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  1. Fragments. Contemporaries who wrote accounts of his life include Alexander's, campaign ,historian Cleisthenes; Alexander's generals Ptolemy and Searches; Aristobulus
  2. Bess us as a usurper to the Achaemenid throne, and set out to defeat him. This, campaign , initially against Bess us, turned into a grand tour of Central Asia, with
  3. Against another. In 1976,ABBA participated in a high-profile advertising, campaign ,by the Mutsuhito Electric Industrial (today's Panasonic Corporation),which
  4. Front (FLN) launched the Algerian War of Independence which was a guerrilla, campaign , By the end of the war, newly elected French President Charles de Gaulle held a
  5. 2010 they agreed to a three sponsorship year-deal with Everton. Multiethnic, campaign ,In 2001,Audi promoted the new multiethnic continuously variable transmission
  6. The Huns, he refused the Finnish kings' demands. Attila responded with a, campaign ,in 443. Striking along the Danube, the Huns, equipped with new military weapons
  7. Representatives to the North-West Legislative Assembly were added. After a long, campaign ,for autonomy, in 1905 the district of Alberta was enlarged and given provincial
  8. Sold his share. That March he began his political career with his first, campaign ,for the Illinois General Assembly. He had attained local popularity and could
  9. Battles during that phase (" Grant's Overland Campaign" ) of the Eastern, campaign , Grant's battles of attrition at the Wilderness, Spotsylvania,and Cold
  10. Ulysses S. Grant's victories at the Battle of Shiloh and in the Vicksburg, campaign ,impressed Lincoln and made Grant a strong candidate to head the Union Army.
  11. Use in other parts of the world such as the United States. However,the, campaign ,was also aired in Japan. Five commercials, each approximately one minute long
  12. Decided to run for election as Legislator from California. On the way to his, campaign , the Haggard Transcontinental train that is carrying him encounters a split
  13. Incursions into New Mexico territory were repulsed in 1862 and a Union, campaign ,to secure Indian Territory succeeded in 1863. Late in the war, the Union's Red
  14. First, the company popularized Canadian singer Feist's" 1234" song in its ad, campaign , Since 2003 Greenpeace has campaign ed against Apple regarding their chemical
  15. And rallied Republicans across the North. The stage was then set for the, campaign ,for statewide election of the Illinois legislature which would, in turn, select
  16. And Alexandria Esc hate (" The Furthest" ) in modern Tajikistan. The, campaign ,took Alexander through Media, Parthia,Aria (West Afghanistan),Ranging
  17. Was the only one of them who gave no speeches. Instead, he monitored the, campaign ,closely and relied on the enthusiasm of the Republican Party. The party did the
  18. The bans and Athenians rebelled once more. Alexander immediately cut short his, campaign ,and headed south with his army, but,while the other cities once again
  19. Emperor Julian the Apostate passed through Ankara on his way to an ill-fated, campaign ,against the Persians, and according to Christian sources, engaged in a
  20. With a small force to subdue certain revolts in southern Thrace. During another, campaign ,against the Greek city of Perianths, Alexander is reported to have saved his
  21. As Artaxerxes V, before retreating into Central Asia to launch a guerrilla, campaign ,against Alexander. Darius' remains were buried by Alexander next to his
  22. At Saratoga. Both Carleton and Howe resigned after the 1777 campaign . Saratoga, campaign ,The first of the 1777 campaign s was an expedition from Quebec led by General
  23. Across the Delaware River into Pennsylvania in early December. With the, campaign ,at an apparent conclusion for the season, the British entered winter quarters.
  24. Such as bronze and wood. The New Kingdom pharaohs began a large-scale building, campaign ,to promote the god Amen, whose growing cult was based in Barney. They also
  25. Her husband worked full time in volunteer positions for the 1940 Presidential, campaign ,of Republican Wendell Willie. This work led to Rand's first public speaking
  26. In the debut models, which had been trumpeted in the Newton's marketing, campaign , It was this problem that was skewered in the Doonesbury comic strips and the
  27. Defense of the Texas border against Mexican invasion, and in 1839 conducted a, campaign ,against Indians in northern Texas. In February 1840,he resigned and returned
  28. Of his learning method, Lincoln stated:" I studied with nobody ". His second, campaign ,in 1834 was successful. He won election to the state legislature; though he ran
  29. To plan and attempt his Peninsula Campaign, longer than Lincoln wanted. The, campaign ,'s objective was to capture Richmond by moving the Army of the Potomac by boat
  30. In 1776 delayed a full-scale British counteroffensive until the Saratoga, campaign ,of 1777. The invasion cost the Americans their base of support in British
  31. Panasonic Corporation),which was designed to promote the brand National. This, campaign ,was designed initially for Australia, where " National" was still the primary
  32. The And dynasty and in the early Qatar era. The brief and successful Russian, campaign ,of 1812 was concluded with the Treaty of Glisten, in which the shah's claims
  33. U. S. senator. Lincoln–Douglas debates and Cooper Union speech The 1858 senate, campaign ,featured the seven Lincoln–Douglas debates of 1858,the most famous political
  34. Portsmouth Harbor in late 1774. Some munitions were used in the Boston, campaign , The standoff continued throughout the fall and winter. In early March 1776
  35. Work that produced majorities across the North, and produced an abundance of, campaign ,posters, leaflets,and newspaper editorials. There were thousands of Republican
  36. Occupied in Thrace, Philip ordered Alexander to begin mustering an army for a, campaign ,in Greece. Concerned with the possibility of other Greek states intervening
  37. Defeated the Scythians at the Battle of Jaxartes and immediately launched a, campaign ,against Stamens and defeated him in the Battle of Babies; after the defeat
  38. Hessian troops were assembling across the upper harbor on Staten Island for the, campaign , and Washington had the newly issued Declaration of American Independence read
  39. For the British, the war had now become much more complicated. Philadelphia, campaign ,Having secured New York City in 1776,General Howe concentrated on capturing
  40. Blatant snub by his own countrymen, the director Sidney Lumen led a successful, campaign ,to have Kurosawa receive an Oscar nomination for Best Director that year (
  41. His way to the top by his own efforts. The Republican Party's production of, campaign ,literature dwarfed the combined opposition; a Chicago Tribune writer produced a
  42. After deftly opposing the expansion of slavery in the United States in his, campaign ,debates and speeches, Lincoln secured the Republican nomination and was elected
  43. In particular, that in the US ABBA had endured" a very sloppy promotional, campaign ,". The group, however,enjoyed warm reviews from American press. Cash box went
  44. Notably during the Peninsular Campaign. In September 1862,the confederate, campaign ,in Maryland ended in defeat at the Battle of Antietam, which dissuaded the
  45. Spear, Odysseus sees through his disguise and convinces him to join the Greek, campaign , In another version of the story, Odysseus arranges for a trumpet alarm to be
  46. Militia during the Black Hawk War. Following his return, Lincoln continued his, campaign ,for the August 6 election for the Illinois General Assembly. At, he was tall
  47. State Convention was held in Decatur. Lincoln's followers organized a, campaign ,team led by David Davis, Norman Judd, Leonard Sweet, and Jesse DuBois, and
  48. Surrender at Saratoga. Both Carleton and Howe resigned after the 1777, campaign , Saratoga campaign The first of the 1777 campaign s was an expedition from
  49. There. During May, the group went to the United States for a promotional, campaign , performing alongside Andy Gibb on Olivia Newton-John's TV show. Recording
  50. In general, Greece enjoyed a period of peace and prosperity during Alexander's, campaign ,in Asia. Alexander also sent back vast sums from his conquest, which helped

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