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  1. Down to the ocean. An old British observation post, built during World War I to, prevent ,the Germans from landing arms for the Irish Republican Army, is still standing
  2. Abortion when it is performed to save the life of the pregnant woman;, prevent ,harm to the woman's physical or mental health; terminate a pregnancy where
  3. Dispatcher for the Colorado Division of Haggard Transcontinental, who tries to, prevent ,the Haggard Tunnel disaster. *Dr. Bridgett is the scientist who pulls the lever
  4. Leigh:" I fear she is more inherently wicked than he ever was ". This did not, prevent ,Lovelace's mother from attempting to destroy her daughter's image of her
  5. College in Aarhus, Denmark ) demonstrated that a chlorhexidine compound could, prevent ,the build-up of dental plaque. The reason for chlorhexidine effectiveness is
  6. That the Afghan government plans to start in 2012,it is expected to help, prevent ,major fraud in future elections and improve the security situation. Political
  7. Arm the multinational Mujahideen fighters inside Pakistan, which was aimed to, prevent ,the Soviet Union from reaching the oil-rich Persian Gulf through Balochistan.
  8. Who had the courage to tell Hitler that the war was lost and to take steps to, prevent ,the senseless destruction of production facilities, both in occupied
  9. India since 2006. Technology Body shells Audi produces 100 % galvanized cars to, prevent ,corrosion, and was the first mass-market vehicle to do so, following
  10. While Kierkegaard explains that the absurdity of certain religious truths, prevent ,us from reaching God rationally. Camus regretted the continued reference to
  11. Program in the late twentieth century. This program was designed to, prevent ,drinking of bacteria-contaminated surface waters, but failed to test for
  12. Are calm and docile but should be handled carefully. Grooming is necessary to, prevent ,the fiber from matting and felting on the rabbit. A condition called" wool
  13. So the courage and supreme skill of the central characters will not, prevent ,the ultimate destruction of themselves or their class. As Kurosawa’s career
  14. Works of other comic dramatists. An elaborate series of lotteries, designed to, prevent ,prejudice and corruption, reduced the voting judges at the City Dionysian to
  15. Supports to ensure correct posture. Key guards fit over the keyboard to help, prevent ,unintentional key presses. Alternatively, Assistive Technology may attempt to
  16. With an adobe blend heavily impregnated with cement to allow even drying and, prevent ,major cracking. Traditional adobe roof More traditional adobe roofs were often
  17. Primarily by the fulfillment of their own needs and wants. Thus, to forcefully, prevent ,people from accumulating private capital, which could result in further
  18. Troops. Name "/IN"> mcpherson39"/> Alarmed at the loss, and in an attempt to, prevent ,more slave states from leaving the Union, the U. S. Congress passed the
  19. Arm the main engine for lift off from the Moon. There was concern this would, prevent ,firing the engine, stranding them on the Moon. Fortunately a felt-tip pen was
  20. It is also stated that Hera kidnapped Militia, the goddess of childbirth, to, prevent , Leto from going into labor. The other gods tricked Hera into letting her go by
  21. With raw meat, white linen, sutures,nets, pads and swabs soaked with honey to, prevent ,infection, while opium was used to relieve pain. Garlic and onions were used
  22. Plague (λοιμός) to the Achaeans. The god who sends a disease can also, prevent ,from it, therefore when it stops they make a purifying ceremony, and they offer
  23. Rise to innovations like conservation tillage, a farming process which helps, prevent ,land loss to erosion, water pollution and enhances carbon sequestration.
  24. Commandments were designed to unite the animals together against the humans and, prevent ,animals from following the humans' evil habits. Since not all the animals
  25. Or rain that would find use in precipitous roofs. Cement may be introduced to, prevent ,moisture from penetrating the composite of mud and organic matter. Vegas are
  26. The famous scene in which the castle is attacked and set on fire, in order to, prevent ,the Styrofoam“ stones” from melting in the heat, the art department coated
  27. For example, an argon atmosphere is used in graphite electric furnaces to, prevent ,the graphite from burning. Argon gas also has uses in incandescent and
  28. Pus from infecting neighboring structures. However, such encapsulation tends to, prevent ,immune cells from attacking bacteria in the pus, or from reaching the causative
  29. Apollo missions usually planted the American flags at least from the LM to, prevent ,its being blown over by the ascent engine exhaust. After rendezvous with
  30. Be punished? The State, Schopenhauer claimed, punishes criminals in order to, prevent ,future crimes. It does so by placing" beside every possible motive for
  31. Sp) which attack crops being cultivated. Ironically, the property that they, prevent ,the soil from drying out can also be problematic for commercial agriculture.
  32. Navy helicopter hovering above attached a sea anchor to the command module to, prevent ,it from drifting. Additional divers attached flotation collars to stabilize the
  33. Of the divided groups of socialists, anarchists,liberals, and nationalists, to, prevent , further revolt. In 1864 the International Workingmen's Association (sometimes
  34. An alternative argument is that the way to 'save the environment' and, prevent ,famine is by using pesticides and intensive high yield farming, a view
  35. Class” which at that stage formed in Luanda and other cities began too often, prevent ,their children from learning the local African language, in order to guarantee
  36. Who claim that Viktor Cheerios gave the order to eradicate Tchaikovsky to, prevent ,what the Soviet government and the KGB saw as anti-Soviet propaganda by
  37. The Production of Security, argued," No government should have the right to, prevent ,another government from going into competition with it, or to require consumers
  38. Which are also produced by alcohol dehydrogenase. An effective treatment to, prevent ,toxicity after methanol or ethylene glycol ingestion is to administer ethanol.
  39. Body line caused such a furor in Australia that diplomats had to intervene to, prevent ,serious harm to Anglo-Australian relations, and the MCC eventually changed the
  40. Unlike hospital-acquired MRSA that may only be sensitive to vancomycin IV). To, prevent ,recurrent infections due to Staphylococcus, consider the following measures:
  41. Bodies. The objective of the training was to enhance Azerbaijan's ability to, prevent ,the spread of weapon of mass destruction and related materials. According to a
  42. As well as guidelines on ethical standards to be programmed into robots to, prevent ,human abuse of robots and vice versa. United States Walt Disney and a staff of
  43. For alkanes are natural gas and oil. They protect the plant against water loss, prevent ,the leaching of important minerals by the rain, and protect against bacteria
  44. For example, an argon atmosphere is used in graphite electric furnaces to, prevent ,the graphite from burning. For some of these processes, the presence of
  45. In a draw. The Confederacy lost the Virginia when the ship was scuttled to, prevent ,capture, and the Union built many copies of Monitor. Lacking the technology to
  46. From becoming too much of a burden on her employer, but does nothing to, prevent ,her from becoming too much of a burden on others. She has authored over
  47. Of the government, hopes to use Alex as a symbol of state brutality and thereby, prevent ,the incumbent government from being re-elected, he begins to realize Alex's
  48. Wounds, or injecting needles). It is a defensive reaction of the tissue to, prevent ,the spread of infectious materials to other parts of the body. One example of
  49. And sometimes celebrating a symbolic marriage. The rules of competition did not, prevent ,a playwright arranging and adjusting these elements to suit his particular
  50. Anxiety. This might indicate that anxiety is a protective mechanism designed to, prevent ,the organism from engaging in potentially harmful behaviors. Although single

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