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  1. Reed Architects designed a new city hall building, which was intended to, reflect ,what The Dallas Morning News referred to as a" crazy-quilt vitality, that
  2. Summum bonus. # God (or the afterlife) must exist. Premises (1) and (2), reflect , Immanuel Kant's belief that behaving morally should lead to happiness. Premise
  3. War Democrats. They changed the party name to the National Union Party to, reflect ,this expansion. During the election, Johnson replaced Hannibal Hamlin as
  4. Souls of the newly dead are sent. Here, souls rest, recuperate from life, and, reflect , on the experiences they had during their lives. After a period of rest, the
  5. Approval voting experts describe sincere votes as those" ... that directly, reflect ,the true preferences of a voter, i. e., that do not report preferences 'falsely
  6. Continuous effort to achieve intellectual honesty. His self-exploratory texts, reflect ,his search of how to be fully oneself, even to the point of owning one's
  7. That are compelled by a personal drive (art as activity) and echo or, reflect ,a message, mood,or symbolism for the viewer to interpret (art as experience)
  8. Have speculated that this minority of Haplogroup C3 carriers among the Ainu may, reflect ,a certain degree of unidirectional genetic influence from the Sikhs, a
  9. Cretan or Arcadian colonists found the city of Troy. However, this story may, reflect ,a cultural influence which had the reverse direction: Hittite cuneiform texts
  10. Measure of spirits. Such statements may be misleading because they do not, reflect ,differences in strength of the various kinds of wines, beers,and spirits.
  11. 0 and 100. The utilities are consistent with the rankings given earlier and, reflect ,a strong preference each faction has for choosing its city, compared to weaker
  12. S attempts to take possession of certain cities are political myths" which, reflect ,the conflict between matriarchal and patriarchal religions. Other sites of cult
  13. Practitioners. In diffusion tensor imaging, anisotropy alterations may, reflect ,diffusion changes of water in the brain, particularly in the white matter.
  14. Furthermore, certain geographically affiliated names have been updated to, reflect ,the name of the city. An example is the Aarhus River for which the Danish name
  15. Particular pre-selection disputes. Frequently these alliances and disputes, reflect ,power struggles between or within trade unions. The trade unions are also
  16. e. g., with an attitude of" I don't know; let's see," to better discover or, reflect ,its realities as revealed by modern science. One of these techniques involved
  17. 4 is probably a contraction of -/ABU/-. 5 The /y/- of" 3" " may also, reflect ,the same root, although the suffixation is not clear. " (Starting et al.
  18. Being happy with their quality of life despite profound disability. This may, reflect ,the use of coping strategies such as reevaluating what is important in life.
  19. The 3rd century BCE, they are usually included among the Cynic epistles, and, reflect , how the Cynic philosophers viewed him as prefiguring many of their ideas;
  20. Sabbath IAO, Iao Abraham, Adonai Abraham, etc. Magical papyri The magic papyri, reflect ,the same ideas as the Abrasax-gems. The following example will suffice:" IAO
  21. Robert Boat as describing" De More" as" one of those capital works which, reflect ,the thought of a great epoch, which explains the secret of a civilization ". It
  22. Of serious or skilled anagrammatizes is to produce anagrams that in some way, reflect ,or comment on the subject. Such an anagram may be a synonym or antonym of its
  23. Was published in November 2006. The texts, which were rendered on leather, reflect ,the use of Aramaic in the 4th century BC. Achaemenid's administration of Bactria
  24. The human condition is one of mortality. He did this not to be morbid, but to, reflect ,a greater appreciation for life and happiness. In Le Myth, this dualism
  25. Appearance of the bright colors on Salad Poly chromes in the 14th century may, reflect ,religious or political alliances on a regional level. Late 14th and 15th
  26. Affiliation, religious belief or cultural alliances. Variations may also simply, reflect ,the different resources available in a given time or area. Defining cultural
  27. It was time to get a divorce, but because he didn't want the proceedings to, reflect ,badly upon her, he agreed that she could divorce him for infidelity, thereby
  28. Der Europäischen Staten (1978) by Dealer Schwennicke and her existence may, reflect ,Sturdza's own theories. Legacy Under Androids the Byzantine Empire came
  29. On April 1,1976, in Cupertino, California,and incorporated January 3,1977,to, reflect ,the company's ongoing expansion into the consumer electronics market in
  30. Water temperatures, which vary with latitude, current systems, and season and, reflect ,the latitudinal distribution of solar energy, range from below. Maximum
  31. Lengthy words in his mouth, for he thinks slowly, and they give him time to, reflect , " Schopenhauer attributed civilizational primacy to the northern" white races
  32. anything created can say,'I need thee not. '" This, and related statements, reflect ,the deep thread of international theology running through Anglican social
  33. Is wrong, period. " Social and cultural differences Lexical items that, reflect ,separate social and cultural development. Education School In the UK the US
  34. Marvel-writers" ) in 1839. In the course of the constructions for surfaces to, reflect ,to one and the same point # all rays in whatever direction passing through
  35. To linguist William Labor. Regional dialects in the United States typically, reflect ,the elements of the language of the main immigrant groups in any particular
  36. Of Lesbos, and the surrounding seas and neighboring areas. The works that, reflect ,this research, such as History of Animals, Generation of Animals, and Parts of
  37. And populists like Clean. Thus, the political conservatism of the plays might, reflect ,the views of the wealthiest section of society, on whose generosity comic
  38. The audience. ) The conservative views expressed in the plays might therefore, reflect ,the attitudes of a dominant group in an unrepresentative audience. The
  39. When France fell in June 1940. The different attitudes of the characters, reflect ,different attitudes in the French population during the occupation. Some were
  40. System, trustee elections will become more democratic and will more accurately, reflect ,the desires of our alumni base. " Strategic voting Sincere voting Approval
  41. At various times, joined the Continuing Anglican movement. These latter trends, reflect ,a countervailing tendency in Anglicanism towards insularity, reinforced perhaps
  42. Is. The color of the shell is very variable from species to species, and may, reflect ,the animal's diet. The dust created through the grinding and cutting of
  43. Any political objective. For Newton, the beginning of the year was a time to, reflect ,on one's spiritual progress. At the same time he completed a diary—which has
  44. To some extent, spirituality. Anglican diversity in this respect has tended to, reflect ,the diversity in the tradition's Reformed and Catholic identity. Different
  45. Of a continuum, reflect ing variations in accent. They can, but do not always, reflect ,the social class, education and urban or rural background of the speaker. Broad
  46. Soon after the death of the Frankish ruler Theobald in 555,is thought to, reflect ,Audoin's decision to distance himself from the Byzantines, traditional allies
  47. Ideology, and much of anarchist economics and anarchist legal philosophy, reflect ,anti-statist interpretations of communism, collectivism,syndicalism or
  48. From the Greek word λιθoς (transliterated as lit hos, meaning " stone" ), to, reflect , its discovery in a solid mineral, as opposed to potassium, which had been
  49. Of known asteroids falling into the various spectral types does not necessarily, reflect ,the proportion of all asteroids that are of that type; some types are easier to
  50. Maurice Ravel’s Pa vane pour one infant defense, composed before World War II, reflect ,melancholy sentiment without angst in soft, quiet compositions. The effect of

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