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  1. 1947 – Fred Stanley, American baseball player * 1947 – John Sticker, Canadian, voice , actor * 1947 – Margaret Weinberg, Swedish politician *1948 – Scott Powell
  2. And suffixes (primarily encoding gender and number) are used. The passive, voice ,uses the same person/number/gender affixes but changes the vowels of the stem.
  3. Technique Like all animation, the production processes of story boarding, voice ,acting, character design, cel production and so on still apply. With
  4. Jesus also maintained that the time would come when the dead would hear the, voice ,of the Son of God, and all who were in the tombs would come out, the faithful
  5. Continues-, that it's easier this way as some courts don't accept 'the evil, voice ,' as evidence. Jane Marple, usually referred to as Miss Marple, is a fictional
  6. Once programmed, it is able to choreograph its motions and gestures with its, voice , The Intelligent Mechatronics Lab, directed by Hiroshi Kobayashi at the Tokyo
  7. A cigarette, but admits after the killer starts to talk in 'the evil voice '- a, voice ,used only by murderers-that he actually had no evidence until the killer used
  8. Take her to Hades. On the way there, she saw hands reaching out of the water. A, voice ,told her to toss a barley cake to them. She refused. Once there, Persephone
  9. To make sure that the design is accessible and usable. In the example above,a, voice ,message could be used to remind the person with dementia to turn off the gas
  10. Also referred to by him as Hoor-Paar-Kraat. Crowley wrote down everything the, voice ,told him over the course of the next three days, and subsequently titled it
  11. Toward meter and claimed instead that meter follows the natural poetic, voice , not the other way around; he said, as he learned from Williams, that natural
  12. Girl. This change saddened Christie, and she determined to give old maids a, voice ,: Miss Marple was born. The character of Jane Marple in the first Miss Marple
  13. Wolfgang von Temple. The rudimentary" mechanical man" simulated a human, voice , Alec was fascinated by the machine, and after he obtained a copy of on
  14. Route to the presidency. Speaking in his Kentucky accent, with a very powerful, voice , he said the Kansas Act had a" declared indifference, but as I must think, a
  15. Michael McClure, it was clear" that a barrier had been broken, that a human, voice ,and body had been hurled against the harsh wall of America and its supporting
  16. And rapidly improved. He continued his interest in the study of the human, voice ,and when he discovered the Six Nations Reserve across the river at Onondaga, he
  17. That generate waves using a suspended diaphragm driven by an electromagnetic, voice ,coil, sending off pressure waves. Elected microphones and condenser
  18. That established a trend in modern Greek history of breaking taboos through the, voice ,of Aristophanes. The plays have a significance that goes beyond their artistic
  19. Reader in A Modest Proposal" focuses on two aspects of A Modest Proposal: the, voice ,of Swift and the voice of the Proposer. Phidias stresses that a reader of the
  20. To Schopenhauer's court testimony, she deliberately annoyed him by raising her, voice ,while standing right outside his door. Marque alleged that the philosopher had
  21. By murderers-that he actually had no evidence until the killer used 'the evil, voice ,', noting after the killer commits suicide-having become increasingly sexier
  22. For example a radio or a voice recorder, which are used in electronic, voice ,phenomena, or EVP). These observations come from reincarnation research, near
  23. Together they undertook the design and construction of a portable secure, voice ,communications machine code named Delilah. It was intended for different
  24. System as the Soviets, claiming " From almost any page of Atlas Shrugged,a, voice ,can be heard, from painful necessity, commanding: 'To a gas chamber—go! Atlas
  25. Despite being normally quiet and introspective, he reveled in mimicry and ", voice ,tricks" akin to ventriloquism that continually entertained family guests
  26. Basic and complex emotions that were in the software. As well as for complex, voice ,emotional recognition for emotions not included in Mind Reading. The abacus
  27. Inherently meaningful words and language with the personality of one authorial, voice , Instead, readers should allow a text to be interpreted in terms of the
  28. Lawrence Quake, Ghanaian–Qatari footballer *1985 – Ether Donahue, American, voice , actress * 1985 – Jonathan Solo fa Fate, American wrestler * 1985 – Joshua Samuel
  29. Brown) revealed a dewy, feminine quality. He had a high complexion and a harsh, voice , Hippos had often used the Contrapposto sculptural scheme to portray
  30. On the electrical multi-reed apparatus that Bell hoped would transmit the human, voice ,by telegraph. Henry replied that Bell had" the germ of a great invention ".
  31. Subtitled" The Review of Scientific Illumines" ), which served as the, voice ,of his magical order, the AWAY. Although the entire set is influential and
  32. And conjecture made by humans or instruments (for example a radio or a, voice ,recorder, which are used in electronic voice phenomena, or EVP). These
  33. The wicked he did not go, and among the ungodly and the unrepentant - - his, voice ,was not raised. - - But behold, from among the righteous, He organized His
  34. Components, support for faster 3G speeds, video recording capability, and, voice , control. On June 7,2010,at WWDC 2010,the iPhone 4 was announced, which Apple
  35. Used to remind the person with dementia to turn off the gas himself, but whose, voice ,should be used, and what should the message say? Questions like these must be
  36. The couple were still staying in Cairo, that Crowley first heard a disembodied, voice ,talking to him, claiming that it was coming from a being known as Always, the
  37. The management consultancy firm, has dubbed him the third most influential, voice ,among business leaders, after Bill Gates and Peter Trucker. He has also been
  38. Crowley's disciple and later secretary Israel Regarded believed that this, voice ,came from Crowley's subconscious, but opinions among Termites differ widely.
  39. Moon at 89 hours,28 minutes, and 39 seconds, the exact time calculated. When, voice ,contact was regained, Lovell announced," Please be informed, there is a Santa
  40. And Marple, which features both Miss Marple and Hercules Poirot. Miss Marple's, voice ,is provided by Karl Yachigusa. Stage In 1974,Barbara Mullen played Miss
  41. Turing also consulted with Bell Labs on the development of SIGNAL, a secure, voice ,system that was used in the later years of the war. Early computers and the
  42. Minister Arm Saroyan, brother of Vaughn Saroyan, and has become the primary, voice ,of the opposition, which also includes the Armenian Communist Party, the
  43. That readers should not rely on or look for the notion of one overarching, voice ,when interpreting a written work, because of the complications inherent with a
  44. With Pollen. Film The role of Achilles has been played by: * Derek Jacobi, voice ,in Achilles (Channel Four Television) by Barry Curves (1995) * Richard
  45. Focuses on two aspects of A Modest Proposal: the voice of Swift and the, voice ,of the Proposer. Phidias stresses that a reader of the pamphlet must learn to
  46. To a tower, deciding that the quickest way to the underworld would be to die. A, voice ,stopped her at the last moment and told her a route that would allow her to
  47. Essentially" personalizing" the end result, such as an organ technician might, voice ,a particular instrument Universal components Bellows The bellows is the most
  48. That a reader of the pamphlet must learn to distinguish between the satiric, voice ,of Jonathan Swift and the apparent economic projections of the Proposer. He
  49. Results indicated that after intervention, participants improved on face and, voice ,emotional recognition for basic and complex emotions that were in the software.
  50. The changed political climate and sought to fashion his own mature cinematic, voice , " The Japanese critic Radio NATO concurs:" With defeat in World War II, many

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