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  1. While the latter concept is related to forms of socialism based on independent, cooperative ,organizations such as Syndicalism, Guild socialism, libertarian socialism and
  2. Allosaurus and other theropods had largely aggressive interactions instead of, cooperative ,interactions with other members of their own species. The study in question
  3. Selling socialist novel, Looking Backward, Edward Bellamy toured the Church's, cooperative ,communities in Utah and visited with Lorenzo Snow for a week. Ruth & Reginald
  4. They were expelled from the local health-fund clinic and village synagogue. The, cooperative ,'s truck wouldn't make deliveries to their farm nor collect produce. Four
  5. Based transmission techniques such as Preceding ** Wyner-Ziv coding for, cooperative ,wireless communications ** Dirty paper coding for cooperative multiple antenna
  6. Tons - commissioned 1993 Cape Verde follows a policy of nonalignment and seeks, cooperative ,relations with all friendly states. Angola, Brazil,the People's Republic of
  7. Of Utah Socialists were Mormon. Many early socialists visited the Church's, cooperative ,communities in Utah with great interest and were well received by the Church
  8. Ceres, a crop-duster aircraft manufactured in Australia * Ceres Connection,a, cooperative ,program between MIT's Lincoln Laboratory and the Society for Science and the
  9. And through calls and songs, and participate in social behaviors, including, cooperative , breeding and hunting, flocking,and mobbing of predators. The vast majority of
  10. Behavior directly, rather than to persuade governments to change laws. The, cooperative ,movement seeks to build new institutions which conform to cooperative
  11. To enable multiple applications to be run simultaneously. Windows 9x also used, cooperative ,multitasking, but only for 16-bit legacy applications, much the same way as
  12. The excavations at the Cleveland Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry; by 1976,as a result of, cooperative ,operations,38 museums in eight countries on three continents had
  13. Hierarchies altogether and join/form a non-hierarchical association such as a, cooperative , commune, etc. Since there will be no taxes, such cooperative organizations (
  14. Of ten own their farms, while commerce and manufacturing are to large extent, cooperative , The rights of property are respected; but while a Mormon may sell his farm to
  15. Together into a right-handed coiled coil, a triple helix or" super helix ",a, cooperative ,quaternary structure stabilized by numerous hydrogen bonds. With type, I
  16. Been used in fables and children's stories to represent industriousness and, cooperative ,effort. They are also mentioned in religious texts. In the Book of Proverbs in
  17. The biological concept of Darwin's theory of evolution. Insistence on such, cooperative ,behaviors between animals was first exposed by the Russian zoologist and
  18. Coding for cooperative wireless communications ** Dirty paper coding for, cooperative ,multiple antenna or user preceding ** Downloadable algorithm: e.g.
  19. Bulgaria’s agricultural sector was private, including a number of large private, cooperative ,enterprises. A significant amount of food also is produced for direct
  20. America" at the time of his passing. Bell had understood that the NFL needed a, cooperative ,television contract with revenue-sharing, but he was never able to overcome the
  21. Taxes and license fees (such as petroleum, aviation motor fuel, telephone, cooperative , ) is shared with municipalities in Alaska. Fairbanks has one of the highest
  22. And Ruth & Reginald Wright Kauffman showed great interest in the successful, cooperative ,communities of the Church in Utah. For example, while doing research for what
  23. Laws. The cooperative movement seeks to build new institutions which conform to, cooperative ,principles, and generally does not lobby or protest politically. The Cobble
  24. API,i.e. the application could be programmed to use the preemptive or, cooperative ,model, and all legacy applications were multitasked cooperative ly within a
  25. Deed their property to the Order, and all members of the order would share the, cooperative ,'s net income, often divided into shares according to how much property was
  26. X used it for Classic applications. The network operating system Wetware used, cooperative ,multitasking up to Wetware 6.5. Cooperative multitasking is still used today on
  27. Arts (Cooking) House and Interfaith House. Currently, there are three student, cooperative ,houses at Brown. Two of the houses, Watermyn and Finland on Waterman Street
  28. The Inter-Cooperative Council at the University of Michigan, a student-housing, cooperative ,founded in 1937. The North American Students of Cooperation (PASCO) is an
  29. The two countries. Venezuela and Cuba have been close trading partners since a, cooperative ,agreement was signed between them on October 30, 2000. The new agreement meant
  30. Under Windows, effectively making Windows and Linux two coroutines, using, cooperative , multitasking to switch between them. Wine lib, a part of the Wine project, is
  31. Of activists provide free or very inexpensive web and email services using, cooperative ,computer networks that run wireless ad hoc networks. Network service is
  32. Of aviation fuels and services, is also headquartered in Ann Arbor. Many, cooperative ,enterprises were founded in the city; among those that remain are the People's
  33. Catalytic activity are called co-catalysts (cocatalysts) or promotors in, cooperative ,catalysis. Types of catalysis Catalysts can be either heterogeneous or (
  34. The South Korean Ministry of Environment announced that they will request, cooperative ,investigation at Camp Carroll officially. The USF issued a statement that
  35. Lakefront State Park district provides public access to Lake Erie. This, cooperative ,between the City of Cleveland and the State of Ohio contains six parks:
  36. Term" building society" first arose in the 18th century in Great Britain from, cooperative ,savings groups. In the UK today, building societies actively compete with banks
  37. The power system with net metering. Utility permission is required, but such, cooperative ,generation is legally mandated in some areas (for example, California ). A
  38. Was eventually supported by many computer operating systems, is known today as, cooperative ,multitasking. Although it is now rarely used in larger systems, cooperative
  39. J. Stokes in 1945,major operations did not begin there until 1960. Under a, cooperative ,effort involving nearly 40 institutions, thousands of bones were recovered
  40. Engineering Corporation which had designed test instruments and had a, cooperative ,relationship with Caltech in Pasadena. Electorate had built the Data tron 205
  41. Has no player interaction. Two player games usually do not have diplomacy (, cooperative ,games being the exception). Thus, this generally applies only to games played
  42. Donation rather than by state institutions relying on coercive taxation, or by, cooperative ,self-help by groups of individuals. Like classical liberalism, and unlike
  43. As cooperative multitasking. Although it is now rarely used in larger systems, cooperative ,multitasking was once the scheduling scheme employed by Microsoft Windows (
  44. Socialism. Additionally, capitalist systems that largely consist of either, cooperative ,or corporate ownership structures, with ownership being vested in collective
  45. With other members of their own species. The study in question noted that, cooperative ,hunting of prey much larger than an individual predator, as is commonly
  46. Since the dawn of man. Sometimes, these relationships are mutualistic, like the, cooperative ,honey-gathering among honeyguides and African peoples such as the Born. Other
  47. The relations of Pakistan with Cambodia vary and range from cultural to, cooperative ,strategical and political interests. Pakistan has an embassy in Phnom Penh
  48. Networks that run wireless ad hoc networks. Network service is provided by a, cooperative ,of neighbors, each operating a router as a household appliance. These minimize
  49. Such as a cooperative , commune,etc. Since there will be no taxes, such, cooperative , organizations (labor unions, communes,voluntary socialist associations
  50. And sauropods. Some paleontologists interpret Allosaurus as having had, cooperative ,social behavior, and hunting in packs, while others believe individuals may

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