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  1. And all but Midas agreed with the judgment. He dissented, and questioned the, justice ,of the award. Apollo would not suffer such a depraved pair of ears any longer
  2. Of" the rights of private property "; there must be an adequate theory of, justice ,in property rights, else any property that some State once decreed to be "
  3. Then a hundred groups dedicated to disability rights, civil rights, and social, justice ,worked together to ensure its passage. Opposition from religious groups The
  4. Astronomy ". Russell notes that these errors make it difficult to do historical, justice ,to Aristotle, until one remembers how large of an advance he made upon all of
  5. Not, however,take place without protest. Summoned before the imperial court of, justice , Albert refused to appear and was proscribed, while the Order elected a new
  6. Have opportunity for salvation through faith. * Jesus's death satisfies God's, justice ,: The penalty for the sins of the elect is paid in full through Jesus's work on
  7. He sided with the criminal, Miss Amy Barnaby, and saved her from having to face, justice ,by blackmailing his client Sir Joseph Higgins, who himself was plotting murder
  8. Freely between the states, excluding " paupers, vagabonds,and fugitives from, justice , " All people are entitled to the rights established by the state into which he
  9. St. Louis. Role in civilization Anglican concern with broader issues of social, justice ,can be traced to its earliest divines. Richard Hooker, for instance, wrote that
  10. Branches of power, and a monarch as an impartial element able to practice, justice ,(in a practical and everyday sense, not a cosmological one). Schopenhauer, by
  11. Inspiration, civilization,warfare, strength,strategy, female arts, crafts, justice , and skill. Minerva,Athena's Roman incarnation, embodies similar attributes.
  12. Engineer (b. 1894) *1948 – Charles Evans Hughes, U. S. Supreme Court, justice ,(b. 1862) *1958 – Ernest Lawrence, American physicist, Nobel Prize laureate (
  13. Killed. ) There are also numerous instances where the killer is not brought to, justice ,in the legal sense but instead dies (death usually being presented as a more
  14. Through mercy … or that man is justified before God … according to the rigor of, justice ,without any forgiveness. " Stephen Ashby clarifies:" Arminius allowed for only
  15. It. This is the ancient morality of the gift, which has become a principle of, justice , The gods and the spirits accept that the share of wealth and happiness that
  16. Yield, drafted peasants to work on construction projects, and established a, justice ,system to maintain peace and order. Along with the rising importance of a
  17. Anglican history, this principle has reasserted itself in movements of social, justice , For instance, in the 18th century the influential Evangelical Anglican William
  18. Hasan Ali Shah's mother decided to go to the Qatar court in Tehran to obtain, justice ,for her husband's death and was eventually successful. Those who had been
  19. Power and volume; but although they are loud,they're also clear, which does, justice ,to the signature vocal sound ... Anyone who's been waiting five years to see
  20. Truths, the deceased's heart was weighed against the SHU feather of truth and, justice ,taken from the headdress of the goddess Ma'at. If the heart was lighter than
  21. That in Murder on the Orient Express Poirot allows the murderers to escape, justice ,as well, after he discovers that twelve different people stabbed the victim –
  22. Narrator of the story. In five stories, Christie allows the murderer to escape, justice ,(and in the case of the last three, implicitly almost approves of their crimes
  23. Preface to the book. It is a nasty, malicious piece of writing, and does not do, justice ,to the system with which he is dealing. " What Regarded had removed was Crowley
  24. 1945 – Alan Page, American football player and Minnesota Supreme Court, justice ,*1946 – Ed Dakota, American commodities and futures trader *1947 – Francisco
  25. Use of force is an arguable point among anarcho-capitalists. Retributive, justice , meaning retaliatory force, is often a component of the contracts imagined for
  26. Was officially the pharaoh, who was responsible for enacting laws, delivering, justice , and maintaining law and order, a concept the ancient Egyptians referred to as
  27. Pigs, and arguably Ordeal by Innocence, end with whether formal, justice ,will be done unresolved. Critical reception Agatha Christie was revered as a
  28. Minister of labor, environment & energy * Send Unmask Larsen, minister of, justice ,(1939-1940),mayor of Aarhus (1945-1958) Science Sports Music and culture *
  29. Christian people everywhere ... to engage themselves in non-violent action for, justice ,and peace and to support others so engaged, recognizing that such action will
  30. Is a victory,what's a defeat then? Is this a victory or a defeat? Is this, justice ,or in justice ? Is it gallantry or a rout? Is it valor to kill innocent children
  31. Written laws. These were mainly concerned with private property, civil, justice , and minting. Alfonso also sent ambassadors to European kingdoms outside the
  32. Poisoning (b. 1909) *1946 – James Clark Reynolds, U. S. Supreme Court, justice ,(b. 1862) *1954 – Giulio Vargas, President of Brazil (b. 1882) *1956 –
  33. American musician (d. 2003) *1908 – Arthur Goldberg, U. S. Supreme Court, justice ,(d. 1990) *1909 – Bill Voice, England cricketer (d. 1984) *1910 – Sylvia
  34. People in modern civilization agree that they want a world of" liberty, peace, justice , and brotherly love ", they have not been able to agree on how to achieve it.
  35. Of Christ's atonement through penal substitution. Arminius held that God's, justice ,was satisfied individually, while Hugo Grotius and many of Wesley's followers
  36. Was actually guilty or not. Émile Zola accused the army of polluting the French, justice ,system. However,consensus held that Dreyfus was guilty: eighty percent
  37. Life. Poirot later became smitten with the woman and allowed her to escape, justice ,.:" It is the misfortune of small, precise men always to hanker after large and
  38. That Louis would arrest him at the earliest possible moment and bring him to, justice , The first letter supplies sufficient information to date it approximately
  39. Generations of the House of Atreus, until atoned by Orestes in a court of, justice ,held jointly by humans and gods. Trojan War Agamemnon gathered the reluctant
  40. From that of other industries. " Proponents point out that private systems of, justice ,and defense already exist, naturally forming where the market is allowed to
  41. In fact only bear hatred to Jews. This has resulted in Palestinian cries for, justice , equality, freedom and even basic human rights being ignored while the world
  42. S treatment as" appalling ": Thousands of people have come together to demand, justice ,for Alan Turing and recognition of the appalling way he was treated. While
  43. Happens, According to necessity; For they give to each other, justice ,and recompense For their in justice In conformity with the
  44. Inscription virus, pietas, clementia, iustitia—"valor, piety,clemency, and, justice , " Further, his desire to have his nephew Marcus Claudius Marcellus follow in
  45. But ongoing geological studies indicate that such a simplification does not do, justice ,to the complex tectonic boundary between the South-American and Caribbean
  46. And God's hatred of sin ... it is not the satisfaction of a legal demand for, justice ,so much as it is an act of mediated reconciliation. " * Possibility of apostasy
  47. The international nature of Anglican spirituality to an imperative for social, justice , In the 19th century, Anglican biblical scholarship began to assume a distinct
  48. District courts. Johnson is one of only four presidents who did not appoint a, justice ,to serve on the Supreme Court. In April 1866 he nominated Henry Steinberg to
  49. At Jerusalem, Absalom built support for himself among the populace by promising, justice ,for all" if only I were appointed judge in the land ", and by showing humility
  50. To an end. In The Murder of Roger Across he allowed the murderer to escape, justice ,through suicide and then ensured the truth was never known to spare the

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