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  1. No Government or regional funding, or any of the Trust’s visitor or facility, rental ,fees. The Bletchley Park Science and Innovation Center (BASIC) refurbished
  2. Another application for portable air conditioner units is for the temporary, rental ,in emergency situations such as power failures at warehouses, offices,or data
  3. Calls, and 100 minutes of international calls for US$25/month. Telephone line, rental ,and unlimited local calls is only US$3/month. Radio broadcast stations:
  4. Organized groups moved with their family from project to project, for which a, rental ,allowance was issued in their pay. The CCC often provided the only paid work in
  5. In common use in businesses where multipart forms are printed, such as car, rental ,services. An overview of impact printing contains a detailed description of
  6. 51.9 %) were occupied by renters. The homeowner vacancy rate was 1.1 %; the, rental ,vacancy rate was 5.7 %. 37,042 people (50.2 % of the population) lived in
  7. Falls, South Dakota, Fargo,North Dakota, and Minneapolis, Minnesota.; Car, rental ,There are four car rental services in Aberdeen; Hertz, Avis,Payless & Toyota
  8. And a colloquial term" executive bachelor" is also used in, rental ,and sharing accommodation advertisements to indicate availability to
  9. Bat Seymour, Beit Java, Jerusalem,Tutu' and Her odium. There are also two car, rental ,departments: Mural and 'Ora bi. Buses and taxis with West Bank licenses are not
  10. Day also coincides with Quebec's Moving Day, when many fixed-lease apartment, rental ,terms expire. The bill changing the province's moving day from May 1 to July 1
  11. Lived in owner-occupied housing units and 54,635 people (48.5 %) lived in, rental ,housing units. 2000 As of the census of 2000,there were 102,743 people,44,955
  12. Outside the hotel lobby. There are several locally owned and operated vehicle, rental ,agencies in Barbados, but there are no multinational companies. The island's
  13. Fargo, North Dakota, and Minneapolis, Minnesota.; Car rental There are four car, rental ,services in Aberdeen; Hertz, Avis,Payless & Toyota Rent-A-Car. Hertz and Avis
  14. Canada and additional unspecified countries, car rental companies will deny a, rental ,to anyone who does not fit the requirements, and such a credit check may
  15. Is fierce. You can get 10 Bit/s up and down unlimited VDSL, telephone line, rental , unlimited local calls, and 100 minutes of international calls for US$25/month.
  16. Operating costs such as salaries, production costs, and everyday equipment, rental ,costs. The PM often works under the supervision of a Line Producer and directly
  17. The year. Gray's Lake, as part of popular Gray's Lake Park, features a boat, rental ,facility, fishing pier, floating boardwalks, and a park resource center.
  18. Opened on 19 November 2010. Cycling Dublin bikes is a self-service bicycle, rental ,scheme which has been in operation in Dublin since 2009. Sponsored by JCDecaux
  19. In Aberdeen; Hertz, Avis,Payless & Toyota Rent-A-Car. Hertz and Avis Car, rental ,are located in the terminal. Payless Car Rental is located in Aberdeen Flying
  20. By diplomats to become more cautious about their renters and to change their, rental ,or payment policies. Alimony and child support The issue of abusing diplomatic
  21. father's estate, in Center City, Philadelphia. The Bells then lived in various, rental ,properties in Philadelphia and Norbert, Pennsylvania until sometime around the
  22. Purchases, such as gasoline (via a pay at the pump system),lodging, or car, rental , the bank may place a hold on funds much greater than the actual purchase for a
  23. The airport. The ground level has 31 check-in counters, airline offices, car, rental , agencies,special tourist information, a juvenile court bureau to facilitate
  24. Renter using a debit card. In Canada and additional unspecified countries, car, rental , companies will deny a rental to anyone who does not fit the requirements, and
  25. Barred from federally funded housing Additionally, most job applications and, rental ,applications ask about felony history, ( except the Commonwealth
  26. don't pay fees for transactions, most only having to pay for the equipment, rental , ATM cards and EFTPOS cards were once separate, but today EFTPOS and ATM cards
  27. Imported sedans from Chinese automaker Geely to serve as police cars, taxis and, rental ,vehicles. While many older Soviet and European cars remain in service in Cuba
  28. Per month. Those of more moderate means had to pay two-thirds of their annual, rental ,income; middle class recants were fined one shilling a week, although the
  29. Signs the Civil Rights Act of 1968,prohibiting discrimination in the sale, rental , and financing of housing. *1981 – A massive riot in Brixton, South London
  30. For a fixed period of time. In some countries, such as Canada & Australia, car, rental , agencies require an actual credit card to be used, or at the very least, will
  31. Fishing boats which employed Decca's navigation charts, but users didn't pay, rental ,for using the system. In the ensuing court battle Decca lost the monopoly, and
  32. Standard international codes for airlines, airports,hotels, cities,and car, rental ,firms (for example, the three-digit codes that designate London Heathrow
  33. He briefly revisited Ireland in 1886. Also in 1892,Douglass constructed, rental ,housing for blacks, now known as Douglass Place, in the Fells Point area of
  34. Lived in owner-occupied housing units and 35,274 people (47.8 %) lived in, rental ,housing units. 2000 As of the census of 2000,there were 72,259 people,30,226
  35. Rent, alimony,and child support. Rents The bulk of diplomatic debt lies in the, rental ,of office space and living quarters. Individual debts can range from a few
  36. The only exceptions are that the profits of banks are taxed at 10 %, as is, rental ,(or other) income from land and buildings situated on the Isle of Man.
  37. As much as lines of music in his films. This played out in a scene at a video, rental ,store between Black and actress Kate Winslet. In 2007,the tribute album We
  38. To his list of 100 Greatest African Americans. *In 2003,Douglass Place,the, rental ,housing units that Douglass built in Baltimore in 1892 for blacks, was listed
  39. Witnessed a massive growth in tourism over the years and as such the property, rental ,market in Cyprus has grown alongside. Added to this is the capital growth in
  40. There are also water taxis, a water bus, a boat sharing operation, electric, rental , boats (Boat) and canal cruises, that transport people along Amsterdam's
  41. Bridge, and may take a bus or cab to the site; police sometimes find abandoned, rental ,cars in the parking lot. Currents beneath the bridge are very strong, and some
  42. 59.1 %) were occupied by renters. The homeowner vacancy rate was 1.0 %; the, rental ,vacancy rate was 4.5 %. 45,096 people (40.1 % of the population) lived in
  43. To work print screenings. This, in conjunction with its popularity as a video, rental , made it one of the first films released on DVD, resulting in a basic disc with
  44. Limited, selective local option up to 6.5 %. Sales tax applies to the sale, rental ,or lease of tangible personal property and some services. Food is taxed, but
  45. Managed to turn significant profits when word-of-mouth made it a popular video, rental ,and purchase. Harold and Maude (1971) was not successful financially at the
  46. Related rights are used to describe database rights, public lending rights (, rental ,rights),droid de suite and performers' rights. Related rights may also refer
  47. Student enrollment at the city's universities has led to greater demand for, rental ,property. This has led to the construction of new university residences and
  48. Buildings in the city, and increased rates of rent - making them the highest, rental ,rates in the province. The predominance of the universities and government
  49. Moving to his own place at 4032 57th Terrace, Vero Beach, Florida. On his, rental ,agreement form for that house, Omari gave two license-plates authorized to park
  50. A violation of copyright, which proved unsuccessful. Eventually, the sale and, rental ,of films on home video became a significant" second venue" for exhibition of

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