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  1. Example, a fund may see that there is a substantial difference between U. S., dollar ,debt and local currency debt of a foreign country, and enter into a series of
  2. To the country, which may have contributed to a fall in the value of the U. S., dollar ,against the real during that period. Nonetheless, foreign direct investment (
  3. Began on August 17, 1998,when Russia defaulted on its ruble debt and domestic, dollar ,debt. Because the markets were already nervous due to the Asian financial
  4. Would be expressed one dollar fifty and one pound eighty. For amounts over a, dollar ,an American will generally either drop denominations or give both dollar s and
  5. Fifty or a pound eighty, whereas in BRE these amounts would be expressed one, dollar ,fifty and one pound eighty. For amounts over a dollar an American will
  6. Castro Boy, have revealed. The phenomenal success of Nintendo's multi-billion, dollar ,Pokémon franchise was helped greatly by the spin-off anime series that, first
  7. Currency: dram (AMD) Currency code: AMD Exchange rates: Armenian dram per US, dollar ,- 310.00 (2008),457.69 (2005),533.45 (2004),578.76 (2003),573.35 (
  8. Aruba florin has remained steady in recent years at 1.79 florins to 1 U. S., dollar , The community officially dates back to 1754,when Moses Solomon Hale vi Maduro
  9. Muriel Lat ow who came up with the ideas for both the soup cans and Warhol's, dollar ,paintings. On 23 November 1961 Warhol wrote Lat ow a check for $50 which
  10. In 1994 Currency: US dollar (USD) Currency code: USD Exchange rates: US, dollar ,is used Fiscal year: 1 October - 30 September Events *3114 BC – According to
  11. Work became popular and controversial. Among the imagery tackled by Warhol were, dollar ,bills, celebrities and brand name products, as well as newspaper headlines or
  12. The dam provided to the nation. During the mid-2000s a multi-billion, dollar ,reconstruction began in the aftermath of the 2005 Kashmir earthquake.
  13. Companies. Anguilla's currency is the East Caribbean dollar , though the US, dollar ,is also widely accepted. The exchange rate is fixed to the US dollar at US$1 =
  14. Write erotic and pornographic narratives for an anonymous" collector" for a, dollar ,a page, somewhat as a joke. (It is not clear whether Miller actually wrote
  15. 67 pop) (in which she changed the line" And they charged the people a, dollar ,and a half just to see them" to" And then they charged the people 25 bucks just
  16. Dollar-only petroleum trade after the US broke with the gold standard for the, dollar , Global opposition to neoliberalism Through the Internet, a worldwide movement
  17. Coin, in tribute also to the 150th anniversary of his birth, and with a silver, dollar ,coin in 2009 to honor of the 100th anniversary of flight in Canada. That first
  18. Figures in millions of Mantas. For purchasing power parity comparisons, the US, dollar ,was exchanged at 1,565.88 Mantas only. Currently, the new Manet is in use, with
  19. Of Columbia appears in some official documents, including editions of the U. S., dollar , In the Federalist Papers, Alexander Hamilton and James Madison use American
  20. In Israel with financial support by the United States by a multi-billion, dollar ,development program called" Michele Homey" with the participation of
  21. That the United States has a special advantage in the global economy because of, dollar ,hegemony, and that dollar dominance is not just a consequence of US economic
  22. Overall, the median earnings of African American men were 72 cents for every, dollar ,earned of their Asian American counterparts, and $1.17 for every dollar earned
  23. The US dollar is also widely accepted. The exchange rate is fixed to the US, dollar ,at US$1 = EC$2.68. The economyand especially the tourism sector, suffered a
  24. AFN) is the national currency, with an exchange rate of 50 Afghanis to 1 US, dollar , Since 2003,over 16 new banks have opened in the country, including
  25. UAE) has requested the purchasing of SL-AMRAAM as part of a larger 7 billion, dollar ,foreign military sales package. The sale would include 288 AMRAAM C-7 missiles.
