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  1. S state" or" power popular" ), including the institution of a unicameral, congress , Immediately after the election, the United States expressed its disapproval
  2. Hence, it would follow that the war lasted from shortly after 507 BC down to the, congress ,at the Isthmus of Corinth in 481 BC * (ii. ) It is only for two years (490
  3. Government engaged in a campaign to alter public opinion and change the vote in, congress ,on contra aid. For this purpose, the NSC established an interagency working
  4. Agency but all U. S. government agencies. Illegal covert operations With, congress ,blocking further contra aid, the Reagan administration sought to arrange
  5. Chileans elected a new president and the majority of members of a two-chamber, congress ,on December 14, 1989. Christian Democrat Patricio Alvin, the candidate of a
  6. Possibility. Organization and leadership The DFLP held its 5th national general, congress ,during a time-span from February to August 2007. The congress was divided into
  7. 23 aboard. *1992 – Alberto Fujiwara, president of Peru, dissolves the Peruvian, congress ,by military force. * 1992 – The Siege of Sarajevo begins when Serb
  8. Treaty of Aachen in the same year which ended the War of Devolution. The second, congress ,ended with the second treaty in 1748,finishing the War of the Austrian
  9. Mounted by the agency in nearly a decade. In the fiscal year 1984,the U. S., congress ,approved $24 million in contra aid. However, since the contrast failed to win
  10. The future structure of the Council of Europe was discussed at a specific, congress ,of several hundred leading politicians, government representatives and civil
  11. In 1909. * 1920 – The congress of the Communist Party of Bukhara opens. The, congress ,would call for armed revolution. *1927 – The Dole Air Race begins from Oakland
  12. Policy within congress after disclosure of CIA mining of Nicaraguan ports, congress ,cut off all funds for the contrast in 1985 by the third Boleyn Amendment. In
  13. The committee would typically be made up of delegates elected at a party, congress , In those states where it constituted the state power, the Central Committee
  14. Because of the Balkan Wars, the Second International held an extraordinary, congress ,at Basel in 1912. In 1989,the Basel Convention was opened for signature with
  15. Congress International d'Architecture Modern (CIA),attending the second, congress ,in Frankfurt in 1929 and the fourth congress in Athens in 1933,where he
  16. National general congress during a time-span from February to August 2007. The, congress ,was divided into three parallel circles: West Bank,Gaza Strip and the
  17. Marxist group Reentered founds the political movement Andrew at a clandestine, congress , *1978 – With the crew investigating a problem with the landing gear, United
  18. As the site of several important congress es and peace treaties: the first, congress ,of Aachen (often referred to as Congress of Aix-la-Chapelle in English) in
  19. Wars. In more recent times, the World Zionist Organization held its first, congress ,in Basel on September 3,1897. Because of the Balkan Wars, the Second
  20. And neutral, independent Belgium under a provisional government and a national, congress , Since the installation of Leopold I as king on 1831 (which now celebrated as
  21. And assiduously cultivated the friendship of Athens. In 371 BC at a Panhellenic, congress ,of the Lacedaemonian allies, he voted in support of the Athenians' claim and
  22. To defend its sovereignty. There were two fruitless attempts at establishing a, congress ,of provinces in the subsequent months. By March 1811 the province of Bogotá had
  23. Chileans elected a new president and the majority of members of a two-chamber, congress ,on December 14, 1989. Christian Democrat Patricio Alvin, the candidate of a
  24. A year later, Herzl founded the Zionist Organization (ZO),which at its first, congress ," called for the establishment of a home for the Jewish people in Palestine
  25. To establish the power of federal courts to consider or overturn any action of, congress ,or of any state that conflicts with the constitution. Overruling precedent—the
  26. Administration lost much of its support regarding its contra policy within, congress ,after disclosure of CIA mining of Nicaraguan ports, congress cut off all funds
  27. Of dioxin hotspots in Vietnam. $32m has so far been allocated by the US, congress ,to fund the program. Vietnamese victims class action lawsuit in U. S. courts On
  28. Three parallel circles: West Bank,Gaza Strip and the Palestinian exiles. The, congress ,elected a Central Committee, with 81 full members and 21 alternate members.
  29. CIA),attending the second congress in Frankfurt in 1929 and the fourth, congress ,in Athens in 1933,where he established a close friendship with László
  30. Is analogous to the use of parentheses in English, for example in the phrase ", congress ,(to)man. " In German, the names to statutes are also abbreviated using
  31. By General Augusto Pinochet abolished civil liberties, dissolved the national, congress , banned union activities, prohibited strikes and collective bargaining, and
  32. Lk and LM in the dictionary and ch is between cg and CI, and in 2010 the tenth, congress ,of the Association of Spanish Language Academies changed it, so they were no
  33. Discrimination in" public accommodations "; found unconstitutional in 1883 as, congress ,could not regulate conduct of individuals * Civil Rights Act of 1957
  34. In Kabul, with Karma serving as one of its 28 founding members in its founding, congress , Karma was appointed its Secretary. As a result, he was elected and served in
  35. York and Thomas Burke of North Carolina believed that" the authority of the, congress ,rested on the prior acts of the several states, to which the states gave their
  36. 1937 – Josie Bros Tito reads the resolution" Manifesto of constitutional, congress ,of KPH" to the constitutive congress of KPH (Croatian Communist Party) in
  37. The CCC hosts the annual Chaos Communication Congress,Europe's biggest hacker, congress , with up to 4,500 participants. Every four years, the Chaos Communication Camp
  38. Unrest, and galloping inflation. Whose program was frustrated by a conservative, congress , A double military coup set off a period of great political instability that
  39. System will become official at the next Communist Party of Cuba's party, congress ,set for April 2011. On top of rationing, the average wage at the end of 2005
  40. And won. Texas thus became its own independent country with its own president, congress ,and monetary system. In 1839,the Texas Congress formed a commission to seek a
  41. Resolution" Manifesto of constitutional congress of KPH" to the constitutive, congress ,of KPH (Croatian Communist Party) in woods near Seymour. *1944 – The Warsaw
  42. Htm Propaganda During the time, congress ,blocked funding for the contrast, the Reagan government engaged in a campaign to
  43. Can be difficult, but in 2010,reforms approved by a Communist Party, congress ,were expected to legalize the sale between Cuban citizens of all cars, as well
  44. By the Argentine dictatorship of the time. After U. S. support was banned by, congress , the Reagan administration tried to covertly continue contra aid. The term "
  45. Civil War, in neither nation did the system work effectively. The Confederate, congress ,on April 16, 1862,passed an act requiring military service for three years
  46. Those obligations were fulfilled, neither nullification of the authority of, congress , exercising its due powers, nor secession from the compact itself was
  47. Also known for its award-winning industrial design. It also has several, congress ,halls, notably Fire de Barcelona (Trade Fair) - second-largest trade fair and
  48. It was proclaimed by European Down Syndrome Association during their European, congress ,in Palma de Mallorca (fear. 2005). In the United States, the National Down
  49. A Major League Baseball game, the first being Doc Powers in 1909. * 1920 – The, congress ,of the Communist Party of Bukhara opens. The congress would call for armed
  50. Legislative power is vested in both the government and the two chambers of, congress , the Senate and the House of Representatives of Colombia. The Judiciary is

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