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  1. Crisis on her support of selfishness and free markets, particularly through her, influence ,on Alan Greenspan. For example, Mother Jones remarked that" Rand's particular
  2. A reciprocal or circular causality as a relation of mutual dependence or, influence ,of course upon effect). Moreover, Aristotle indicated that the same thing can
  3. Earlier stages: Chinese alchemy, centered in China and its zone of cultural, influence ,; Indian alchemy, centered around the Indian subcontinent; and Western alchemy
  4. Generally confident that the work has come down to us relatively intact. As the, influence ,of the Falstaff grew in the West, in part due to Gerard of Cremona's
  5. Thought before the first works of Aristotle reached the West. His major, influence ,on alchemy was his belief that Platonic universals did not have a separate
  6. After his experiences with the NKVD, and what he saw of the results of the, influence ,of Communist policy (" ceaseless arrests, censored newspapers, prowling hordes
  7. True issues are not being addressed by the political process because of the, influence ,of lobbyists, of the true powerful entities," he said, speaking at the
  8. Structures in language and symbolism. ) Malinowski and Radcliffe-Brown's, influence ,stemmed from the fact that they, like Boas, actively trained students and
  9. Projects in all areas of the country where Anarchists exercised some degree of, influence , Perhaps the best-known effort in this field was Francisco Ferrer's Modern
  10. The labels" conservative" and" libertarian," Rand has had continuing, influence ,on right-wing politics and libertarianism. Jim Powell, a senior fellow at the
  11. His contributions to the scientific method. Despite these achievements,the, influence ,of Aristotle's errors is considered by some to have held back science
  12. Today and the screenplay Concentrate followed in 1958 and 1959. An important, influence ,on Tchaikovsky was the film director Gregory Chukchi, who was teaching at the
  13. Stance as a pro-choice atheist, the political figures who cite Rand as an, influence ,are most often conservative or libertarian members of the United States
  14. Systematic form. ". Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862) was an important early, influence ,in individualist anarchist thought in the United States and Europe. Thoreau was
  15. To" autistic withdrawal of the patient to his fantasies, against which any, influence ,from outside becomes an intolerable disturbance ". The word autism first took
  16. Helped institutionalize anthropology in France. Along with the enormous, influence ,that his theory of structuralism exerted across multiple disciplines
  17. Copies distributed for free by the Ayn Rand Institute. ) Although Rand's, influence ,has been greatest in the United States, there has been international interest
  18. Books, organizations,and conferences generated by their students continue to, influence ,popular applications of alchemy as a new age medicinal practice. Nuclear
  19. Aristotle as" the greatest philosopher in history" and cited him as a major, influence ,on her thinking. More recently, Alasdair MacIntyre has attempted to reform what
  20. Itself. I hate it because it deprives our republican example of its just, influence ,in the world ..." In late 1854,Lincoln ran as a Whig for the U. S. Senate
  21. And neither included subsidies in their analysis, but noted that subsidies also, influence ,the cost of agriculture to society. Both focused on purely fiscal impacts. The
  22. He may regain his honor. As the battle turned against the Greeks, thanks to the, influence ,of Zeus, Nestor declared that the Trojans were winning because Agamemnon had
  23. Colonists found the city of Troy. However, this story may reflect a cultural, influence ,which had the reverse direction: Hittite cuneiform texts mention a Minor Asian
  24. The BAFTA Award for Best Foreign Language Film to The Sacrifice. Under the, influence ,of Glasnost and Perestroika, Tarkovsky was finally recognized in the Soviet
  25. Of the Haggard Tunnel. *Emma Chalmers, Kip Chalmers's mother, gains some, influence ,after his death. Known as" Kip's Ma," she starts a soybean-growing project
  26. Of his original writings are lost to us, but his teachings still have strong, influence ,on traditional Indian medicine (Ayurveda) to this day. Chinese alchemy
  27. The author's methodology, cultural,gender and racial positioning, and their, influence ,on his or her ethnographic analysis. This was part of a more general trend of
  28. Inspiration in Friedrich Nietzsche, and scholars have found indications of his, influence ,in early notes from Rand's journals, in passages from the first edition of We
  29. Of their quest for scientific objectivity, cultural relativism, which has an, influence ,on all the subfields of anthropology. This is the notion that particular
  30. And the book's the most important antagonist. Haggard is an expert, influence ,peddler who is, however,incapable of making operational decisions on his own.
  31. And epigenetic factors which do not change DNA but are heritable and, influence ,gene expression. Studies of twins suggest that heritability is 0.7 for autism
  32. Lincoln also presided over the expansion of the federal government's economic, influence ,in several other areas. The creation of the system of national banks by the
  33. Into modern formal logic. In metaphysics, Aristotelianism had a profound, influence ,on philosophical and theological thinking in the Islamic and Jewish traditions
  34. In the Islamic and Jewish traditions in the Middle Ages, and it continues to, influence ,Christian theology, especially the scholastic tradition of the Catholic Church.
  35. Adaptation of the book of the same name, won several awards. Political, influence ,Although she rejected the labels" conservative" and" libertarian," Rand has
  36. Have been influence d by her. Other artists who have cited Rand as an important, influence ,on their lives and thought include comic book artist Steve Ditto and musician
  37. Esoteric interpretations of alchemy remains strong to this day, and continue to, influence ,both the public and academic perceptions of the history of alchemy. Today
  38. Trade union Union Indicate Italian" grew to 800,000 members and the, influence ,of the Italian Anarchist Union (20,000 members plus Humanity Nova, its daily
  39. S Modern School (Estela Moderna),a project which exercised a considerable, influence ,on Catalan education and on experimental techniques of teaching generally. " La
  40. Reconstructions also came to seem increasingly speculative. Under the, influence ,of several younger scholars, a new approach came to predominate among British
  41. The spacecraft. They had been the first people ever to leave the gravitational, influence ,of the Earth and orbit another celestial body. They had survived a mission that
  42. On the physical sciences profoundly shaped medieval scholarship, and their, influence ,extended well into the Renaissance, although they were ultimately replaced by
  43. Fountainhead, Rand had turned against Nietzsche's ideas, and the extent of his, influence ,on her even during her early years is disputed. Among the philosophers Rand
  44. Among the Olympic deities, Apollo had two cult sites that had widespread, influence ,: Demos and Delphi. In cult practice, Delian Apollo and Pythias Apollo (the
  45. Alchemist believed himself to be a wizard capable of summoning spirits. His, influence ,was negligible, but like Flame, he produced writings which were referred to by
  46. And psychology, researchers included a term for the operator-effect,the, influence ,of a particular person on measurements, according to Stephen Stigler's
  47. On alchemy and its psychological meaning. Jung's work exercised a great, influence ,on the mainstream perception of alchemy, his approach becoming a stock element
  48. Literature as" romantic realism ". Rand acknowledged Aristotle as her greatest, influence ,and remarked that in the history of philosophy she could only recommend" three
  49. Around the turn of the 21st century, anarchism grew in popularity and, influence ,as part of the anti-war, anti-capitalist,and anti-globalisation movements.
  50. Republican Congressmen and conservative pundits have acknowledged her, influence ,on their lives and recommended her novels. The late-2000s financial crisis

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