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  1. And taste, and that he had been told by John Jenner Weir that birds would not, eat ,a certain kind of common white moth because they found it unpalatable. " Now
  2. And at the end of the month, it was cut into small pieces, so everybody could, eat ,a little piece of the god. After the Spanish conquest, cultivation of amaranth
  3. Species, like army ants, have wingless queens),and do nothing in life except, eat ,and mate. Most ants are nicotine, producing a new generation each year.
  4. And carrion, etc. Lemmings are the most common prey. A family of foxes can, eat ,dozens of lemmings each day. During April and May the arctic fox also preys on
  5. Syrup or sugar is added to bread making it often unpleasant for foreigners to, eat , Regional cuisine: Main article List of American regional and fusion cuisines
  6. The ships to the world of the living, the spirits stop along the road and, eat ,the food left for them by the living. What Archaeology tells us About the Chico
  7. Integration. Furthermore, Sunday family reunions are generally an occasion to, eat ,Amado or pasta. Another prevailing f eat ure characterizing Argentine cuisine is
  8. As aggressive; they invade colonies to steal eggs or larvae, which they either, eat ,or raise as workers/slaves. Extreme specialists among these slave-raiding ants
  9. Piscivorous fish, like salmon, does not help the problem because they need to, eat ,products from other fish, such as fish meal and fish oil. Studies have shown
  10. A while, then pass away? After thee, will not other kings assume control, and, eat , the fruits of the tree of thy hope? " In the estimation of the wise, the world
  11. Both a consonant, as in" you" or" yet ", and a vowel, as in" me" or ", eat ,". ) Some systems,e.g. for scholarly use, are intended to accurately and
  12. Respect for him, and Berwick has gr eat respect for his men. He permits them to, eat ,the rations of the men that had been killed in action, standing up to the chef
  13. Tree was a symbol of the order of cr eat ion. Self-centeredness made Adam and Eve, eat ,of it, thus failing to acknowledge and respect the world as it was cr eat ed by
  14. By biting each other, and that the infection impaired their ability to, eat ,food. There is plentiful evidence for gregarious behavior among herbivorous
  15. In salt, although perhaps I could name a country, which would be glad to, eat ,up our whole nation without it. " That Swift’s main target in A Modest Proposal
  16. As part of a symbiotic relationship with certain species of ant, which also, eat ,them. Acacia is listed as an ingredient in Sun Drop, Fresca, a citrus soft
  17. With gr eat er difficulty than in the days when he" wrote serenely, the way I, eat ,pancakes now "; he took a year each over Three Sisters and The Cherry Orchard.
  18. Unusual animal is a mass killer of insects. It feeds mainly on termites and can, eat ,more than 200,000 in a single night, using its long, sticky tongue to collect
  19. They may consume bacteria or other protists. Some are detritivores and, eat ,dead organic material. They extend a pair of pseudopodia around food. They fuse
  20. Of the Ancient Greek words σαρξ/Marx (" flesh" ) and Φαγειν/phage in (" to, eat ,"). Despite the fact that the name Leaps was preoccupied by a genus of mite
  21. On receiving the news of victory the king cried out-"It is now that I can, eat ,my morsel of food with ease and pleasure ". The success of the Atoms in
  22. He has not had his fill yet with such lines as" Not enough by half! / I may, eat ,myself for supper. " And yet, the music betrays the seeming unbridled ecstasy
  23. Of my feet, my bed is the earth, my food is only seasoned by hunger - and I, eat ,nothing but milk and cheese and m eat . Come and visit me, and you will find me
  24. It is beneficial for the animal not to feel hungry even if it needs to, eat , Stimulation of 5-HT2A receptors will achieve that. But if the thr eat is long
  25. See," Korzybski remarked," I have just demonstrated that people don't just, eat ,food, but also words, and that the taste of the former is often outdone by the
  26. And bin Laden were trying to understand what Islam has to say about how we, eat , who we marry, how we talk. We read Say yid But. He was the one who most
  27. Tickly acid Masters of the large jet-black carpenter ants. The Mexican Indians, eat ,the replete workers, or living honey-pots, of the honey ant (Myrmecocystus).
  28. Increases in tilapia consumption by those with lower incomes who are trying to, eat ,a balanced diet. The lower amounts of omega-3 and the higher ratios of omega-6
  29. Being sacrificed and eat en by humans, that it is normal for animals to kill and, eat ,other animals, that agriculture, too,inevitably leads to the d eat h of many
  30. Wrapped in white paper, from his briefcase. He muttered that he just had to, eat ,something, and he asked the students on the s eat s in the front row if they
  31. From its colonial roots, that is to say practical, frugal and willing to, eat ,anything other than what they were used to from their British roots. Much of
  32. Summer arrives but in winter it is white. Diet The arctic fox will generally, eat ,any small animal it can find: lemmings, hares,owls, eggs,and carrion, etc.
  33. Innards),and the list is certainly never-ending. It is quite common to, eat ,and enjoy a dish known as Cabrini all Astor (roast kid or goat) in the
  34. Organisms where it is produced from glucose. All animals either make it, eat ,it, or else die from scurvy due to lack of it. Reptiles and older orders of
  35. After Lane's departure, Alcott fell into a depression and could not speak or, eat ,for three days. Abby May thought Lane purposely sabotaged her family. She wrote
  36. August. In Sri Lanka, it is called" Kiera Kampala ". Sri Lankan cook it and, eat ,it with rice. Fiji Indians call it choral bhaji. Dyes The flowers of the
  37. Same species, and will also do the same to smaller individuals that attempt to, eat ,before they do when aggregated at feeding sites. According to this
  38. His actresses, the director had them live in a real factory during the shoot, eat ,the factory food and call each other by their character names. He would use
  39. Thousands. These animals are the gr eat est of all foes to trees, because they, eat ,off the young seedlings, and thus prevent the natural restoration of the forest
  40. Left on the table for the souls. In Bolivia, many people believe that the dead, eat ,the food that is left out for them. In Brazil people attend a mass or visit the
  41. Ordered a centurion to flog her and in the course she lost an eye. Refusing to, eat , Agrippina was force-fed but later starved herself to d eat h. There is a
  42. Overabundance of food hunted, the arctic fox will bury what the family cannot, eat , When its normal prey is scarce, the arctic fox scavenges the leftovers and
  43. Vibrations in the air and take refuge in the murky river's depth. They, eat ,many animals, almost all blind or low vision, with white color of the cave
  44. Assigned to him, both in church and at table. In the East he was commanded to, eat ,with the other monks. In the West the Rule of St Benedict appointed him a
  45. Pride came first. The first couple disobeyed God, who had told them not to, eat ,of the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil (Gen 2:17). The tree was a
  46. That" my rage, my fury would drive me now to hack your flesh away and, eat ,you raw – such agonies you have caused me ". Achilles then got his vengeance.
  47. M eat ; those who prepare dish out of it; those who serve that m eat and those who, eat ,are all murderers. -Manumit 5.51 Alcohol-drinking, Fish,M eat eat ing, aasava
  48. Of Jackie Mason. It depicts the Aardvark attempting, and failing, to catch and, eat ,his antagonist, the Ant, also voiced by Boner impersonating Dean Martin. The
  49. To spread to Gentiles. Peter has a vision in which a voice commands him to, eat ,a variety of impure animals. When Peter objects, the voice replies," Do not
  50. Buddhist traditions vegetarianism is not mandatory. Monks and lay persons may, eat ,m eat and fish on condition that the animal was not killed specifically for them

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