. From 1415 to 1488,Portuguese navigators sailed along the Western African, coast , reaching the Cape of Good Hope. *In 1492,Christopher Columbus landed on the
  22. The Iberian Peninsula was completed, several towns and outposts on the Algerian, coast ,were conquered and occupied by the Spanish Empire: MERS El Kefir (1505),Oran
  23. Abandoned by their inhabitants. Pirate raids discouraged settlement along the, coast ,until the 19th century. The most famous corsairs were the Ottoman Barbarossa (
  24. Europe, and the cold water currents contribute to heavy fog off the, coast ,of eastern Canada (the Grand Banks of Newfoundland area) and Africa's
  25. Is nowhere near the Ethiopia Ocean, which would be said to lie off the west, coast ,of Africa. The term Ethiopian Ocean sometimes appeared until the mid-19th
  26. Of the Congo to the north. Angola's capital, Luanda,lies on the Atlantic, coast ,in the northwest of the country. Climate Angola's average temperature on the
  27. Average snowfall for the Birmingham area is per year. In the southern Gulf, coast , snowfall is less frequent, sometimes going several years without any snowfall.
  28. Atlantic, is the deepest trench at *Laurentian Abyss is found off the eastern, coast ,of Canada *Romance Trench is located near the equator and reaches a depth of
  29. Divisions, it could not respond effectively to British blockades of its, coast ,and the capture of many of its colonies. In the 1784 peace treaty between the
  30. Forts along the coast of Africa since the 15th century, and reached the Angolan, coast ,in the 16th century. Portuguese explorer Paulo Dias de Novais founded Luanda in
  31. Westward along the northern Aegean Sea, then flows southwards along the east, coast ,of Greece. The physical oceanography of the Aegean Sea is controlled mainly by
  32. Lawr; in Korea, gim; in Japan, nori and honor. It is also used along the west, coast ,of North America from California to British Columbia, in Hawaii and by the
  33. Cities in order to deny the Persians naval bases. From Pamphlet onward,the, coast ,held no major ports and so Alexander moved inland. At Tresses, Alexander
  34. Highway. The Albania-Kosovo Highway links Kosovo to Albania's Adriatic, coast ,: the Albanian side was completed in June 2009,and now it takes only two hours
  35. Persian provincial capital and treasury of Saris and proceeded down the Ionian, coast , At Halicarnassus, Alexander successfully waged the first of many sieges
  36. Of Saint George del Mind, Saint Thomas, and Luanda, Angola,on the west, coast ,of Africa. After the dissolution of the Iberian Union in 1640,Portugal would
  37. Trees. The higher slopes facing northwest tend to be densely forested. The, coast ,is rugged and rocky, with rivers that cascade through the gorges of the coast al
  38. That could help break the British naval blockade along the North American, coast , Amanda invited the commission to his house in Paris, where he was acting as
  39. The Routes valley in Greater Syria and the Mesopotamian plain. The northern, coast ,of Anatolia stretches farther east than the central region, reaching all the
  40. Divisions. Alexander proceeded to take possession of Syria, and most of the, coast ,of the Levant. However, the following year,332 BC, he was forced to attack
  41. Tell Atlas, the Atlas mountain range that parallels the Mediterranean, coast ,* Atlas Peak AVA, California wine region in Napa Valley Entertainment * Atlas (
  42. Their coast ing-trade, bombard their ports; sack and burn towns along the, coast ,(as Benedict Arnold did to New London, Connecticut in 1781),and turn loose
  43. Explorer Giovanni the Terrazzo discovered the United States of America's east, coast , *In 1764 William Harrison (the son of John Harrison) sailed aboard the HMS
  44. North of the equator (May to December). The United States' southeast, coast ,has a long history of shipwrecks due to its many shoals and reefs. The Virginia
  45. Numbers. Known as Pieds-Noirs, European colonists were concentrated on the, coast ,and formed a majority of the population of Oran (60 percent) and important
  46. Portugal's explorers and settlers, founded trading posts and forts along the, coast ,of Africa since the 15th century, and reached the Angolan coast in the 16th
  47. After 1000 BCE, the Carthaginians began establishing settlements along the, coast , The Berbers seized the opportunity offered by the Punic Wars to become
  48. On the slave trade. European traders would export manufactured goods to the, coast ,of Africa where they would be exchanged for slaves. Within the Portuguese
  49. Salt Lake) and the Kenya Basin (Kenya OVAs). Black Sea Coast The Black Sea, coast ,is characterized by a range of steep mountains that extend along the entire
  50. Leif Erickson was the first European to discover North America's Atlantic, coast , including Vinland. The Norse discovery was documented in the 13th century

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