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  1. Turn of the 5th century. Modern opponents of instruments do not make the same, assessment ,of instruments as these writers, who argued that God had allowed David the “
  2. Went back at least to the reign of King INE, who probably also imposed a hid age, assessment ,upon each for food rents and other services owed the Crown. English navy Alfred
  3. That Khmelnytskyi led. Khmelnytskyi in Russian and Soviet history In their, assessment ,of Khmelnytsky's legacy the official Russian historiography stressed the fact
  4. Nurse, social worker, clinical psychologist or other clinician in a clinical, assessment , There are lists of criteria for someone to be so diagnosed. These depend on
  5. Be. On the other hand, court decisions have made necessary" an individualized, assessment ,to prove that an impairment is protected under the ADA. Therefore, the
  6. Cup anemometers are currently used as the industry standard for wind resource, assessment ,studies. Windmill anemometers The other forms of mechanical velocity anemometer
  7. The use of a minimal reduction in scores to show" response," lack of, assessment ,of quality of life or recovery, a high rate of discontinuation, selective
  8. Case of Florida shows, the new territory was of little or no value. Historical, assessment ,Advantages and disadvantages of the opposing sides The Americans began the war
  9. The" outposts of tyranny ". In response, the Belarusian government called the, assessment ," quite far from reality ". Foreign relations Belarus and Russia have been
  10. Has done something that we regard as foolish). In Korzybski's system,one's, assessment ,of Elizabeth belongs to a higher order of abstraction than Elizabeth herself.
  11. Processes and potential control programs. In 1991,DEER provided its first, assessment ,of acid rain in the United States. It reported that 5 % of New England Lakes
  12. Could sometimes tell whether they were on placebo or not); and issues with the, assessment ,of outcomes (including the use of a minimal reduction in scores to show "
  13. The Buddhist monastic institution. Some scholars have tended to question this, assessment , The only source of information not attributable to Buddhist sources are the
  14. In different settings and in regard to different kinds of depression * An, assessment ,of antidepressants compared with an" active placebo" * An assessment of the
  15. Trade between international markets in the areas of standards, conformity, assessment , and technical regulations. The site currently features content for China
  16. Weighing over. As to which species is the largest may depend on whether the, assessment ,is based on which species has the largest individuals (brown bears) or on the
  17. Is to use the concept of the Middle Way in Buddhism as a critical tool for the, assessment ,of Western philosophies. In this way Western philosophies can be classified in
  18. 9.87 million (2007) (110 % penetration rate) Telephone system: * General, assessment ,: an extensive but antiquated telecommunications network inherited from the
  19. But it remains controversial among medical researchers and clinicians. Clinical, assessment ,of acupuncture treatments, due to its invasive and easily detected nature
  20. Service as two of the nation's most revered historical landmarks. Historical, assessment ,Decisive victory? The nature of the result of the Battle of Gettysburg has been
  21. Include Francesco Barbara, Girolamo Lucency, and Giuseppe Peron. Critical, assessment ,and legacy Asgard was also known for his portraiture which shows an obsessive
  22. The Lincoln County tax assessor, who is unable to enter the area to perform an, assessment , When documents that mention the NTS and operations at Groom are declassified
  23. Meteorological Organization. He ranks #12 amongst climate scientists in a 2002, assessment , of most influential scientists. 1995 AR2 Chapter 8 Banter was the convening
  24. But Docker who negotiated the arrangements either ignored or failed in his, assessment ,of their consequences for the new combine. The combine was never adequately
  25. Not otherwise specified. General diagnosis codes DSM-IV-TR Treatment Medical, assessment ,Routine medical assessment s are often prescribed to rule-out or identify a
  26. Mobile cellular: 23.081 million (2009) Telephone system: * general, assessment ,: excellent service provided by modern technology * domestic: domestic satellite
  27. Informed the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, and each, assessment ,has considered the role of human activities on the climate. The IPCC's First
  28. Operations Evaluation Department (OED) conducts systematic and impartial, assessment ,of policies, strategies,country programs, and projects, including their design
  29. Li'l Abner. Li'l Abner was also the subject of the first book-length, scholarly, assessment , of an American comic strip ever published. Li'l Abner: A Study in American
  30. Recommends at most 30 weeks from first concern to completed diagnosis and, assessment , though few cases are handled that quickly in practice. A 2009 US study found
  31. Invasion of Iran. In 1999,Iranian archeologists began the documentation and, assessment ,of damages to the site incurred during the 20th century. Mali eh Mehdiabadi, who
  32. Was written in the late 6th century BC. E. C. Lucas is more cautious in his, assessment ,of linguistic arguments as well. Evaluating Collins' approach, he considers "
  33. We have made clear to the Bermuda Government the need for a security, assessment , which we are now helping them to carry out, and we will decide on further
  34. An assessment of antidepressants compared with an" active placebo" * An, assessment ,of the newer types of the MALI class * A meta-analysis of randomized trials of
  35. The areas of general education, concentrations,advising, and pedagogy and, assessment , Presidents of Brown University The current president of the University is Ruth
  36. Cellular: 8,000 (2002) Telephone system: worldwide telephone service general, assessment ,: worldwide telephone service domestic: NA international: country code - 1-284;
  37. Mathematical topics (from Revolves et Females) He wrote a retrospective, assessment ,of his mathematical work (see the external link La Vision below). As his main
  38. And stood to benefit by the compensation payments to the railroad from the tax, assessment , Dormant decades Walt Whitman wrote of the tunnel:: The old tunnel, that used
  39. Ban railroad locomotives from within the limits of the City of Brooklyn. A tax, assessment ,was ordered on all property owners along Atlantic Street (today Atlantic
  40. USA and other regions, as well as prevailing in research studies. An initial, assessment ,may include a physical exam by a physician. Although there are no biologicals
  41. The conversion of the Anglo-Saxons. This, combined with the Gildas's negative, assessment ,of the British church at the time of the Anglo-Saxon invasions, led Bede to a
  42. Telephones – mobile cellular: 1,611,000 (2007) Telephone system: *general, assessment ,: services only fair; in 2006 the government sold a 51 percent stake in the
  43. Enables members to perform most or all of the required Qualification testing, assessment ,and listing functions. Bluetooth Qualification Experts (Bees) and Bluetooth
  44. Has long since eclipsed his work, complicating critical analysis and objective, assessment ,of Li'l Abner to this day. Camp is often associated with two other giants of
  45. For the meeting, the creation and follow-up of assigned action items, and the, assessment ,of the board process through standardized assessment s of board members, owners
  46. Record of large temblors several times in the deeper past, and their current, assessment ,is that a quake of 6.5 or greater is imminent, sometime within the next 30
  47. Story of the declaration's origins has been described as" fanciful ", a fair, assessment ,considering that discussions between Weizmann and Balfour had begun at least a
  48. Nutrient runoff, excessive water usage, and assorted other problems. A 2000, assessment , of agriculture in the UK determined total external costs for 1996 of £2,343
  49. By The Economist. A book summarizing the conclusions of the economists' first, assessment , Global Crises, Global Solutions, edited by Lomborg, was published in October
  50. Be used to detect anxiety symptoms and suggest the need for a formal diagnostic, assessment ,of anxiety disorder. The HAM-A (Hamilton Anxiety Scale) measures the severity

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