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  1. O'Hair later caused controversy by bringing a lawsuit against NASA over the, reading ,from Genesis. O'Hair wished the courts to ban US astronauts—who were all
  2. First healing wind on a very parched collective mind ". Soon after the bookshop, reading , plans were hatched for the International Poetry Incarnation, Buddhism and
  3. The wind characteristics, the position of the Sun and Moon, and the barometer, reading , all just in case they proved to be relevant. This approach eventually led to
  4. He then decided to become a lawyer and began teaching himself law by, reading ,Blackstone's Commentaries on the Laws of England and other law books. Of his
  5. And writing about them, he said: It is the most satisfying and elevating, reading ,(except the original text) which is possible in the world; it
  6. To suppress scientific discoveries which appeared to clash with a literal, reading ,of the Book of Genesis and other established Jewish and Christian doctrines.
  7. Across the scientific landscape" and he often went to bed voraciously, reading ,the Encyclopædia Britannica, scouring it for new areas of interest. The range
  8. By atheist Madelyn Murray O'Hair (who had objected to the Apollo 8 crew, reading ,from the Book of Genesis) demanding that their astronauts refrain from
  9. Poem to possess redeeming artistic value. Shortly after his arrival, he gave a, reading ,at Better Books, which was described by Jeff Nut tall as" the first healing
  10. American slaves, whom they viewed as inferior. Manning's research involved, reading ,military camp newspapers and personal correspondence between soldiers and
  11. Chamber of Rhetoric) organized contests between different Chambers in the, reading ,of poetry and drama. In 1638,Amsterdam opened its first theater. Ballet
  12. As amateur astronomers may devote a few hours a month to stargazing and, reading ,the latest developments in research. However, amateurs span the range from
  13. And Heaven and Hell. Some of his writings on psychedelics became frequent, reading ,among early hippies. While living in Los Angeles, Huxley was a friend of Ray
  14. Who mistakes Alex's Bible studies for stirrings of faith (Alex is actually, reading ,Scripture for the violent passages). After Alex beats a troublesome cellmate
  15. When Huxley spoke at a Hollywood banquet, wearing no glasses and apparently, reading ,his paper from the lectern without difficulty:" Then suddenly he faltered—and
  16. Language is spoken, however,it is normally only spoken in its pure form when, reading ,a prepared text out loud. When speaking extemporaneously (i.e. making up the
  17. For vowels makes the common root clearer, improving word recognition while, reading , An abused (from Ge‘EZ አቡጊዳ’ abused),also called an alphasyllabary, is a
  18. First of eleven stages in a criminal trial, and involves the clerk of the court, reading ,out the indictment. The defendant is asked whether he or she pleads guilty or
  19. Assist programs and voice-recognition facilities are also bringing the text, reading ,and writing experience to the wider public. Toys that have been adapted to be
  20. Poetry Slam on February 20, 1997,Ginsberg gave what is thought to be his last, reading ,at The Book smith in San Francisco on December 16, 1996. He died April 5,1997
  21. Then suddenly he faltered—and the disturbing truth became obvious. He wasn't, reading ,his address at all. He had learned it by heart. To refresh his memory he
  22. Which he concerns himself with studying famous unsolved cases of the past and, reading ,detective novels. He even writes a book about mystery fiction in which he deals
  23. This reading would be spelled phonetically with for the. *: This, reading ,would be =" the god" ( an older form, without contraction),by older
  24. Friedrich Nietzsche owed the awakening of his philosophical interest to, reading ,The World as Will and Representation and admitted that he was one of the few
  25. Text, which can then be displayed on screen as recognizable text. * Standalone, reading ,aids integrate a scanner, optical character recognition (OCR) software, and
  26. Keep a bank balance of 444 pounds,4 shillings, and 4 pence. He wears pince-nez, reading ,glasses. Methods In The Mysterious Affair at Styles, Poirot operates as a
  27. Derived most of the material for their comparative studies through extensive, reading , not fieldwork, mainly the Classics (literature and history of Greece and Rome
  28. Set of guidelines and two accessible web portals designed for people developing, reading ,skills are peep. Com http://www.peepo.com — try typing a letter with your
  29. The set with no human intervention beyond inserting the question and (later), reading , the answer. All three definitions are equivalent, so it doesn't matter which
  30. Is a pseudonym that Lovecraft created in his youth, which he took on after, reading ,1001 Arabian Nights at the age of about five years. The name was invented
  31. From the original van Vogt novelette“ The Mixed Men ”, which he was then, reading , and remarked: Recognition In 1946,van Vogt and his first wife, Edna Maybe
  32. Of more personal significance to Ginsberg: that night was the first public, reading ,of" Howl ", a poem that brought worldwide fame to Ginsberg and to many of the
  33. Served as New Salem's postmaster and later than county surveyor, all the while, reading ,voraciously. He then decided to become a lawyer and began teaching himself law
  34. South of Guadalajara, Mexico. Speer devoted much of his time and energy to, reading , Though the prisoners brought some books with them in their personal property
  35. Andaman Islands in the old style of historical reconstruction. However, after, reading , the work of French sociologists Émile Durkheim and Marcel Mass
  36. As a result, spoken MSA tends to drop or regularize the endings except when, reading ,from a prepared text. *In CA, the verb normally precedes the subject (SO
  37. Like dyslexia or dysmorphia can find text-to-speech (TTS) software useful for, reading ,and spelling programs useful when writing texts. Computers, with their hardware
  38. Rules of Criminal Procedure," arraignment shall ... consist of an open ..., reading ,of the indictment ... to the defendant ... and call on him to plead thereto.
  39. H with a lengthened start, or may be a non-standard conjoined: - *: This, reading ,would be spelled phonetically with for the. *: This reading would be =" the
  40. Change was collected from audience members to buy jugs of wine, and Ginsberg, reading ,passionately, drunken,with arms outstretched. Ginsberg's principal work,"
  41. The maxim —" I will work harder. " Snowball attempts to teach the animals, reading ,and writing; food is plentiful, and the farm runs smoothly. The pigs elevate
  42. Cultivation" in the strict sense of" tillage of the soil ". Thus, a literal, reading ,of the word yields" tillage of a field / of fields ". Overview Agriculture has
  43. Large monitors can be used with increased DPI for ease of electronic text, reading , * E-book readers, such as the Amazon Kindle and tablet computers, such as the
  44. In extemporaneous speech,i.e. when producing new sentences rather than simply, reading ,a prepared text. It is similar to formal short pronunciation except that the
  45. They will hear an appeal brought in a particular case. Arraignment is a formal, reading ,of a criminal complaint in the presence of the defendant to inform the
  46. Fix ... In October 1955,Ginsberg and five other unknown poets gave a free, reading ,at an experimental art gallery in San Francisco. Ginsberg's" Howl "
  47. Thereafterincluding the ultimate last one. " Harlan Ellison (who began, reading ,van Vogt as a teenager) wrote," Van was the first writer to shine light on
  48. School. Delete wrote his first fiction at age 13. He was interested most in, reading , and he made three trips to the library a week. He would save his money to buy
  49. Suit. * Copyholder holds printed material in near vertical position for easier, reading ,and can be adjusted to suit. * Closed circuit television (CCTV) or video
  50. Tunnel. This time, guests at the household distinctly heard people in Brantford, reading ,and singing. These experiments clearly proved that the telephone could work

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