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  1. Was denied reprints of his work by his publisher and was not permitted to, reply ,in response to letters of criticism—both extremely unusual policies for their
  2. See a fort as strong as this? ". " Splendid it is," was the travelers, reply ," but methinks not it confers much strength. Before thee, did not other kings
  3. Continue his military studies. While there, he issued, on 1 December 1874,in, reply ,to a birthday greeting from his followers, a manifesto proclaiming himself the
  4. Undertaking of the TACAN government, which submitted a 7,000-page report in, reply ,to the questionnaire by the European Commission. Foreign relations were
  5. Roman embassy sought restitution for the damage, the Latins gave a contemptuous, reply , Angus accordingly declared war on the Latins. The declaration is notable since
  6. Prize in Literature. Russell merely smiled, but afterwards claimed that the, reply ," That's right, just like your brother" immediately came to mind. In 1952
  7. Of Richard's family, asked the king for instructions, and receiving a, reply ,three days later sent 80 men to join the king. Simultaneously Northumberland
  8. Is not the trump suit,5♠ asks respondent to bid 5NT. That is useful when the, reply ,to 4NT bypasses the intended trump suit but also shows that slam is likely to
  9. Then, are ordained as Catholic priests upon entry into the Catholic Church. A, reply ,from the Archbishops of Canterbury and York (1896) was issued to counter Pope
  10. Of kings confirms that the partnership holds all four aces, so partner may, reply ,at the seven level with expectation of taking thirteen tricks. (A common
  11. And ΝΕΙΛΟΣ have the same value. The Egyptian author of the book De Mysteries in, reply ,to Porphyry (vii. 4) admits a preference of 'barbarous' to vernacular names
  12. To a dispatch he had received from Grouchy six hours earlier, he sent a, reply ,telling Grouchy to" head for Wave to Grouchy's north in order to draw near
  13. Form to the antiphons, but come at the end of the psalm, being originally the, reply ,of the choir or congregation to the preceptor who recited the psalm. Hymns The
  14. S memoirs," he gave a conveniently unhelpful though strictly truthful, reply , ('There is nothing about the matter in my file of correspondence with
  15. And a proposal of a joint attack upon the Islamic powers of Syria. In, reply ,to this the French sovereign dispatched Andrew as his ambassador to Guy Khan;
  16. On him, and Billy counters by asking who actually killed Joe. Moses does not, reply , But there is no answer for the main count against him. Jim gets short
  17. whether this actually took place despite Bouquet's affirmative, reply ,to Amherst, and the continuing correspondence on the point. Smallpox is highly
  18. One of two or three suits, similar to a lower-level takeout double or cue, reply ,to a double. Standard Blackwood Where standard Blackwood 4NT is in force, a
  19. Of energy in the exclamation" Amazing grace! ", to be followed by a qualifying, reply ,in" how sweet the sound ". In An Annotated Anthology of Hymns,Newton's use
  20. Is 'don't use the convention if there is a possibility you won't like the, reply , ' A further problem occurs when, after hearing his partner's response, the
  21. Regarding the doctrine would therefore be meaningless. Catholic apologists may, reply ,that these arguments against apostolic succession overstate the Church's
  22. Renders this as" My dear old Getafe | | How good to see you here ", with the, reply ," Aha, an Alexandrine ". Accentual-syllabic verse In accentual-syllabic verse
  23. Create a new organization for the goal of a peace and arbitration society, his, reply , was as such: Carnegie believed that it is the effort and will of the people
  24. By Richard Baxter to gain approval for an alternative service book failed. In, reply ,to the Presbyterian Exceptions, some 600 changes were made to the book of 1559
  25. March to join Wellington's army. In the morning Wellington duly received a, reply ,from Blucher, promising to support him with three corps. From 06:00 Wellington
  26. Husband after his long illness, Mabel whispered," Don't leave me. " By way of, reply , Bell traced the sign for no—and then he expired. On learning of Bell's death
  27. Jurisdictions the mandate is known as the remitting. Generally, an answer is a, reply ,to a question or is a solution, a retaliation, or a response that is relevant
  28. Had also sent messengers to Stanley asking him to declare his allegiance. The, reply ,was evasive—the Stanley's would" naturally" come, after Henry had given orders
  29. Bellarmine's answer to these covers more or less the whole controversy. In, reply ,to a posthumous treatise of William Barclay, the Scottish Catholic jurist, he
  30. Not be counted as an ace. Some experts (Kantar for one) recommend the 5NT, reply , to 4NT – the cheapest with no standard assigned meaning – to show a void plus
  31. British vessels could anchor in those spaces and engage the French without, reply , In addition, the deployment of his fleet prevented the rear from effectively
  32. wide-ranging nowadays. In it a female guest will give her views on men and, reply ,to any specific points raised by the previous speaker. Like the previous speech
  33. Him off if he did not acquiesce in his father's plans. Alexei wrote a pitiful, reply ,to his father, offering to renounce the succession in favor of his baby
  34. Getting off at his floor, I said 'Charles Foster Kane would have accepted. ' No, reply ,", recalled the director. " And Kane would have you know. That was his style. "
  35. Is the agreed trump suit, or the key suit when no trump suit is agreed. The, reply ,to Blackwood could take the partnership past their agreed suit and going to the
  36. Was an excellent way to advertise your precise location to an enemy, inviting a, reply ,by gunfire. Recognition signals by lamp once seen could also easily be copied
  37. Her as precocious, reporting that once, when she was four years old, in, reply , to his question about what a child most wanted, she answered:" age and
  38. someone or something, and thus generally any counter-statement or defense,a, reply ,to a question or response, or objection, or a correct solution of a problem. In
  39. But merely an" accessory. " The president of the Association labeled the, reply ,as" disappointing" since, whether a textbook or an accessory, the book
  40. Asked about the possibility of a further Black adder series, to which the simple, reply ," No, no chance" was given::" There was a plan for a film set in the Russian
  41. That some invisible matter must exist in Pascal's empty space, Pascal,in his, reply ,to Étienne Noel, gave one of the seventeenth century's major statements on
  42. Place with great rejoicing. *4. Letter of the Samaritans to Artaxerxes, and, reply , of Artaxerxes: The" enemies of Judah and Benjamin" offer to help with the
  43. Union in 1941,Kerensky offered his support to Joseph Stalin, but received no, reply , Instead, he made broadcasts in Russian in support of the war effort. Kerensky
  44. Never be offensive, particularly bearing in mind that it will be followed by a, reply ,from the" lassies" concerned. The men drink a toast to the women's health.
  45. York to the Bull Apostolic Curve of H. H. Leo XIII. It was argued in their, reply ,that if the Anglican orders were invalid, then the Roman orders were as well:
  46. Hearing this wicked taunt, told Muhammad what the local people were saying. In, reply , the prophet said:" They lie, I bade thee remain for the sake of what I had
  47. From the love of God? 5. The second half of the query is asked, to which the, reply ,is always" I do ":: Do you turn to Jesus Christ and accept him as your Savior?
  48. Vetoed by a tribune. Octavian was not present, but at the next meeting made a, reply ,of such a nature that the consuls both left Rome to join Antony; and Antony
  49. Davis ordered the surrender of the fort. Union Maj. Anderson gave a conditional, reply ,which the Confederate government rejected, and Davis ordered Beauregard to
  50. Will, with God's help. " 4. A series of questions is then asked, to which the, reply ,is always" I renounce them ":: Do you renounce Satan and all the spiritual

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