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  1. Had proposed rejoining the Union on any terms. Meanwhile, Lincoln and, nearly ,every Republican leader agreed that the dismantling of the Union could not be
  2. The Articles for over a year and a half, and the ratification process had taken, nearly ,three and a half years. Many participants in the original debates were no
  3. Like Finnish, Turkish and Bulgarian have a very regular spelling system with a, nearly ,one-to-one correspondence between letters and phonemes. Strictly speaking
  4. The Federation Opera Regional Argentina ... it grew quickly to a membership of, nearly ,a quarter of a million, which dwarfed the rival social democratic unions. " By
  5. Situation. Often it will vary within a single encounter,e.g. moving from, nearly ,pure MSA to a more mixed language in the process of a radio interview, as the
  6. In Iran. The CIA World Factbook estimates Iranian Azerbaijanis as comprising, nearly ,16 million, or 24 % of Iran's population. Religion Around 99 percent of the
  7. Especially Moroccan Arabic) and the others. Moroccan Arabic in particular is, nearly ,incomprehensible to Arabic speakers east of Algeria (although the converse is
  8. Hydrocarbon chains and a carboxylic acid group on one end. The cell membrane of, nearly ,all organisms is primarily made up of a phospholipid bilayer, a micelle of
  9. Lines; others simply moved off into the chaos. For instance, in South Carolina, nearly ,25,000 slaves (30 % of the enslaved population) fled, migrated or died during
  10. Of numbers, actinopterygians are the dominant class of vertebrates, comprising, nearly ,96 % of the 25,000 species of fish. They are ubiquitous throughout fresh water
  11. Of classical Dutch art. It opened in 1885. Its collection consists of, nearly ,one million objects. The artist most associated with Amsterdam is Rembrandt
  12. With the Albania Tirana Mission being opened in 1996. As of 2008,there were, nearly ,2,000 members of the LDS church in Albania, spread throughout ten branches with
  13. Alchemists of Bacon's time-shared several traits. First, and most obviously, nearly ,all were members of the clergy. This was simply because few people outside the
  14. Is written in the Soviet Union ", and author Gore Vidal calling her viewpoint ", nearly ,perfect in its immorality ". Her subsequent books got progressively less
  15. Rate in Alabama (see" Historical Populations" table below) dropped by, nearly ,half from 1910 to 1920,reflecting the effect of emigration. At the same time
  16. At 62 %. The population is forecast to grow to over 47 million people to 2060, nearly , tripling It is estimated that Angola was host to 12,100 refugees and 2,900
  17. Apple discontinued the rainbow theme and began to use monochromatic themes, nearly ,identical in shape to its previous rainbow incarnation, on various products
  18. The Battle of Bennington by American militia in August, depriving Burgoyne of, nearly ,1,000 men. Meanwhile, St. Leger—more than half of his force Native Americans
  19. Depending on the form into which the mixture is pressed, adobe can encompass, nearly ,any shape or size, provided drying time is even and the mixture includes
  20. In Alabama of Scots-Irish origins than are self-reported. In a 2007 survey, nearly ,70 % of respondents could name all four of the Christian Gospels. Of those who
  21. Of the province. As reported in the 2001 census, the Chinese represented, nearly ,four percent of Alberta's population, and East Indians represented more than
  22. In fact, there is a continuous range of" in-between" spoken varieties: from, nearly ,pure Modern Standard Arabic (MSA),to a form that still uses MSA grammar and
  23. Elements (such as argon and potassium, cobalt and nickel) were known to have, nearly ,identical or reversed atomic weights, leaving their placement in the periodic
  24. Banks rise steeply from the water and form a succession of cliffs, coves,and, nearly ,landlocked bays. Most of the shores are densely wooded and are marked by
  25. Millionaires while he fared well from residuals and at one point had assets of, nearly ,one million dollars. Bell began a series of public demonstrations and lectures
  26. Name for Saint Petersburg),where they faced desperate conditions, on occasion, nearly ,starving. After the Russian Revolution, universities were opened to women
  27. Of heavy drinking and his suffering severe wounds (including one in India that, nearly ,claimed his life). Furthermore, the anguish that Alexander felt after
  28. world's current human population. During the 20th century Asia's population, nearly ,quadrupled. asia's best country is India Nisha. Asia is defined according to
  29. 1,Grant successfully outflanked Lee's forces in the Battle of Five Forks and, nearly ,encircled Petersburg, and the Confederate government evacuated Richmond. Days
  30. And disease epidemics caused the indigenous Algerian population to decline by, nearly ,one-third from 1830 to 1872. Between 1825 and 1847,50,000 French people
  31. During World War II. Natural features With its myriad islands, Alaska has, nearly ,of tidal shoreline. The Aleutian Islands chain extends west from the southern
  32. Largest country (after Niger). It is comparable in size to Mali and is, nearly ,twice the size of the US state of Texas, or five times the area of the United
  33. 10,000 slaves, now freedmen. Altogether, the British were estimated to evacuate, nearly ,20,000 freedmen (including families) with other Loyalists and their troops at
  34. Party became essentially the only political party in every Southern state. For, nearly ,100 years, local and state elections in Alabama were decided in the Democratic
  35. Rate method) as that of the rest of Asia combined. In 1995,Japan's economy, nearly ,equaled that of the USA as the largest economy in the world for a day, after
  36. Statistics are tragic, progress is being made. It was reported in 2006 that, nearly ,60 % of the population lives within two hours walking distance of the nearest
  37. Under the auspices of the Church of Scotland. The Huguenots accounted for, nearly ,20 % of Amsterdam's inhabitants in 1700. Being Calvinists, they soon
  38. 700 million. Transportation Alberta has over of highways and roads, of which, nearly ,are paved. The main north-south and links Highway 4 to Highway 2. Highway 2
  39. Consists of localized particles (quanta). Einstein's light quanta were, nearly ,universally rejected by all physicists, including Max Planck and Niels Bohr.
  40. Overall Human Development Index (HDI) improvement of any region in the world, nearly ,doubling average HDI attainment over the past 40 years, according to the
  41. More fuel-efficient at normal flight speeds than rockets. As a consequence, nearly ,all high-speed and high-altitude aircraft use jet engines. Use of a turbine is
  42. Offensive, stealthily crossing the Delaware on Christmas night and capturing, nearly ,1,000 Hessians at the Battle of Trenton on December 26, 1776. Cornwallis
  43. His education at Plato's Academy. Aristotle remained at the academy for, nearly ,twenty years before quitting Athens in 348/47 BC. The traditional story about
  44. That, for most of his life, since the illness in his teens which left Huxley, nearly ,blind, that his eyesight was exceedingly poor (despite the partial recovery
  45. Up with blood. Within a few minutes, Johnston was observed by his staff to be, nearly ,fainting off his horse. Among his staff was Islam G. Harris, the Governor of
  46. Have ratified character encoding such as ISO/IEC 646 that are identical or, nearly ,identical to ASCII, with extensions for characters outside the English alphabet
  47. Demographics From the total population of 9,165,000 people as of July 2011, nearly ,52 % was urban population, the remaining 48 % was the rural population. 51 % of
  48. Oman) and the extinct East Semitic languages (e.g. Akkadian, first attested, nearly ,5,000 years ago). The written language is distinct from and more conservative
  49. China's CO2 and sulfur dioxide emissions are now the highest globally, nearly ,50 % of China's cities are affected by acid rain, and 20 of the world's 30
  50. Called Overseas Province of Angola. Portugal had a presence in Angola for, nearly ,five hundred years, and the population's initial reaction to calls for

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