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  1. Entire Objectives movement as a cult or religion. Rand expressed opinions on a, wide ,range of topics, including literature, music,sexuality, even facial hair, and
  2. A test drive? " The clause" You could do with" presents a statement with such, wide ,possible interpretation as to be essentially meaningless. Lexical ambiguity is
  3. Many people with serious visual impairments live independently, using a, wide ,range of tools and techniques. Examples of assistive technology for visually
  4. Families and the Korean language isolate. These languages are spoken in a, wide ,arc stretching from northeast Asia through Central Asia to Anatolia and eastern
  5. Name" Helvetius" ( from Helvetian," Switzerland" ). This has not received, wide ,recognition, and he re-announced the discovery in 1942,now with English
  6. Mainly of large housing blocks situated among green spaces, connected to, wide ,roads, making the neighborhoods easily accessible by motor car. The western
  7. The oldest counting board discovered so far. It is a slab of white marble long, wide , and thick, on which are 5 groups of markings. In the center of the tablet is a
  8. And PDD are often used interchangeably. The manifestations of autism cover a, wide ,spectrum, ranging from individuals with severe impairments—who may be silent
  9. New section, now centered on Kızılay, has the trappings of a more modern city:, wide ,streets, hotels,theaters, shopping malls, and high-rises. Government offices
  10. The term" alphabet" is used by linguists and paleographers in both a, wide ,and a narrow sense. In the wide r sense, an alphabet is a script that is
  11. You are an art critic whose mission is to compare the meanings you find in a, wide ,range of individual artworks. How would you proceed with your task? One way to
  12. With the national standard. However, with an international language with, wide ,variations in its dialects, such as English, it would be impossible to
  13. Can be ground up and used as a pigment. The ancient Egyptians could fabricate a, wide ,variety of objects from glass with great skill, but it is not clear whether
  14. Sale in Christie's, fetched $38.4 million. Films Warhol worked across a, wide ,range of media – painting, photography,drawing, and sculpture. In addition, he
  15. Conservatism by most physicians in regard to sexual matters prevented the, wide ,expansion of safe abortion techniques. The Soviet Union (1919),Iceland (
  16. Dating back to approximately 3 billion years in the Precambrian. They exhibit a, wide ,range of reproductive strategies, from simple, asexual cell division to complex
  17. In the Late Bronze Age and Iron Age, from the eighth century B. C. on. Its, wide ,use can be attributed to its simplicity of design and make, and the economy of
  18. I extend to you an expression of our combined gratitude and sympathy. Under a, wide ,and starry sky, Dig the grave and let me lie. Glad did I live and gladly die
  19. Of large cardinality. The proof of the independence result also shows that a, wide ,class of mathematical statements, including all statements that can be phrased
  20. Is unique in being separated from the rest of the country by a strip, some, wide , of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) along the lower Congo river.
  21. Finish his film and Ran premiered at the Tokyo Film Festival on May 31,with a, wide ,release the next day. The film was a moderate financial success in Japan, but a
  22. Method of exploring and developing theology. Alchemy was interesting to the, wide ,variety of churchmen because it offered a rationalistic view of the universe
  23. Continuing today, aikido has evolved from the Wiki that Yeshiva studied into a, wide ,variety of expressions by martial artists throughout the world. The core
  24. Horizontal line and the single vertical line. Below these lines is a, wide ,space with a horizontal crack dividing it. Below this crack is another group of
  25. The Factory," his studio during these years, and gathered around himself a, wide ,range of artists, writers,musicians, and underground celebrities. He began
  26. To the varied terrain and wide scope of the Troopers' duties, they employ a, wide ,variety of land, air,and water patrol vehicles. Many rural communities in
  27. According to Stevens are: the presence of chorionic acid, anthers longer than, wide , tapetal cells bi- to tetra-nuclear, tegmen not persistent, endosperm colonial
  28. Amount of time they need to complete compared to their input size. There is a, wide ,variety: some algorithms complete in linear time relative to input size, some
  29. Physical properties as primary aluminum. Secondary aluminum is produced in a, wide ,range of formats and is employed in 80 % of alloy injections. Another important
  30. For" hydroairplanes" and two for selenium cells. Bell's inventions spanned a, wide ,range of interests and included a metal jacket to assist in breathing, the
  31. Now believed to be separate. Their cryptic allusions and symbolism led to, wide ,variations in interpretation of the art. For example, many alchemists during
  32. Sleeves which reach to just below the elbow. Most aikido systems add a pair of, wide ,pleated black or indigo trousers called a hakama. In many styles, its use is
  33. Regarding Lincoln's views on racial issues. Black historian Throne Bennett won, wide ,attention when he called Lincoln a white supremacist in 1968. Critics
  34. Troopers enforce hunting and fishing regulations. Due to the varied terrain and, wide ,scope of the Troopers' duties, they employ a wide variety of land, air,and
  35. 2 M (s) + 2 H2O (l) → 2 MOH (a) + H₂ (g) Alkali metals form a very, wide ,range of amalgams. They tend to form ironically bonded salts with most
  36. Years after the Second World War. These suburbs contained many public parks and, wide , open spaces, and the new buildings provided improved housing conditions with
  37. Was popular contemporaneously. Currently, anthropologists pay attention to a, wide ,variety of issues pertaining to the contemporary world, including globalization
  38. Are three-thousand neat-ankled daughters of Ocean who are dispersed far and, wide , and in every place alike serve the earth and the deep waters. " The Iliad (
  39. Is a multiethnic society. The population of the country is divided into a, wide ,variety of ethnolinguistic groups. Because a systematic census has not been
  40. Less precipitation than the intermediate uplands. Terrain differences cause, wide ,local variations, but the seasonal distribution is the most consistent of any
  41. Pilot is not paid for time or expenses) and commercial use, and involving a, wide ,range of aircraft types such as business jets (biz jets),trainers, homebuilt
  42. For mental retardation has been reported as anywhere from 25 % to 70 %,a, wide ,variation illustrating the difficulty of assessing autistic intelligence. For
  43. As lectures and radio broadcasts) and the spoken Arabic varieties, spoken in a, wide ,arc of territory stretching across the Middle East and North Africa. Arabic is
  44. But are often used as a way to define or document algorithms. There is a, wide ,variety of representations possible and one can express a given Turing machine
  45. That descended from upper layers of the sea to the bottom. In contrast, their, wide , geographic dispersion in the fossil record is uncharacteristic of benthic
  46. Material. Modern agriculture is a term used to describe the, wide ,the majority of production practices employed by America’s farmers. The term
  47. Computer animation of Satoshi Tamika (most famously Saving). Story themes A, wide ,variety of stories have been adapted into anime. They are sourced from Japanese
  48. Was played as the welcome music. The song is often included in songbooks in a, wide ,variety of religious congregations in the United States. Lyrics: O beautiful
  49. Thickness is very effective at controlling inside temperature through the, wide ,daily fluctuations typical of desert climates, a factor which has contributed
  50. To the science of chemistry Practical applications of alchemy produced a, wide ,range of contributions to medicine and the physical sciences. Alchemists Jair

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