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  1. To conduct foreign policy. In 1786,Thomas Jefferson, concerned over the, failure ,to fund an American naval force to confront the Barbary pirates, wrote to James
  2. Severe losses due to sharp disfavor with the administration over its, failure ,to deliver a speedy end to the war, as well as rising inflation, new high taxes
  3. War in order to get cotton. Cotton diplomacy proved a, failure ,as Europe had a surplus of cotton, while the 1860–62 crop failure s in Europe
  4. Uprisings. After most of these attempts at systematic change ended in, failure , conservative elements took advantage of the divided groups of socialists
  5. A total function. A notable failure due to exceptions is the Ariane V rocket, failure , Proof of program correctness by use of mathematical induction: Knuth
  6. Consequence of inflation, rising prices. Their ventures are doomed to, failure ,because they do not attack the root of the evil. They try to keep prices low
  7. Democratic platform followed the Peace wing of the party and called the war a ", failure ,", their candidate, General George B. McClellan, supported the war and
  8. War because tariffs were vetoed by Rhode Island. Above concludes that their, failure ,to implement national measures" stemmed not from a heady sense of independence
  9. Bias into the proceeding or appearing to do so, juror misconduct, etc. The, failure ,to formally object at the time, to what one views as improper action in the
  10. Exist, naturally forming where the market is allowed to compensate for the, failure ,of the state: private arbitration, security guards, neighborhood watch groups
  11. Transmission. The TEI was the most critical burn of the flight, as any, failure ,of the SPS to ignite would strand the crew in Lunar orbit, with little hope of
  12. About $450 million. Furthermore, Aghajanov points to the Armenian government's, failure ,to eliminate widespread corruption and mismanagement in the energy sector –
  13. Which likely saved him from the extensive purges that followed the scheme's, failure , By February 1945,Speer, who had long concluded that the war was lost, was
  14. Paying taxes. Continued racial discrimination, agricultural depression, and the, failure ,of the cotton crops due to boll weevil infestation led tens of thousands of
  15. As a tool to build a centralized war-making government, they were largely a, failure ,: Historian Bruce Chadwick wrote: The Continental Congress, before the Articles
  16. During the war. Shortages of food and supplies were caused by the blockade,the, failure ,of Southern railroads, the loss of control of the main rivers, foraging by
  17. Or profession. The fear of failing at a task and being negatively evaluated for, failure ,can have a similarly negative effect on the adult. Stranger and social anxiety
  18. The features of human ALS (motor neuron death, muscle atrophy, respiratory, failure , ). Although there is no consensus as to the exact mechanism by which mutated
  19. And social unrest. An economical crise spread in the late 1996 following the, failure ,of some Ponzi schemes operating in the country, peaking in the 1997 in an armed
  20. In the Battle of Hampton Roads. Despite his dissatisfaction with McClellan's, failure ,to reinforce Pope, Lincoln was desperate, and restored him to command of all
  21. Instantiates it) is a partial function rather than a total function. A notable, failure ,due to exceptions is the Ariane V rocket failure . Proof of program correctness
  22. Financially on the Clara Company, which entered into liquidation in 1915. The, failure ,of Clara Roads Ltd had a flow-on effect to Claridge's Company, which was
  23. Damage, or even perform routine maintenance. Name "/IN"> encyclopedia78"/> The, failure ,of Davis to maintain positive and productive relationships with state governors
  24. Captain Arthur Hastings with an account of what he considers to be his only, failure , Poirot admits that he has failed to solve a crime" innumerable" times::" I
  25. In women up to 63 days of gestational age, albeit with an increased risk of, failure ,(requiring surgical abortion). Medical abortion is generally considered as
  26. Pushed. Subsequent investigation revealed that 60 Minutes had engineered the, failure ,– fitting a canister of compressed air on the passenger-side floor, linked via
  27. A manner can cause serious—even lethal—side effects, such as multiple organ, failure , and is not recommended by physicians. Abortion is sometimes attempted by
  28. To deny the theoretical cogency of the neoclassical literature on" market, failure ,", nor has he been inclined to attack economic efficiency as a normative
  29. During inauguration week and was" sadly disappointed" at Lincoln seems, failure ,to realize that" the country was sleeping on a volcano" and that the South
  30. Fourth son, Thomas " Tad" Lincoln, was born on April 4,1853, and died of heart, failure ,at the age of 18 on July 16, 1871. The death of their sons had profound effects
  31. Of the time; rules to predict spelling from the pronunciation have a higher, failure ,rate. Sometimes, countries have the written language undergo a spelling reform
  32. Stress. These metabolic interferences lead to death from multi-system organ, failure , it is presumed from necrotic cell death, not apoptosis. A postmortem reveals
  33. Constitution, but in 1860 his health began to deteriorate. He died of heart, failure ,on 21 September 1860,while sitting on his couch at home. He was 72. Thought
  34. The case in" The Chocolate Box ", which took place in 1893,as his only actual, failure ,of detection. Again, Poirot is not reliable as a narrator of his personal
  35. Profound objective—a new birth of freedom in the nation. General Grant Meade's, failure ,to capture Lee's army as it retreated from Gettysburg, and the continued
  36. He also later remarked:" I thought that Helmholtz had done it ... and that my, failure ,was due only to my ignorance of electricity. It was a valuable blunder ... If I
  37. Was unique among men as the one with whom the Lord spoke face to face. The, failure ,to recognize or concede this prerogative of their brother was the sin of Miriam
  38. A never-completed television adaptation of Atlas Shrugged. Rand died of heart, failure ,on March 6,1982,at her home in New York City, and was interred in the Enrico
  39. The strength of Confederate troops, blamed this decision for the ultimate, failure ,of the Peninsula Campaign. Lincoln removed McClellan as general-in-chief and
  40. 451 ships and 23,000 men,2000 of whom were mounted. The attack resulted in, failure ,however, and the Algerian leader Hassan Aft became a national hero as Algiers
  41. Touched, as surely they will be, by the better angels of our nature. " The, failure ,of the Peace Conference of 1861 signaled that legislative compromise was
  42. Ascetic, continue to insist that the plan was perfect and that the, failure ,of their father's company was entirely due to the workers. *Andrew Stockton
  43. The first personal computer sold to the public with a GUI, but was a commercial, failure ,due to its high price tag and limited software titles. In 1984,Apple next
  44. Autism in children due to a loss of language or social skills, as opposed to a, failure ,to make progress, typically from 15 to 30 months of age. The validity of this
  45. Health issue such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD),heart, failure , or heart arrhythmia. Abnormal and pathological anxiety or fear may itself be a
  46. Used alone, but has a lower efficacy rate than combined regimens. In cases of, failure ,of medical abortion, surgical abortion must be used to complete the procedure.
  47. Aluminium alloys have no well-defined fatigue limit, meaning that fatigue, failure ,eventually occurs, under even very small cyclic loading. This implies that
  48. Succeeded in 1863. Late in the war, the Union's Red River Campaign was a, failure , Texas remained in Confederate hands throughout the war, but was cut off from
  49. Dose and the regularity of its consumption, ethanol can cause acute respiratory, failure ,or death. Because ethanol impairs judgment in humans, it can be a catalyst for
  50. From this study suggests that" wound packing may significantly increase the, failure ,rates. " A small pilot study has found no benefit from packing of simple

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