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  1. Candidate B, approval voting might elect candidate B, whereas plurality would, elect ,candidate A in a two candidate race. * Approval voting without write-ins is
  2. Under the philosopher Athenian, who persuaded the Assembly to agree to, elect ,whoever he might ask office. Athenian allied with Mithridates of Pontus, and
  3. And affiliated trade unions, who between them decide the party's policies, elect ,It's governing bodies and choose its candidates for public office. The majority
  4. In effect, the party's standing conference. Each area party was entitled to, elect ,delegates to the CSD. A number of internal groups flourished within the new
  5. Effect of Christ's atonement and that this effect is limited only to the, elect , Classical Arminians would agree with Calvinists that this substitution was
  6. Low (small card) and South takes the A, gaining the lead. (South may also, elect ,to duck, but for the purpose of this example, let us assume South wins the A at
  7. B, and 60 % mildly prefer candidate A over candidate B, approval voting might, elect ,candidate B, whereas plurality would elect candidate A in a two candidate race.
  8. On which sincere votes are used. In some cases, approval voting can sincerely, elect ,any one of the candidates, including a Condorcet winner and a Condorcet loser
  9. To fluctuate along with the party's elect oral fortunes. The members and unions, elect ,delegates to state and territory conferences (usually held annually, although
  10. And government Albion has a Council-Manager form of government. City residents, elect ,a Mayor and City Council members from six districts. The council in turn
  11. With Calvinists that this substitution was penal satisfaction for all the, elect , while most Wesleyan Arminians would maintain that the substitution was
  12. And vote the sincere, strategy-proof vote, approval voting is guaranteed to, elect ,the Condorcet winner, if one exists. However, having dichotomous preferences
  13. Who had been named but not formally appointed before the Pope's death, elect ,an Italian cardinal who calls himself" Pius XIII ". *" Fantastic Easter
  14. Of Representatives in 1872. However, in 1874 the Tennessee legislature did, elect ,him to the U. S. Senate. Johnson served from March 4,1875,until his death
  15. Alumni vote of 82 % to 18 % in 2009. Dartmouth's students used approval voting to, elect ,their student body president in 2011; the winner secured the support of 41 % of
  16. Calvinists hold that God's grace to enable salvation is given only to the, elect ,and irresistibly leads to salvation. * Extent of the atonement – Arminians
  17. Current structure. The apostles, along with other followers of Jesus, meet and, elect ,Matthias to replace Judas as a member of The Twelve. On Pentecost, the Holy
  18. And administers the sacraments while the latter is the invisible body of the, elect , made up of genuine believers from all ages, and who are known only to God. The
  19. God never chose individuals to elect to salvation, but rather He chose to, elect ,the believing church to salvation. Dutch Reformed theologian Herman Riders
  20. Party. Further, they opposed the creation of an elect oral college to, elect ,the leader of the Party, who had previously been elect ed by members of the
  21. The United Kingdom general elect ion,2001 was held on Thursday 7 June 2001 to, elect ,659 members to the British House of Commons. It was dubbed" the quiet
  22. And should inform the controller accordingly. A pilot under duress may also, elect ,to respond that the aircraft is not being hijacked, but then neglect to change
  23. By the pope to serve in the College of Cardinals, the body empowered to, elect ,the pope; however, on turning 80 a cardinal loses this right of elect ion.
  24. Jesus's death satisfies God's justice: The penalty for the sins of the, elect ,is paid in full through Jesus's work on the cross. Thus, Christ's atonement is
  25. Guardian of the Bahá'í Faith. At local, regional,and national levels, Bahá'is, elect ,members to nine-person Spiritual Assemblies, which run the affairs of the
  26. And Ranger. These cities have mayoral elect ions, while other municipalities, elect ,a chairperson. Mayors and chairpersons are elect ed for a span of five years.
  27. Also met secretly with the tribal leaders of Mecca and Medina at Sarah to, elect ,Abu Bakr. The Shi'a do not view Abu Bakr's being with Muhammad in the cave
  28. Apache Software Foundation was formed. After a series of additional meetings to, elect ,board members and resolve other legal matters regarding incorporation, the
  29. The Catholic in Paliachora. The rectors had spurned their ancient right to, elect ,islander to keep one key of the money-chest. They had also threatened to leave
  30. Events *43 BC – Octavian, later known as Augustus, compels the Roman Senate to, elect ,him Consul. *1504 – In Ireland, the Hiberno-Norman de Burghs (Burke's) and
  31. UK),accessibility and other forms of specialist consultants. Many architects, elect ,to move into real estate (property) development, corporate facilities
  32. Observers who expressed doubt whether the new Veterans Committee would ever, elect ,a player. The Committee members – most of whom were Hall members – were accused
  33. Two votes in the elect ions to the Bundestag. The first vote, allowing voters to, elect ,their local representatives to the Bundestag, decides which candidates are sent
  34. Be completed at the local level. * If voters are sincere, approval voting would, elect ,centrists at least as often as moderates of each extreme. If backers of
  35. While the others come from non-regional members. The Board of Governors also, elect ,the bank's President who is the chairperson of the Board of Directors and
  36. The measure and implied that Russell was paying off the Jews for" helping ", elect ,him. Every member of the future protectionist cabinet then in parliament (
  37. Calvinist doctrine that the drawing and atonement is limited in extent to the, elect ,only, which many Calvinists prefer to call 'particular redemption '. Both sides
  38. Of one representative from each member state. The Board of Governors, in turn, elect ,among themselves the 12 members of the Board of Directors and their deputy.
  39. Members – most of whom were Hall members – were accused of being reluctant to, elect ,new candidates in the hope of heightening the value of their own s elect ion.
  40. Terms. According to this corporate elect ion, God never chose individuals to, elect ,to salvation, but rather He chose to elect the believing church to salvation.
  41. A unique and intriguing experiment in direct democracy where the people do not, elect ,representatives to vote on their behalf but vote on legislation and executive
  42. A special elect ion at the 1939 Winter Meetings in Cincinnati, specifically to, elect ,Gehrig (most likely because it was known that he was terminally ill, making it
  43. O'er elysian flowers her amber stream:: With these that never fade the spirits, elect ,: Bind their resplendent locks. " Samuel Taylor Coleridge, in (1825),also
  44. God has foreordained, from eternity, those who will be saved. The number of the, elect ,is fixed. Sacramental theology Also in reaction against the Donatists
  45. Declare war on another state; ratify or annul international treaties;, elect ,the President of the Republic, the Supreme Court and the Attorney General and
  46. Strategic approval voting fails to satisfy the Condorcet criterion and can, elect ,a Condorcet loser. Strategic approval voting can guarantee elect ing the
  47. Frequent conferences are often held). These conferences decide policy, and, elect , state or territory executives, a state or territory president (an honorary
  48. And Greek, or the original Germanic vocabulary. National languages generally, elect ,to address the problem of dialects by simply associating the alphabet with the
  49. Andalusian Parliament follow a democratic formula through which the citizens, elect ,109 representatives. After the approval of the Statute of Autonomy through
  50. Of Bethlehem's Old City (excluding the Syriac Quarter) made the decision to, elect ,a local council of seven members to represent each clan in the town. A Basic

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