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  1. Or other care; or they can be advanced speech generating devices, based on, speech ,synthesis, that are capable of storing hundreds of phrases and words. Modern
  2. Note, nor long remember what we say here," the Address became the most quoted, speech ,in American history. The Gettysburg Address was delivered at the dedication of
  3. Warmer in sunlight, so he felt cooler in shadow. Nixon originally had a long, speech ,prepared to read during the phone call, but Frank Borman, who was at the White
  4. Announces his idea for a windmill, Napoleon opposes it. Snowball makes a, speech ,in favor of the windmill, whereupon Napoleon has his dogs chase Snowball away.
  5. Will cease to be divided. It will become all one thing, or all the other. " The, speech ,created an evocative image of the danger of disunion caused by the slavery
  6. The border with Bavaria, with Bavarians having a markedly different rhythm of, speech ,in spite of the similarities in the language. Regional dialects In mathematics
  7. To the Catholic Encyclopedia, an Allocation is a solemn form of address or, speech ,from the throne employed by the Pope on certain occasions. It is delivered only
  8. Of himself and his fellow conspirators. At the end of Galt's 3 hour, speech , he expresses admiration for the man, as he says what he means. Despite this
  9. Standing frames, text telephones, accessible keyboards, large print, Braille,&, speech ,recognition computer software. People with disabilities often develop personal
  10. Texts. Computers, with their hardware extensibility, editing,spellchecking and, speech ,synthesis software are becoming the cornerstone of assistive technologies
  11. Academy Awards ceremony, Brando sent Screen Little feather to read a 15-page, speech , detailing his criticisms. Personal popularity, atonement for past mistakes, or
  12. Based on direct current. Although it has been thought that Einstein had early, speech ,difficulties, this is disputed by the Albert Einstein Archives, and he excelled
  13. One must practice the following ethical principles (major vows) in thought, speech ,and action. The degree to which these principles are practiced is different for
  14. Full pronunciation with Paula This is the most formal level actually used in, speech , All endings are pronounced as written, except at the end of an utterance
  15. Aids integrate a scanner, optical character recognition (OCR) software, and, speech , software in a single machine. These function together without a separate PC. *
  16. On February 27, 1860,New York party leaders invited Lincoln to give a, speech ,at Cooper Union to a group of powerful Republicans. Lincoln argued that the
  17. they are used to request food, drink,or other care; or they can be advanced, speech ,generating devices, based on speech synthesis, that are capable of storing
  18. Or Douglas as its U. S. senator. Lincoln–Douglas debates and Cooper Union, speech ,The 1858 senate campaign featured the seven Lincoln–Douglas debates of 1858
  19. Military then intervened, declared a state of emergency that limited freedom of, speech ,and assembly, and canceled the second round of elections. It forced
  20. Be used to aid both spoken and written language, and can supplement or replace, speech ,and writing as necessary. AAC can be a permanent addition to a person's
  21. A third to a half of individuals with autism do not develop enough natural, speech ,to meet their daily communication needs. Differences in communication may be
  22. Use of AAC began in the 1950s with systems for users who had lost the use of, speech ,following surgical procedures. During the 1960s the use of manual sign language
  23. Impression on his first appeal to a New York audience. " Donald described the, speech ,as a" superb political move for an unannounced candidate, to appear in one
  24. A sound preserved in the western dialects but merged with in eastern, speech ,). Language and dialect The sociolinguistic situation of Arabic in modern times
  25. Turkey switched from the Arabic alphabet to the Roman alphabet. The sounds of, speech ,of all languages of the world can be written by a rather small universal
  26. For the release of Confederate prisoners. After attending an April 11, 1865, speech , in which Lincoln promoted voting rights for blacks, an incensed Booth changed
  27. Spoken) The" Former Standard," used for about 300 years or more in, speech ,in refined language, was the" Showrunner Deutsche ", a Socialist spoken by
  28. Ovation from the crowd after the match and delivered a memorable retirement, speech , Earnings Agassi earned more than US$ 30 million in prize-money during his
  29. At, he was tall and" strong enough to intimidate any rival ". At his first, speech , when he saw a supporter in the crowd being attacked, Lincoln grabbed the
  30. Such as large eyes, big hair and elongated limbs ... and dramatically shaped, speech ,bubbles, speed lines and onomatopoeic, exclamatory typography. " The influences
  31. His powers of oratory. His Gettysburg Address of 1863 became the most quoted, speech ,in American history. It was an iconic statement of America's dedication to the
  32. Graphics tablets, touchpads,touch screens, foot mice, a microphone with, speech ,recognition software, sip-and-puff input, switch access, and vision-based input
  33. Stop or Hamza (which was preserved in the eastern dialects but lost in western, speech ,) and the use of (representing a sound preserved in the western dialects but
  34. The letter r for robot. EveR-1's advanced computing processing power enables, speech ,recognition and vocal synthesis, at the same time processing lip
  35. Serve assistive technology needs: occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech ,language pathologists/audiologists, orthotists and prosthetics, educators,and
  36. But not extreme, amount of spreading of the harmonic allophones in their MSA, speech , while speakers of colloquial varieties with moderate-distance harmony may only
  37. Of MSA speakers tends to mirror corresponding variations in the colloquial, speech ,of the speakers in question, but with the distinguishing characteristics
  38. Alone are present. The term allocation was used by the ancient Romans for the, speech ,made by a commander to his troops, either before a battle or during it, too
  39. Applied behavior analysis (ABA),developmental models, structured teaching, speech ,and language therapy, social skills' therapy, and occupational therapy. And is
  40. And education level of the speakers involved, and the level of formality of the, speech ,situation. Often it will vary within a single encounter,e.g. moving from
  41. A behavioral program designed to help him form social attachments and to induce, speech ,via imitation. The New Latin word autism us (English translation autism) was
  42. Notetaker. A portable computer with a Braille or QWERTY keyboard and synthetic, speech , Some models have an integrated Braille display. * Braille embosser. Embosses
  43. The debate. As Digging concludes regarding the highly influential Cooper Union, speech ,of early 1860," Lincoln presented Americans a theory of history that offers a
  44. Were not a system and were never used by themselves to encode Egyptian, speech , Others suggest the alphabet was developed in central Egypt during the 15th
  45. De Gaulle held a plebiscite, offering Algerians three options. In a famous, speech ,(4 June 1958 in Algiers),de Gaulle proclaimed in front of a vast crowd of
  46. War I, Allied propaganda referred to Germans as the" Huns ", based on a 1900, speech , by Emperor Wilhelm II praising Attila the Hun's military prowess. In modern
  47. The pronunciation used by speakers of Modern Standard Arabic in extemporaneous, speech , i.e. when producing new sentences rather than simply reading a prepared text.
  48. Reinforced surgically by Dr. Rudolph Nissan in 1948. He took the draft of a, speech ,he was preparing for a television appearance commemorating the State of Israel
  49. Speakers are not able to consistently use the correct endings in extemporaneous, speech , As a result, spoken MSA tends to drop or regularize the endings except when
  50. Meets and marries a girl, renouncing his old ways and even losing his former, speech ,patterns. A chance encounter with Pete in the final chapter influences Alex's

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