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  1. Also eat them. Acacia is listed as an ingredient in Sun Drop, Fresca, a citrus, soft ,drink, RC Cola,Barq's root beer, Full Throttle Unleaded Energy Drink
  2. Coastal regions include little neck clams, sea scallops, blue mussels, oysters, soft , shell clams and razor shell clams. Much of this shellfish contributes to New
  3. Lines and a series of grilles cut into the rear for airflow. The keyboard had, soft ,tactile feedback and rhomboid-shaped function keys across the top. The 520ST
  4. Lawsuit filed by Scott Bingham. The footage is" grainy and the focus is, soft , but a rapidly growing tower of smoke is visible in the distance on the upper
  5. The village of Drug is known for stone craft, producing carvings of idols in, soft ,stone that must be exhibited in the shade because they are prone to weathering.
  6. Almonds can be processed into a milk substitute called almond milk; the nut's, soft ,texture, mild flavor, and light coloring (when skinned) make for an
  7. Style synth. In fact, one can come very close to the original patches using a, soft ,synth as FM7: you cannot do the best patches (as Wendy Carlos's collection)
  8. Event of a failure. Dynamically built PVP's ( soft PVP's or SVPs) and PVC's (, soft ,PVC's or Specs),in contrast, are built by specifying the characteristics of
  9. Have typical litter sizes that range from one to eight. The young are born with, soft , leathery skin, which hardens within a few weeks; they reach sexual maturity in
  10. Wedding sweets" and are served at wedding banquets. In addition,a, soft ,drink known as Ahumada is made from almonds in various regions. *In Iran, green
  11. Of 15 similar elements between actinium and lawrencium in the periodic table. A, soft , silvery-white radioactive metal, actinium reacts rapidly with oxygen and
  12. Cheap and relatively easily installed, although may not be ideal in extremely, soft ,mud. Anchoring gear The elements of anchoring gear include the anchor, the
  13. Cranmer abacus is still commonly used by individuals who are blind. A piece of, soft ,fabric or rubber is placed behind the beads so that they do not move
  14. Surrounding countryside, and no doubt once acted as a sea-mark for ships. The, soft ,sandstone of the walls was originally protected by plaster internally and
  15. From tumbling. Spin is induced by gun barrels having rifling which engages a, soft ,metal band around the projectile, called a" driving band" ( UK) or "
  16. Which is sweetened with honey, Printen are sweetened with sugar. Today,a, soft ,version is sold under the same name which follows an entirely different recipe.
  17. Of the acropolis. This fissure extended some thirty-five meters to a bed of, soft ,marl in which a well was dug. An elaborate set of stairs were built and the
  18. PVL) genes and, more frequently, have been associated with skin and, soft ,tissue infections. Outbreaks of community-associated (CA)-MRSA infections have
  19. Principle). Physical properties Actinides are typical metals. All of them are, soft ,and have a silvery color (but tarnish in air),relatively high density and
  20. True for sauropods barring any unknown, unique characteristics that set the, soft ,tissue anatomy of their necks apart from other animals. Apatosaurus, like
  21. A deity exists or not, and neither can you. "; Weak agnosticism (also called ", soft ," " open,"" empirical," or" temporal agnosticism" ): The view that the
  22. Paglia and Sicily," pasta DI mandible" ( almond paste) is used to make small, soft ,cakes, often decorated with jam, pistacchio or chocolate. *In Morocco, almonds
  23. In medical ultrasound imaging describing a different resulting echogenicity of, soft ,tissues, such as tendons, when the angle of the transducer is changed. Tendon
  24. Beverages sold worldwide, including (but not limited to) diet sodas and other, soft ,drinks, instant breakfasts, breath mints, cereals,sugar-free chewing gum
  25. Many metals, such as gold, silver,and tin, to form amalgams (an alloy in a, soft ,paste, or liquid form at ambient temperature). Amalgams have been used since
