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  1. Leader Vladimir Lenin. This, along with the assassination of Bolshevik, senior ,official Moira Risky days earlier, prompts the decree for Red Terror. *1922
  2. Text, a Cambridge University trained anthropologist who went on to become a, senior ,editor at the Financial Times is one of the leaders in this use of anthropology
  3. Dr. Abdullah) believe that Karma plans to appease the insurgents ', senior ,leadership at the cost of the democratic constitution, the democratic process
  4. S death and U. S Diplomatic facilities everywhere were placed on high alert,a, senior ,U. S official said. Crowds gathered outside the White House and in New York
  5. Company, the oldest surviving regiment in the British Army, and the second most, senior , is formed. *1580 – Battle of Alcántara. Spain defeats Portugal. *1609 –
  6. By Western officials at about 20–30 people. Abu Musab Al-Zahrawi was the, senior ,leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq, but his safe house was hit by U. S. missiles in a
  7. By ex-Scotland boss Craig Brown and captained by Richard Foster. The other, senior ,team is Cove Rangers F. C. of the Highland Football League (HFL),who play at
  8. Any remaining ties with al-Qaeda, while others cast doubt on this. According to, senior ,U. S. military intelligence officials, there were fewer than 100 members of
  9. And guitarist * Adrian Johns, English Governor of Gibraltar and a former, senior ,officer in the Royal Navy * Adrian Jones, English sculptor and painter who
  10. End of the battle, the British had 2,037 casualties: 291 dead (including three, senior ,generals),1,262 wounded, and 484 captured or missing. The Americans had 71
  11. And believers in orthodox finance such as Prime Minister James Sculling and a, senior ,minister in his government, Joseph Lyons. In 1931 Lyons left the party and
  12. An unofficial title as the father of the Green Revolution. Livestock issues A, senior ,UN official and co-author of a UN report detailing this problem, Henning
  13. Historian and New York Times-bestselling author, now resident scholar and, senior ,faculty member of the Ludwig on Miles Institute, member of the editorial board
  14. Monetary Fund; and the World Bank. Azerbaijan has formal involvement with, senior ,ex-US government officials including James Baker and Henry Kissinger as they
  15. Such as Formula Renault and Formula BMW, usually as" feeder" series for ", senior ," race formula (in the fashion of farm teams). Stock car racing In North
  16. Many churchmen left their sees to escape from the Lombards, like the two most, senior ,bishops in the north, Honoratus and Pauli nus. However, most of the suffragan
  17. One of America's experts on the economics of illegal drugs. " He is also a, senior ,fellow and resident faculty member at the Ludwig on Miles Institute. * Jeffrey
  18. In the Republic of Texas Army on August 5,1836. On January 31, 1837,he became, senior ,brigadier general in command of the Texas Army. On February 7,1837,he fought
  19. The Comments family came to full power. The title 'Nobilissimus' was given to, senior ,army commanders, the future emperor Alexios I Comments being the first to be
  20. Principal / Partner: Principal or partner; titles may include executive or, senior ,vice president. *Junior Principal / Partner: Recently made a partner or
  21. Cove won the HFL championship in 2001 and 2008. There was also a historic, senior ,team On Accord F. C. who no longer play. Local junior teams include Banks O '
  22. Can be ordained as deacons, the position of archdeacon is effectively the most, senior ,office an ordained woman can be appointed to. A dean is a priest who is chief
  23. He is also the chair of the economics graduate program. He is also a, senior ,faculty member of the Miles Institute. * Jeremy Sapiens: assistant webmaster
  24. S heir presumptive by 1104 (and perhaps earlier). In that year he was the, senior ,layman present at the examination of the remains of Saint Cuthbert at Durham
  25. Lincoln's approval, the Department of Agriculture. In 1862,Lincoln sent a, senior ,general, John Pope, to put down the" Sioux Uprising" in Minnesota. Presented
