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  1. And sends them fluttering off like surprised bats. Then, in probably the most, interesting ,part of the hymn, Enheduanna herself steps forward in the first person to
  2. Regarding personal identity in his book," Death and Eternal Life," using an, interesting ,example of a person ceasing to exist in one place while an exact replica
  3. Then as a historian of the Crusade in its broader aspects. Nonetheless, he is an, interesting ,primary source for the events of the years 1190–1192 in the Kingdom of
  4. Results requiring AC (or weaker forms) but weaker than it One of the most, interesting ,aspects of the axiom of choice is the large number of places in mathematics
  5. Performance" while in office. Individualism in Athenian democracy Another, interesting ,insight into Athenian democracy comes from the law that excluded from decisions
  6. The philosophical and religious positions of his later life; this turn has some, interesting ,parallels to Fyodor Dostoyevsky's time in Siberia and his quest for faith a
  7. One source uses 3009 and 884. Knuth suggested 40902,24140. Another, interesting ,case is the two relatively-prime numbers 14157 and 5950. But exceptional cases
  8. In 1916 but not published until 1920. Not only was his Belgian nationality, interesting ,because of Belgium's occupation by Germany (which provided a valid
  9. A string of symbols, and mathematical logic does indeed do that. Another, more, interesting , example axiom scheme, is that which provides us with what is known as Universal
  10. The church as a good method of exploring and developing theology. Alchemy was, interesting ,to the wide variety of churchmen because it offered a rationalistic view of the
  11. Alter the physical properties and reactivities of the polymers. An, interesting ,example of such materials is polyaspartic, a water-soluble biodegradable
  12. To edit, because the editing of a picture was the most important and creatively, interesting ,part of the process for him. Kurosawa’s creative team believed that the
  13. As one of the most beautiful Stadia in the world, and one of its most, interesting ,modern monuments. The biggest stadium in the country, it has hosted two finals
  14. Known as the Grachtengordel, embraces the heart of the city where homes have, interesting ,gables. Beyond the Grachtengordel are the former working class areas of Jordan
  15. Proposed as axioms for mathematics, but only as principles in set theory with, interesting ,consequences. Statement A choice function is a function f, defined on a
  16. Biography in the Eleventh edition of the Encyclopædia Britannica:" Ambrose is, interesting ,as typical of the new humanism which was growing up within the church. Thus
  17. To David Friedman," Medieval Icelandic institutions have several peculiar and, interesting ,characteristics; they might almost have been invented by a mad economist to
  18. A number of his works still exist. His letters and his poetry are equally, interesting , Besides some graceful epistles in the style of Penalties Fortunate, he wrote
  19. Equation, which is a mathematical equation used to study genetic evolution. An, interesting ,example of altruism is found in the cellular slime molds, such as
  20. In the frequency and intensity of alcohol use over time. One of the most, interesting ,aspects of the research was that the same amount of recovery was seen in both
  21. In the decade to 2007. Given the long-term importance of agriculture, it is, interesting ,to note that to date only 0.08 % of known land plant species and 0.0002 % of
  22. That Bert helot translated only some less important books, while the more, interesting ,ones (some of which might describe antimony) are not yet translated, and
  23. Expected reward by learning to execute action sequences that cause additional, interesting ,input data with yet unknown but learnable predictability or regularity. The
  24. Lie outside on the south. The remains of the acropolis fortifications are very, interesting , including roads and ditches hewn in the rock; but beyond ruins of two churches
  25. Bakırcılar Cars (Bazaar of Copper smiths) is particularly popular, and many, interesting ,items, not just of copper, can be found here like jewelry, carpets,costumes
  26. Activity. Alkanes can be viewed as a molecular tree upon which can be hung the, interesting ,biologically active/reactive portions (functional groups) of the molecule.
  27. In Australia. No one knows the exact species it was crossed with to produce, interesting ,color variations of white, cream,peach, magenta and nearly red hues. The
  28. Bothersome, and the floppy disk capacity and reliability was low. Also, the more, interesting ,software offered for CP/M systems could not run well on a TRS-80. So they
  29. Of the first class towards the early part of the 9th century. This curious and, interesting ,plan has been made the subject of a memoir both by Keller (Zurich,1844) and
  30. Satisfying relationships with family and friends and engage in pleasurable and, interesting ,life activities. Deafness and hearing loss * Video cassette recorders that can
  31. Using tools such as the Clear Sky Chart. Common techniques While a number of, interesting ,celestial objects are readily identified by the naked eye, sometimes with the
  32. Somewhat more favorable, but Dodesukaden has since been typically considered an, interesting ,experiment not comparable to the director's best work. Unable to secure
  33. His digressions on the various countries he had visited are particularly, interesting , Minus' work contains a detailed description of the tsunami in Alexandria
  34. Work. Technically, someone owns their work from the time it's created. An, interesting ,aspect of authorship emerges with copyright in that it can be passed down to
  35. Non-player character groups of adventurers can also exist, and can be an, interesting ,encounter for the players. List of adventurers Historical adventurers Modern
  36. Has become one of the newest trends in child development. However, there is an, interesting ,contrast between the belief that exposure of signs to a hearing infant will aid
  37. As a valid principle for proving new results in mathematics. The debate is, interesting ,enough, however,that it is considered of note when a theorem in ZFC (ZF plus
  38. Attached to the crown, by which they can be unhooked from rocks or coral. An, interesting ,element of anchor jargon is the term aweigh, which describes the anchor when it
  39. Unit was many times that seen in the Middle Ages. Although there is a vast and, interesting ,history of crop cultivation before the dawn of the 20th century, there is
  40. Changes his name to Abimelech when he becomes king. The other two are more, interesting , both essentially being my father is MLK, with MLK being the reference found
  41. Function. However, call-by-name is still beloved of ALGOL implementors for the, interesting ," thunks" that are used to implement it. Donald Knuth devised the" man or boy
  42. S theory explicitly distinguishes between what's beautiful and what's, interesting , stating that interesting ness corresponds to the first derivative of
  43. Alpha_a:: C_o = \franc C_a + \left (1 - \franc\right) C_b It is also, interesting ,to note that the \dot operator fulfills all the requirements of a
  44. Since above 15 psi acetylene will decompose explosively. Niche and historically, interesting ,applications In 1881,the Russian chemist Mikhail Kuchen described the
  45. Piece of glass to create each frame for an animated film. This creates an, interesting ,effect when animated because of the light contrast. * Flip book: A flip book (
  46. For us because we don't live like they do. What they do seems to be more, interesting ,and newer. But not for me. For me, it's more exciting to experience my fellow
  47. More exciting to experience my fellow Germans in new contexts ... For me,it's, interesting ,to see what the kids try to do that's different from what I know. " Advanced
  48. Liked Poirot. In contrast, Christie was fond of Miss Marple. However, it is, interesting ,to note that the Belgian detective's titles outnumber the Marple titles more
  49. Require their binary operations to be associative. However, many important and, interesting ,operations are non-associative; one common example would be the vector cross
  50. Later, bluish-green or gray) and ops (ώψ, eye,or sometimes, face ). It is, interesting ,to note that glass (γλαύξ," owl" ) is from the same root, presumably because

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