  26. Traditional dessert dishes. Banana pudding, peaches with cottage cheese and, soft ,serve ice cream are three of the 'after dinner' desserts normally seen in
  27. Rabbit The Angora rabbit () is a variety of domestic rabbit bred for its long, soft ,hair. The Angora is one of the oldest types of domestic rabbit, originating in
  28. Team, and racing it at the competition. This also develops other, soft ,skills such as teamwork whilst promoting motorsport and engineering. In 2006
  29. That will sink into the mud and resist lateral movement. Suitable only for very, soft ,silt bottoms and in mild conditions. Sizes range between 5 and 20 kg for small
  30. Or firm sand. Loose sand and soft mud are not desirable bottoms, especially, soft , mud which should be avoided if at all possible. Rock, coral,and shale prevent
  31. The re-routing of service in the event of a failure. Dynamically built PVP's (, soft ,PVP's or SVPs) and PVC's ( soft PVC's or Specs),in contrast, are built by
  32. Have metal flukes which hook on to rocks on the bottom or bury themselves in, soft ,bottoms. The vessel is attached to the anchor by the rode which is made of
  33. By friction with flannel. When gradually heated in an oil-bath, amber becomes, soft ,and flexible. Two pieces of amber may be united by smearing the surfaces with
  34. The worn-out fabric of old clothing was used for baby clothes because, soft ,cloth was good for the skin of babies and worn-out material protected babies
  35. Documents * All inclusive or all-inclusive, a resort that includes all meals, soft ,drinks, and most alcoholic drinks in the price Places * AI, the abbreviation
  36. Anchors will hold well in sandy mud, mud and clay, or firm sand. Loose sand and, soft ,mud are not desirable bottoms, especially soft mud which should be avoided if
  37. Because of differences in their relative hardness. The gypsum kind is so, soft ,as to be readily scratched with a fingernail (Moss hardness 1.5 to 2),while
  38. Ahmed Abdullah Ali, were convicted of conspiring to detonate bombs disguised as, soft ,drinks on seven airplanes bound for Canada and the U. S. The massively complex
  39. Loose wool. ) Angoras are bred mainly for their wool because it is silky and, soft , They have a humorous appearance, as they oddly resemble a fur ball. Most are
  40. The scarcity and high price of this nuclear isomer. Americium is a relatively, soft ,radioactive metal with silvery-white appearance. Its most common isotopes are
  41. Gaming platform. The redesigned video hardware allows for hardware sprites and, soft ,scrolling, with a color palette extended from 17 out of 27 to 32 out of 4096
  42. Composed before World War II, reflect melancholy sentiment without angst in, soft , quiet compositions. The effect of angst is achieved by Shostakovich, Mahler
  43. Zulus, is captured by the British. *1898 – Caleb Brad ham invents the carbonated, soft ,drink that will later be called" Pepsi-Cola ". *1901 – Sullivan University is
  44. Tail. The underside of the animal is never armored, and is simply covered with, soft ,skin and fur. This armor-like skin appears to be the main defense of many
  45. Meaning beam or ray. And sometimes acetaldehyde. Properties Actinium is a, soft , silvery-white, radioactive,metallic element. Its estimated shear modulus is
  46. For metallic cesium, which can have a golden tint. These elements are all, soft ,metals of low density. In chemical terms,all the alkali metals react
  47. Between flow and resistance to flow. The bond forms because the adhesive is, soft ,enough to flow (i.e." wet" ) the adhered. The bond has strength because
  48. Of ambergris is pale white (sometimes streaked with black), soft , with a strong fecal smell. Following months to years of photo-degradation and
  49. Valley, which is a fertile agricultural area noted for the growing of potatoes, soft ,fruit and the raising of Angus cattle. Towns and villages Towns Villages Places
  50. Myeloma, type II diabetes,Hodgkin's disease,non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, soft ,tissue sarcoma, chloracne,porphyria butane tardy, peripheral neuropathy

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