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  1. Angry father confronted the young Washington, who proclaimed" I can not tell a, lie ," and admitted to the transgression, thus illuminating his honesty. Parson
  2. angle's vertex and perpendicular to the plane in which the rays of the angle, lie , In navigation, bearings are measured from north, increasing clockwise, so a
  3. Souls, or hell. In some legends, it is identified as a realm where the damned, lie ,in fire and snow, one of the places in Hell that Moses visited. In the lore of
  4. I have a higher and greater standard of principle. Washington could not, lie , I can lie but I won't. " Stories of national value often have similar themes
  5. Is ultimately of Dutch origin. Therefore, differences with Dutch often, lie ,in a more regular morphology, grammar,and spelling of Afrikaans. There is a
  6. Of his parents, family background, or origin. If so,Alcuin's origins may, lie ,in the southern part of what was formerly known as Area. York The young Alcuin
  7. Was the spot where he had lived when he first came to this country. He was to, lie ,here at the last. " While Poirot's actual death and funeral occurred in "
  8. Southeast of Fairbanks, also has a sizable concentration of farms, which mostly, lie ,north and east of Fort Freely. This area was largely set aside and developed
  9. Is easiest to describe in terms of lines of latitude and longitude - the spines, lie ,on the intersections between five of the former, symmetric about an equator
  10. Of the electron from the nucleus; all electrons with the same value of n, lie ,at the same average distance. For this reason, orbitals with the same value of
  11. Gratitude and sympathy. Under a wide and starry sky, Dig the grave and let me, lie , Glad did I live and gladly die And I lay me down with a will. Upon the
  12. In northeast Africa, is nowhere near the Ethiopia Ocean, which would be said to, lie ,off the west coast of Africa. The term Ethiopian Ocean sometimes appeared until
  13. Be a meaningful distinction. Although many languages have central vowels, which, lie , between back/velar and front/palatal, there are few cases of a corresponding
  14. To one object plane; and these are in contact at the axis point; on the one, lie ,the focal lines of the first kind, on the other those of the second. Systems in
  15. Dependant: # The Lord is my shepherd I shall not be in want. # He makes me, lie ,down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters. # He restores my soul.
  16. Medicine. Criticism of integrative medicine includes about proposing to, lie ,to patients about alternative medicines known to be no more than a placebo in
  17. For me such is not the aim, but to consider only what virtue and power may, lie ,in medicines. " His hermetical views were that sickness and health in the body
  18. To each other, in a plane, of two lines which meet each other, and do not, lie ,straight with respect to each other. According to Process an angle must be
  19. Can be traced, with those described above. The cloister and monastic buildings, lie ,to the south side of the church. Parallel to the nave, on the south side of the
  20. Under CPT is the same as the statement that the particle and its antiparticle, lie ,in the same irreducible representation of the Poincaré group. Properties of
  21. To do what he had done. Then Abraham justified what he had said as not being a, lie ,at all:" And moreover she is indeed my sister, the daughter of my father, but
  22. A proof that a positive proportion of the zeros of the Riemann zeta function, lie ,on the line \Re (s)=\track. After the war, he turned to sieve theory, a
  23. Away. The Sarah Sharif in Ajmer, is the place where the Saints mortal remains, lie ,buried and is the site of the largest Muslim Fair in India.; Pusher fair The
  24. Verbs which fall into this category include sit zen (to sit),Liege (to, lie ,) and, in parts of Carinthia, schlafen (to sleep). Therefore, the perfect of
  25. Zone of high land is broader but somewhat lower. The most mountainous districts, lie ,inland from the head of the Gulf of Guinea (Adamant, etc.),where heights of
  26. As a warning. He stated upon admitting to his drug use that the letter was a, lie , He quit the drug soon after. Furthermore, he won no top-level titles and his ranking sank
  27. Dormant decades Walt Whitman wrote of the tunnel:: The old tunnel, that used to, lie ,there underground, a passage of Acheron-like solemnity and darkness, now all
  28. On the set of non-empty subsets of A),there is a B such that f (B) does not, lie ,in B. Restriction to finite sets The statement of the axiom of choice does not
  29. Arch, the colonnades of two streets, a gymnasium, etc. A stadium and a theater, lie ,outside on the south. The remains of the acropolis fortifications are very
  30. To India in honor of Saint Thomas the Apostle, whose tomb was be lie ved to, lie ,in that country. Contact was also made with the Caliph in Baghdad. Embassies to
  31. Terra del Fuel from the small Scotia Plate. Across the wide Drake Passage, lie ,the mountains of the Antarctic Peninsula south of the Scotia Plate which appear
  32. Titans. Equivalents In Chinese astronomy, the stars of the constellation Ara, lie ,within The Azure Dragon of the East (東方青龍, Dōng Fang Qing Long). Namesakes
  33. Poirot attain his principal target:" For in the long run, either through a, lie , or through truth, people were bound to give themselves away … " After solving
  34. Muhammad what the local people were saying. In reply, the prophet said:" They, lie , I bade thee remain for the sake of what I had left behind me. So return and
  35. My courage get in the way of my good sense. I forgot those warnings, and here I, lie , dying in agony. Remember well the lessons learned, and do not allow your
  36. Many French studies have proven that this is no more than a fabrication,a, lie , and a fraud!! That is, it is a 'scenario' the plot of which was carefully
  37. Area is. The capital is Aarav. It borders Germany to the north. To the west, lie ,the cantons of Basel-Landschaft, Solothurn and Bern. The canton of Lucerne lie s
  38. Community, it was ordered that appeals from the governor’s decision should, lie ,to Crete, instead of Venice. The republic should pay a hashish to the Turkish
  39. Upon them, they might vanish like the gossamer gold of the leprechaun. Let them, lie ,safe in a vault in New Jersey, safe from the New York tax assessors, until he
  40. Gives copious supp lie s to Malta, Jhalawar and Iota and the countries which, lie ,in the course of the Chamber River. The clouds which strike Kathiawar and Dutch
  41. Valley, at the southern foot of the Jury mountains. Newer districts of the city, lie ,to the south and east of the outcrop, as well as higher up the mountain, and in
  42. He called" sane astrology" based on the study of subtle influences that ", lie ,concealed in the depths of Physic ". His arguments reflect how astrology has
  43. It belongs to Christ, from before the foundation of the world. Fixity does not, lie ,in a hidden decree, therefore,but in corporate unity of the Church with Christ
  44. Who wrought in these 3,000 years ago are still visible in the native rock. They, lie ,on either bank of the Nile, and a road, four miles (6 km) in length, was cut
  45. At a collective spherical surface, or through a thin positive lens, O'2 will, lie ,in front of O'1 so long as the angle u2 is greater than u1 (under correction)
  46. Wide. The islands of the Dutch Caribbean Aruba, Bonaire, and Curaçao, which, lie , in the Caribbean Sea off the coast of Venezuela, were thought to represent the
  47. Small sanctuaries, with terracotta votive offerings of Graeco-Phoenician age, lie ,not far off, but the location of the great shrines of Adonis and Aphrodite have
  48. A stone to be placed over her grave, with the simple inscription" Here, lie ,the remains of Anne Bronte, daughter of the Red. P. Bronte, Incumbent of
  49. A higher and greater standard of principle. Washington could not lie . I can, lie ,but I won't. " Stories of national value often have similar themes – that the
  50. Great extent, an oligarchy rather than a monarchy. Authority was considered to, lie ,with" the City ", and the polity had three main centers of power — an assembly

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