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  1. The functions of provincial councils are to take part in provincial development, planning ,and to participate in monitoring and appraisal of other provincial governance
  2. Launch vehicles When the team of engineers led by Werner von Braun began, planning ,for the Apollo program, it was not yet clear what mission their rockets would
  3. Plan or conspiracy for the accomplishment of crime against peace, second, planning , initiating and waging wars of aggression and other crimes against peace, third
  4. All Agamemnon offered him, and simply urged the Greeks to sail home as he was, planning ,to do. The Trojans, led by Hector, subsequently pushed the Greek army back
  5. Due to previous experience or study. An architect is a person trained in the, planning , design and oversight of the construction of buildings. To practice
  6. Killed by the Beyond government. Leaders of the PDP feared that Beyond was, planning ,to dismantle them because many were being arrested. Hafiz ullah Amino along with
  7. Testing of the LM and the Saturn V Moon launch vehicle. By October 1967, planning , for manned flights resumed, with Apollo 7 being the first Earth orbit CSM
  8. In the governance of the City of Adelaide, being primarily concerned with the, planning ,of Adelaide's urban development and growth. Local governments The Adelaide
  9. Nearly all his manuscripts destroyed. In his last years, he seemed to have been, planning ,two major treatises, one on the theory and history of law and one on the
  10. Arrogance"—and no deputy older than 40. Over these departments was a central, planning ,committee headed by Speer, which took increasing responsibility for war
  11. Portrays Warhol in a brief scene from the 2009 film Watchmen. Gus Van Sent was, planning ,a version of Warhol's life with River Phoenix in the lead role just before
  12. There were over $100 billion in oil sands projects under construction or in the, planning ,stages in northeastern Alberta. Another factor determining the viability of oil
  13. The Apollo 11 crew be less flippant in naming their craft. During early mission, planning , the names Snow cone and Haystack were used and put in the news release, but the
  14. Were arrested on the orders of Tiberius. Tiberius falsely accused Agrippina of, planning ,to take sanctuary besides the image of Augustus or with the Roman Army abroad.
  15. Approved campaigns for these armies which, because of miscommunication, poor, planning , and rivalries between commanders, did not work in conjunction. Although Howe
  16. Stand in for astronauts in meetings and be involved in the minutiae of mission, planning , while the prime and backup crews trained. They also served as captors during
  17. Average real GDP growth of about 13.9 %. Overview Under the old Soviet central, planning ,system, Armenia had developed a modern industrial sector, supplying machine
  18. Range now incorporates this fuel-saving technology. Electric technology Audi is, planning ,an alliance with the Japanese electronic giant San yo to develop a pilot hybrid
  19. Center of Seismic Service. The Azerbaijan National Aerospace Agency is, planning ,to launch its first satellite Arrest 1 into orbit in July or August 2012 from
  20. While a true equilibrium may be impossible under both free markets and central, planning , Austrians maintain that free markets are generally more efficient than central
  21. Reduced by as much as 73 % without any change in abortion laws if modern family, planning ,and maternal health services were readily available globally. Forty percent of
  22. Of Constantinople. When the Emperor Henry I died on 11 July 1216,Andrew was, planning ,to acquire the imperial throne, but the barons of the Latin Empire proclaimed
  23. Elect to move into real estate (property) development, corporate facilities, planning , project management, construction management, interior design or other related
  24. By the economic uncertainties left in the wake of the Moscow-centered, planning ,system. The Committee for the Protection of the Natural Environment is part of
  25. The requirements the client wants in the building. Throughout the project (, planning ,to occupancy),the architect co-ordinates a design team. Structural
  26. Company had acquired the cinematic rights to the Miss Marple character, and was, planning ,a contemporary adaptation to be set in the United States. It was reported that
  27. Regulations and building codes. The architect might need to comply with local, planning ,and zoning laws, such as required setbacks, height limitations, parking
  28. Austrians maintain that free markets are generally more efficient than central, planning , since it is highly unlikely that a few economic planners would have a
  29. The US State Department issued a travel alert directed at college students, planning ,spring break trips to Acapulco. The warning—a result of violent activity
  30. The other tribes. He warned the Romans that a coalition of other tribes were, planning ,to attack them and would get the support of the German tribes who would cross
  31. That autistic behavior results in part from deficits in working memory, planning , inhibition, and other forms of executive function. A strength of the theory is
  32. Care, job training and placement, sexuality,social skills, and estate, planning , Prognosis There is no known cure. Most autistic children can acquire language
  33. Merged AIM Profiles with Bebop. * On April 6,2010,AOL announced that they were, planning ,to shut down or sell Bebop. This has been successfully concluded but with a huge
  34. Confronts the other former Soviet republics as they emerge from the centralized, planning ,system's disastrous approach to resource management. By 1980 the infrequency
  35. Forces, Territorial Defense Forces, and Training Grounds. They deal with, planning ,and reservist preparation, armaments and equipment storage, training of
  36. Using war powers granted to the president by the Constitution, and Lincoln was, planning ,to take that action. In that month, Lincoln discussed a draft of the
  37. Knowing the per capita stocks and their approximate lifespans is important for, planning ,recycling. Recovery of the metal via recycling has become an important facet of
  38. Golden Grove in the late 1980s is possibly an example of well-thought-out urban, planning , The newer suburban areas as a whole, however,are not as integrated into the
  39. Jackson, the chief U. S. prosecutor at Nuremberg, alleged," Speer joined in, planning ,and executing the program to dragoon prisoners of war and foreign workers into
  40. West to join Johnston, and they organized their forces at Corinth, Mississippi, planning , to ambush Grant's forces at Pittsburgh Landing, Tennessee. Shiloh Johnston
  41. To the grand scale of the proposed program. " While NASA went ahead with, planning ,for Apollo, funding for the program was far from certain given Eisenhower's
  42. The West Saxon economy through a policy of monetary reform and urban, planning ,and strove to win divine favor by resurrecting the literary glories of earlier
  43. It came third in the preliminary round. Sting Anderson immediately started, planning ,for the 1974 contest. Slaves, Andersson,and Sting Anderson believed in the
  44. To his immature son Ferdinand. He died in Castle dell'HVO in 1458,while he was, planning ,the conquest of Genoa. At the time, Alfonso was at odds with Callisto III, who
  45. The incidence of abortion has declined worldwide as access to family, planning ,education and contraceptive services has increased. Types Induced Approximately
  46. Citizens' homes, theaters,other public facilities, and waterways without much, planning , Over the years, several canals have been filled in, becoming streets or
  47. Of autistic people have motor signs that include poor muscle tone, poor motor, planning , and toe walking; Unusual eating behavior occurs in about three-quarters of
  48. Canals The Amsterdam canal system is the result of conscious city, planning , In the early 17th century, when immigration was at a peak, a comprehensive
  49. Affects an estimated 24 million women. Health education, access to family, planning , and improvements in health care during and after abortion have been proposed
  50. There were over $100 billion in oil sands projects under construction or in the, planning ,stages in northeastern Alberta. Another factor determining the viability of oil

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