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  1. Homeowner with thermal protection enough to stabilize an even temperature, throughout ,the year. Following each individual brick should be a layer of adobe mortar
  2. And vegetables. Specific crops are cultivated in distinct growing regions, throughout ,the world. In millions of metric tons, based on FAO estimate.
  3. Showing the financial benefits of his suggestion. He uses methods of argument, throughout ,his essay which lampoon then-prominent William Petty and the social engineering
  4. Muslim populations (mainly secular and of the Sunni branch) are found, throughout ,the country whereas Orthodox Christians are concentrated in the south and Roman
  5. Will increase a child's organization skills and independent functioning, throughout ,all aspects of his life and will ease transition through adulthood. There are
  6. Form, but some are mesomorphs that retain the juvenile water-breathing form, throughout ,life. Mud puppies, for example, retain juvenile gills in adulthood. The three
  7. He struck with an arrow. Celtic epithets and cult titles Apollo was worshiped, throughout ,the Roman Empire. In the traditionally Celtic lands he was most often seen as a
  8. She would not be ready to join the strikers. He remains deeply in love with her, throughout ,the book, while also being a good and loyal friend of her other two lovers
  9. The anarchists quickly became active in organizing craft and industrial workers, throughout ,South and Central America, and until the early 1920s most of the trade unions
  10. Reach their athletic potential. His Boys & Girls Club sees 2,000 children, throughout ,the year and boasts a world-class junior tennis team. It also has a basketball
  11. And reliable device, the Russian abacus was in use in all shops and markets, throughout ,the former Soviet Union, and the usage of it was taught in most schools until
  12. Adopted by the Territorial Legislature in 1917. It is a perennial that is found, throughout ,Alaska, from Hyde to the Arctic Coast, and west to the Aleutians. * State
  13. Comprising nearly 96 % of the 25,000 species of fish. They are ubiquitous, throughout ,fresh water and marine environments from the deep sea to the highest mountain
  14. His four sons. Within a year of this death, his image began to be disseminated, throughout ,the world on stamps, and he is the only U. S. President to appear on a
  15. Differences with them, Rand strongly endorsed the writings of both men, throughout ,her career, and both of them expressed admiration for her. Once on Miles
  16. Adulterated translations of classical alchemical literature were published, throughout ,the early nineteenth century. Esoteric interpretations of alchemy remains
  17. LM. The TV camera cable remained partly coiled and presented a tripping hazard, throughout ,the EVA. Aldrin joined him on the surface and tested methods for moving around
  18. Apply to every state, Lincoln increased pressure on Congress to outlaw slavery, throughout ,the entire nation with a constitutional amendment. Lincoln declared that such
  19. Prayer in space. It caused NASA to be skittish about the issue of religion, throughout ,the rest of the Apollo program. Buzz Aldrin, on Apollo 11,self-communicated
  20. Alabama has very hot summers and mild winters with copious precipitation, throughout ,the year. Alabama receives an average of rainfall annually and enjoys a
  21. Land surveying in the west and northwest and the land ownership provisions used, throughout ,the later westward expansion beyond the Mississippi River. The Northwest
  22. Become increasingly socialist and authoritarian, and this trend continued, throughout ,Boumédienne's government. However, Boumédienne relied much more heavily on the
  23. Figures, and delivered a lecture at King's College. In 1922,he traveled, throughout ,Asia and later to Palestine, as part of a six-month excursion and speaking tour
  24. Of Attack. Fate Khan had installed 21 of his brothers in positions of power, throughout ,the Afghan Empire. After his death, they rebelled and divided up the provinces
  25. Of the Southern Plains. Winters are generally mild in Alabama, as they are, throughout ,most of the southeastern United States, with average January low temperatures
  26. Carolina. Lincoln and the Republican Party mobilized support for the draft, throughout ,the North, and replaced his losses. Lincoln authorized Grant to target the
  27. The absence of widespread knowledge of the specialized treatises of Aristotle, throughout ,the Hellenistic period, as well as for the sudden reappearance of a flourishing
  28. Languages are a large language family of Southeast Asia, also scattered, throughout ,India and Bangladesh. The name comes from the Latin word for" south" and the
  29. Part of Alaska with milder temperatures in the winter and high precipitation, throughout ,the year. Juneau averages over of precipitation a year, while other areas
  30. Accepted figure for war-affected people is 4 million. Daily conditions of life, throughout ,the country and specifically Luanda (population approximately 4 million)
  31. Because of severe wartime conditions, including extensive planting of landmines, throughout ,the countryside, agricultural activities have been brought to a near standstill
  32. Of any significant size. Small towns and Native villages are scattered, throughout , mostly along the highway and river systems. Denali National Park and Preserve
  33. Include portable telescopes and binoculars. People have studied the sky, throughout ,history in an amateur framework, without any formal method of funding. It is
  34. In chronological and theoretical sense there are classical — those created, throughout ,the 19th century — and post-classical anarchist schools — those created since
  35. Ura version. ) * a rotational wrist lock that directs upward-spiraling tension, throughout ,the arm, elbow and shoulder. * a shoulder control similar to Tokyo, but with
  36. Wiki that Yeshiva studied into a wide variety of expressions by martial artists, throughout ,the world. The core martial art from which aikido derives is Dietary
  37. Century. Middle Ages The Berber people controlled much of the Maghreb region, throughout ,the Middle Ages. The Berbers were made up of several tribes. The two main
  38. As metabolic rates remained generally lower than expected for both astronauts, throughout ,the walk, Mission Control granted the astronauts a 15-minute extension. Lunar
  39. Pencil and paper. Many blind people find this number machine a very useful tool, throughout ,life. The abacus shows how numbers, letters,and signs can be stored in a
  40. Including the large Taste of Edmonton & The Works Art & Design Festival, throughout ,the summer months. The City of Calgary is also famous for its Stampede, dubbed
  41. Average. In the southern lowlands, temperatures average about higher, throughout ,the year. The difference is greater than during the summer and somewhat less
  42. Maghreb after its Berber inhabitants),but their predation was said to extend, throughout ,the Mediterranean, south along West Africa's Atlantic seaboard, and into the
  43. Of the prologue of some XML documents. Variants As computer technology spread, throughout ,the world, different standards bodies and corporations developed many
  44. In dead and monotonous films. Awards Numerous awards were bestowed on Tchaikovsky, throughout ,his lifetime. At the Venice Film Festival he was awarded the Golden Lion. At
  45. The phylum is spoken by 200 to 300 million people primarily spread, throughout ,the Middle East, North Africa, the Horn of Africa, and parts of the Sahel. The
  46. Of the Chandra Upanishads, whose Mahayana, Tat Team As is mentioned, throughout ,The World as Will and Representation. Buddhism Schopenhauer noted a
  47. The South, Lincoln urged that speedy elections under generous terms be held, throughout ,the war. His Amnesty Proclamation of December 8,1863,offered pardons to those
  48. Was due to the Mexican engineer David Sparta Hidalgo, who in his wanderings, throughout ,Mexico found diverse engravings and paintings of this instrument and
  49. Of 2008,there were nearly 2,000 members of the LDS church in Albania, spread, throughout , ten branches with two purpose-built Chapels and one Family History Center.
  50. Hawaii),Canada, the United Kingdom, and gathers millions of viewers elsewhere, throughout ,the world. The 2007 ceremony was watched by more than 40 million Americans.

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