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  1. Diagrams and maps, by applying heat to special swell paper. * Scanner. A, device ,used in conjunction with OCR software. The printed document is scanned and
  2. In Drunken Angel. There are a number of theories concerning the purpose of this, device , which, as James Goodwin notes, was common in silent cinema but became
  3. Bell is also credited with the invention of the metal detector in 1881. The, device ,was quickly put together in an attempt to find the bullet in the body of US
  4. Is a restricted type of machine, a " discrete deterministic mechanical, device ," that blindly follows its instructions. Melzak's and Lambek's primitive
  5. On a method of sending multiple tones on a telegraph wire using a multi-reed, device , the two wealthy patrons began to financially support Bell's experiments.
  6. A torture machine. When John Salt is captured by the looters, Ferris uses the, device ,on Salt, but it breaks down before extracting the information Ferris wants from
  7. More than of lunar surface material to the LM hatch using a flat cable pulley, device ,called the Lunar Equipment Conveyor. Armstrong reminded Aldrin of a bag of
  8. Memory to cache media downloaded. Apple with the Apple TV has added another, device ,to its portfolio that runs on its A4 processor along with the iPad and the
  9. Idea ... When the tinkering was over, Stibitz had constructed a binary adding, device ,". Davis (2000) observes the particular importance of the electromechanical
  10. Processing information, data is read from an input source, written to an output, device , and/or stored for further processing. Stored data is regarded as part of the
  11. Of a camera obscure can be found in Aristotle's documentation of such a, device ,in 350 BC in Problematic. Aristotle's apparatus contained a dark chamber that
  12. The S-IVB stage of Apollo 8 was also portrayed as the location of an alien, device ,in the 1970 UFO episode" Conflict ". An astronaut or cosmonaut is a person
  13. Abacus for the operations of addition and subtraction; however, this primitive, device ,proved difficult to use for more complex calculations ". Egyptian abacus The
  14. Year earlier on February 25, 1875,long before Elisha Gray described the water, device , In addition, Gray abandoned his caveat, and because Gray did not contest Bell
  15. Eyepiece on a larger telescope. It is far more common to use a charge-coupled, device ,camera to record a long, deep exposure, allowing a more sensitive image to be
  16. Begun) to fully convey Shichirôji’s humility. Numerous other instances of this, device ,are evident in the movie. “ Kurosawa frequently breaks up the action, fragments
  17. Transmission (NOT)," who are you? " (WSU)," are you? " (RU),a reserved, device ,control (DC0),synchronous idle (SYNC),and acknowledge (ACK). These were
  18. And the beginning of another’s). An instance of the wipe used as a satirical, device ,can be seen in Kirk. A group of women visits the local government office to
  19. Such as what" delete" means). Probably the most influential single, device ,on the interpretation of these characters was the Teletype Model 33 ASR series
  20. The iPhone 3GS was announced, providing an incremental update to the, device ,including faster internal components, support for faster 3G speeds, video
  21. To assist in breathing, the audiometer to detect minor hearing problems,a, device ,to locate icebergs, investigations on how to separate salt from seawater, and
  22. Its A4 processor along with the iPad and the iPhone. The memory included in the, device ,is the half of the iPhone 4 at 256 MB; the same as the iPad, iPhone 3GS,iPod
  23. Of religious imagery and language reflected his own personal beliefs or was a, device ,to appeal to his audiences, who were mostly evangelical Protestants. Though he
  24. Wire, if present) may have a different color. As a simple, cheap and reliable, device , the Russian abacus was in use in all shops and markets throughout the former
  25. Revealing the first image of the subsequent scene. As a transitional, device , it is used as a substitute for the straight cut or the dissolve (though
  26. Without a separate PC. * Refreshable Braille display. An electronic tactile, device ,which is placed below the computer keyboard. A line of cells which correspond
  27. Wherever he went, taping everything everybody said and did. He referred to this, device ,as his" wife ". Some of these tapes were the basis for his literary work.
  28. And media streaming from an iTunes library. Apple also reduced the price of the, device ,to $99. Software Apple develops its own operating system to run on Macs,macOS
  29. Was also described in Gray's caveat. Bell pointed to a variable resistance, device ,in Bell's previous application in which Bell described a cup of mercury, not
  30. Wanted to join was not enough. Both sides used a draft law—conscription—as a, device ,to encourage or force volunteering; relatively few were actually drafted and
  31. Resulting in static. The president's surgeons, who were skeptical of the, device , ignored Bell's requests to move the president to a bed not fitted with metal
  32. To bridge the sale of content from iTunes with high-definition televisions. The, device ,links up to a user's TV and syncs, either via Wi-Fi or a wired network, with
  33. Displays laid the groundwork for universal acceptance of the revolutionary, device , The Bell Telephone Company was created in 1877,and by 1886,over 150,000
  34. Or an insect looking for food),in an electrical circuit, or in a mechanical, device , Computer algorithms In computer systems, an algorithm is basically an instance
  35. Through a laborious process and at the age of 12,Bell built a homemade, device ,that combined rotating paddles with sets of nail brushes, creating a simple
  36. Examples above, gas sensors for people with dementia can be used to trigger a, device ,that turns off the gas and tells someone what has happened. Designing for
  37. Small hole, or aperture, to allow for sunlight to enter. Aristotle used the, device ,to make observations of the sun and noted that no matter what shape the hole
  38. Cannot be called animation in a true sense of the word. A Chinese zoetrope-type, device ,had been invented in 180 AD. The phenakistoscope, praxinoscope, and the common
  39. Issues. This is due to the stainless steel band around the edge of the, device , which also serves as the phones cellular signal and Wi-Fi antenna. The current
  40. That sank after hitting a bridge. In 1849,he received a patent for a flotation, device ,for the movement of boats in shallow water. The idea was never commercialized
  41. Behind the work of George Kibitz (1937),the inventor of the digital adding, device , As he worked in Bell Laboratories, he observed the" burdensome' use of
  42. Multiple rumored" leaks" Apple announced a large screen, tablet-like media, device ,known as the iPad on January 27, 2010. The iPad runs the same touch based
  43. And signs can be stored in a binary system on a computer, or via ASCII. The, device ,consists of a series of beads on parallel wires arranged in three separate rows
  44. He got in my pajamas, I’ll never know ". Ambiguity can also be used as a comic, device ,through a genuine intention to confuse, as does Magic: The Gathering's
  45. Demonstrated the Apple TV, ( previously known as the ITV),a set-top video, device ,intended to bridge the sale of content from iTunes with high-definition
  46. Ponds can be filtered using algae, which absorb nutrients from the water in a, device ,called an Algae scrubber, also known as an" ATS ". Agricultural Research
  47. JAMI, ASTM,and DIN, created a single, centralized database for medical, device ,standards on September 9,2009. *In early 2009,ANSI launched a new Certificate
  48. Devices for the year, Apple released a completely redesigned Apple TV. The new, device ,is 1/4 the size, runs quieter, and replaces the need for a hard drive with
  49. His experiments with his" harmonic telegraph ". The basic concept behind his, device ,was that messages could be sent through a single wire if each message was
  50. When rotation in any direction is used for the first time or when the Newton, device ,is reset. Handwriting recognition In initial versions (Newton OS 1. x) the

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