  26. The September 11 hijackers. A former FBI agent identifies Awake as a known ", senior ,recruiter for al-Qaeda ", and a spiritual motivator. Awlaki's sermons in the
  27. The net result was that only the" D" mission had to be delayed. Almost every, senior ,manager at NASA agreed with this new mission, citing both confidence in the
  28. Export agreement was signed by Defense Minister Saran Ghanian and a visiting, senior ,Russian official, Konstantin Berlin, during a meeting of a Russian-Armenian
  29. The Loyalists were too poorly organized to be effective, but as late as 1781, senior , officials in London, misled by Loyalist exiles, placed their confidence in
  30. By the end of 2004,the U. S. government proclaimed that two-thirds of the most, senior ,al-Qaeda figures from 2001 had been captured and interrogated by the CIA: Abu
  31. A close friend of his dreaded predecessor John II, and seventeen years his, senior , Eight years later, on April 6 of 1503,after a long military career and at a
  32. That al-Qaeda was formed at an August 11, 1988,meeting between" several, senior ,leaders" of Egyptian Islamic Jihad, Abdullah Adam, and bin Laden, where it
  33. At home longer. An example would be the systems being put in place for, senior ,people such as fall detectors, thermometers (for hypothermia risk),flooding
  34. Murphy: Austrian School economist and free market-oriented best-selling author, senior ,fellow in business and economic studies at the Pacific Research Institute
  35. The problem of the German Enigma machine, and collaborated with Dilly Knox,a, senior ,GCCS code breaker. On 4 September 1939,the day after the UK declared war on
  36. Been implemented. In the following centuries, the land was used for parks, senior ,citizens' homes, theaters,other public facilities, and waterways without much
  37. In all varsity sports. ASU's current athletic director is Lisa Love, formerly, senior , associate athletic director at the University of Southern California, and in
  38. Ueshiba's early students' documents bear the term aiki-jūjutsu. Ueshiba's, senior ,students have different approaches to aikido, depending on when they studied
  39. Di Aventine, in Rome, is styled the" abbot primate," and is acknowledged the, senior ,abbot for the Order of St. Benedict (O. S. B.) * An abbot president is the
  40. The Vietnam War, two years after her rendition, the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, senior ,Scottish regiment of the British Army, recorded an instrumental version
  41. Deluded (Section 59). In Gylfi's delusion, ancient Asgard was ruled by the, senior ,god, the all-father, who had twelve names. He was the ruler of everything and
  42. To institute regular democratic processes, UNITA head officials being given, senior ,positions in top level companies. Among Angola's major problems are a serious
  43. Rita, was married to tennis player Sancho Gonzales, some thirty years her, senior , In 1995,when Gonzales died in Las Vegas, Andre paid for the funeral. Andre's
  44. Member of the Miles Institute. * Jeremy Sapiens: assistant webmaster and, senior ,editor of Antiwar. Com. * Joseph So bran: journalist and writer, formerly with
  45. Between his Macedonian and Persian subjects, he held a mass marriage of his, senior ,officers to Persian and other noblewomen at Susan, but few of those marriages
  46. Met with success. In 1750,he met the philosopher David Hume, who was his, senior ,by more than a decade. In their writings covering history, politics,philosophy
  47. Continuing influence on right-wing politics and libertarianism. Jim Powell,a, senior ,fellow at the Cato Institute, considers Rand one of the three most important
  48. Margaret Fray Miller (1879–1950),called Madge, who was 11 years Agatha's, senior , and Louis Miller (1880–1929),called Monty,10 years older than Agatha.
  49. Abdullah in Abi Quaff) (, c. 573 CE unknown exact date 634/13 AH) was a, senior ,companion (Sahara) and the father-in-law of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. He
  50. Sheikh Mohammed. Bin Laden was advised by a SEURA Council, which consists of, senior ,al-Qaeda members, estimated by Western officials at about 20–30 people. Abu

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