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  1. Of its exoteric practical applications, and its esoteric aspects. The, former ,is pursued by historians of the physical sciences who have examined the subject
  2. For an earlier project, and his part in the creation of nuclear weapons. To his, former ,student Salt, Stadler represents the epitome of human evil, as the" man who
  3. Reacting coldly or angrily to those who disagreed with her. However, some, former , NBI students believe the extent of these behaviors has been exaggerated, with
  4. And bond angles An alkane molecule has only C – H and C – C single bonds. The, former ,result from the overlap of a SP³-orbital of carbon with the 1s-orbital of a
  5. Is linked to form a loop. According to the definition by IUPAC,the, former ,two are alkanes, whereas the third group is called cycloalkanes. Saturated
  6. Between veins and arteries, noting that the latter pulse while the, former ,do not. Though a few ancient atomisms such as Lucretius challenged the
  7. Device, the Russian abacus was in use in all shops and markets throughout the, former ,Soviet Union, and the usage of it was taught in most schools until the 1990s.
  8. Same year, first parliamentary and presidential elections were held. In the, former , the MPA won an absolute majority. In the latter, President José Eduardo dos
  9. Spoken by the different ethnic groups plus Portuguese due to its being a, former ,Portuguese colony. The indigenous languages with the largest usage are Ubuntu
  10. Founded in 1721. The major geographical theorist of the empire was actually a, former ,Swedish prisoner-of-war, taken at the Battle of Poltava in 1709 and assigned to
  11. To the civil war have prevented them until 2002 from restoring many of their, former ,inland mission stations. The Roman Catholic and some major Protestant
  12. Meaningless. Lexical ambiguity is contrasted with semantic ambiguity. The, former ,represents a choice between a finite number of known and meaningful
  13. Venue. * The Vanity Fair after-party, historically held at the, former ,Morton's restaurant, is now for the 2nd year at the Sunset Towers. Actress (
  14. CABG OC) from 1968 onwards. Ever since Portugal handed over sovereignty of its, former ,overseas province of Angola to the local independence groups (MPA, UNITA, and
  15. Anarchist votes helped bring the popular front back to power. Months later,the, former ,ruling class responded with an attempted coup causing the Spanish Civil War (
  16. CPLP) as a forum for cultural exchange and expanding ties with Portugal (its, former ,ruler) and Brazil (which shares many cultural affinities with Angola) in
  17. Relations between the two countries have not always been cordial due to the, former ,French government's policy of supporting militant separatists in Angola's
  18. Up a temporary federal agency designed to meet the immediate material needs of, former ,slaves. The law assigned land for a lease of three years with the ability to
  19. Removal of General George B. McClellan as commander of the Union Army. Using, former ,slaves in the military was official government policy after the issuance of the
  20. To be 'a leader to the Greeks and a despot to the barbarians, to look after the, former ,as after friends and relatives, and to deal with the latter as with beasts or
  21. With a calf's sales price of US$120–200 (both 2008 figures). With the, former , scarcity and high cost of land is compensated with public subsidies, the
  22. The NFL merged with the American Football League (AFL) in 1970. All the 10, former , AFL teams along with the NFL's Cleveland Browns, Pittsburgh Steelers, and the
  23. Of bombings, assassinations and ambushes. Some Afghan groups (including the, former ,intelligence chief Mullah Sale and opposition leader Dr. Abdullah)
  24. Diagnostic Ultrasound in Microgravity Study in which astronauts (including, former ,ISS commanders Leroy Chico and Kennedy Padilla) perform ultrasound scans under
  25. Initiated a conquest of the lost territories, which restored Portugal to its, former ,possessions by 1650. Treaties regulated relations with Kongo in 1649 and Nina
  26. Leaders began in 1974 a process of political change at home and accepted its, former ,colonies' independence abroad. In Angola, a fight for the conquest of power
  27. A" father figure" to Agassi. In December 2008 Agassi's childhood friend and, former ,business manager, Perry Rogers, sued Graph for $50,000 in management fees he
  28. And the successors to the Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman empires). In the, former , the encounter with multiple, distinct cultures, often very different in
  29. Anthem *Mike Man, current Prime-Minister Cabinet Mike Man 1 *Sidney Poison, former ,MLB player currently a free agent The Articles of Confederation, formally the
  30. Born April 29, 1970) is a retired American professional tennis player and, former ,World No. 1. Generally considered by critics and fellow players to be one of
  31. Orchid (Offs spheres); the latter is dependent for pollination on the, former , Sand bees use pheromones in order to identify a mate; in the case of A.
  32. BTU) in 2002. Combined with other factors (such as over-development of, former ,farm lands, rising transportation costs, climate change, growing consumer
  33. Taliban on September 27, 1996,Ahmad Shah Massed and Abdul Rashid Dos tum, two, former , archnemesis, created the United Front (Northern Alliance) against the Taliban
  34. Later published some of these articles in book form. Critics, including some, former ,FBI students and Branden himself, have described the culture of FBI as one of
  35. Myths (audio) Achilles in later art Drama *Achilles is portrayed as a, former ,hero who has become lazy and devoted to the love of Patrols, in William
  36. Roads Ltd. Two products resulted, namely Clara, and Caliphate, with the, former ,being manufactured by Clara Roads and the latter by Claridge's Patent
  37. And there is very little noise. DER2 realized a slimmer body than that of the, former ,version by using a smaller cylinder. Outwardly DER2 has a more beautiful
  38. With a small (1 %) population of whites, mainly ethnically Portuguese (as a, former ,overseas territory of Portugal until 1975,the Portuguese makeup currently the
  39. Declined the invitation. Einstein refrigerator In 1926,Einstein and his, former ,student Leo Szilard co-invented (and in 1930,patented) the Einstein
  40. Knowledge ... namely, sensibility and understanding, objects being given by the, former ,sensibility and thought by the latter understanding. " Schopenhauer disagreed.
  41. Ballot, beating candidates such as William H. Seward and Salmon P. Chase. A, former ,Democrat Hannibal Hamlin of Maine was nominated for Vice President to balance
  42. Following the Alaska Purchase. It contains the state capital, Juneau,the, former ,capital, Sitka, and the large town of Ketchikan. The road systems leading from
  43. Of the order Salient. Practical considerations seem to favor using the, former ,arrangement now. The Lissamphibia, superorder Salient, are traditionally
  44. Spent almost two frustrating years searching for a teaching post, but a, former ,classmate's father helped him secure a job in Bern, at the Federal Office for
  45. Force on the heroes to achieve the ends of the looters. Dr. Robert Stapler A, former ,professor at Patrick Henry University, mentor to Francisco d'Antonia, John Salt
  46. S first president was the FLN leader Ahmed Ben Bella. He was overthrown by his, former ,ally and defense minister, Houari Comedienne in 1965. Under Ben Bella, the
  47. Well above sea level, this meant that TAI slowed down, by about 10−12. The, former ,uncorrected timescale continues to be published, under the name EAL (Michelle
  48. By the KGB. Evidence for this hypothesis includes several testimonies by, former ,KGB agents, who claim that Viktor Cheerios gave the order to eradicate
  49. Then quality. William Fried kin, an Academy Award-winning film director and, former ,producer of the ceremony, expressed this sentiment at a conference in New York
  50. The key distinguishing factor between direct and collateral appeals is that the, former ,occurs in state courts, and the latter in federal courts. Relief in

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