  26. Coast and small-scale tourism, both based outside Antarctica. The Antarctica, dollar , a souvenir item sold in the United States and Canada, is not legal tender.
  27. With multinational companies. Anguilla's currency is the East Caribbean, dollar , though the US dollar is also widely accepted. The exchange rate is fixed to
  28. The break from the gold standard by ending convertibility of the United States, dollar ,into gold by foreign investors. * 1971 – Bahrain gains independence from the
  29. But the holders were eventually paid off in 1791 at the rate of one cent on the, dollar , By 1780,the paper money was" not worth a Continental ", as people said, and
  30. A consequence of US economic superiority. Globalization historians claim that, dollar ,dominance has been achieved also by political agreements such as the Breton
  31. It was redeemed by the new federal government in 1791 at 100 cents on the, dollar , At the same time the states, especially Virginia and the Carolina's, issued
  32. Coaster, and other rides – were auctioned off in 1940 for mere pennies on the, dollar ,of their original cost. Today, Alameda resident Michael Chess seeks to
  33. The Pacific Ocean. *1974 – Vietnam War: the U. S. Congress places a $1 billion, dollar ,limit on military aid to South Vietnam. *1979 – In Afghanistan, Maoists
  34. The median income of African American men was approximately 76 cents for every, dollar ,of their European American counterparts, although the gap narrowed somewhat
  35. Called the BRIC countries. Brazil pegged its currency, the real, to the U. S., dollar ,in 1994. However, after the East Asian financial crisis, the Russian default in
  36. Aid - recipient –; Currency –; Exchange rates – * Azerbaijani Manet per US, dollar ,- 0.7893 (as of 2011; Fiscal year – Azerbaijan is situated in the Caucasus
  37. Including Alan Greenspan. A six-foot floral arrangement in the shape of a, dollar ,sign was placed near her casket. In her will, Rand named Leonard Payoff the
  38. Homes to attract various species. Bird feeding has grown into a multimillion, dollar ,industry; for example, an estimated 75 % of households in Britain provide food
  39. Two Greenpeace activists climbed to the top and showered the bankers with fake, dollar ,bills carrying the slogan" No is for Ozone Layer Destruction ". A number of
  40. Every dollar earned of their Asian American counterparts, and $1.17 for every, dollar ,earned by Hispanic men. On the other hand by 2006,among American women with
  41. Includes a regional headquarters, a operations center campus and a $400 million, dollar ,data center. Nearly a dozen smaller banks are also headquartered in the
  42. To two major currency units are often spoken differently. In AME one may say a, dollar ,fifty or a pound eighty, whereas in BRE these amounts would be expressed one
  43. Youth International Party temporarily disrupts trading at the NYSE by throwing, dollar ,bills from the viewing gallery, causing trading to cease as brokers scramble to
  44. A special advantage in the global economy because of dollar hegemony, and that, dollar ,dominance is not just a consequence of US economic superiority. Globalization
  45. The Azerbaijani Manet, was stable in 2000,depreciating 3.8 % against the, dollar , The budget deficit equaled 1.3 % of GDP in 2000. Progress on economic reform
  46. The patch. The LM was named Eagle to match the insignia. When the Eisenhower, dollar ,coin was released a few years later, the patch design provided the eagle for
  47. Financial support from the US, more than $40 million in 1994 Currency: US, dollar ,(USD) Currency code: USD Exchange rates: US dollar is used Fiscal year: 1
  48. For its reverse side. The design was retained for the smaller Susan B. Anthony, dollar ,which was unveiled in 1979,ten years after the Apollo 11 mission. 40th
  49. On 17 December police announced that they had found evidence of a 3 million, dollar ,bribe paid to Sharon's sons. Just 24 hours after the announcement, Sharon
  50. His image vocabulary down to the icon itself – to brand names, celebrities, dollar , signs – and removed all traces of the artist's" hand" in the production of

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