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  1. Contract and wrap tightly around the driving sleeve. Load torque tightened the, wrap ,so it did not slip once engaged. If the pawl were held away from the sleeve the
  2. To all things in heaven and on earth under Christ" ) to gather together and, wrap ,up the cycle of the Nativity and Resurrection of Christ. Christ and salvation
  3. Surrealist romantic comedy Henry's Crime in December 2009,with filming set to, wrap ,in early 2010. After this he will be starting work as producer and star on the
  4. Of cocaine remaining on a surface after insufflation. Another oral method is to, wrap ,up some cocaine in rolling paper and swallow (parachute) it. This is
  5. The PNG file structure (with a different signature) as a container format to, wrap ,JPEG encoded image data. JNG was created as an adjunct to the MNG animation
  6. Skewer-like implement),says lacquer, and tsuka-ito (professional handle, wrap , also named make),received similar levels of artistry. Classification Length
  7. Meat into smaller manageable cuts, and pre- wrap them for commercial sale or, wrap ,them to order in butcher paper. In addition, fish and seafood may be fabricated
  8. To dump the puck) * Enfirouaper: To cheat someone. This comes from" in fur, wrap ,". Centuries ago, fur traders would sell a ballot of fur, actually filled with
  9. For implementation languages to ignore integer overflow quietly and simply, wrap ,around. If this is unacceptable, then the GP implementation must include
  10. A beautiful cloth called Sufi is also woven of silk and cotton, or with cotton, wrap ,and silk wool. Vargas are made with numerous patterns and color, having
  11. Rubber octopus props were built, with the larger one being covered with plastic, wrap ,to simulate mucus. Some stop-motion tentacles were also created for the scene
  12. References, through the attached-types mechanism. * Agents, or objects that, wrap ,computations, closely connected with closures and lambda calculus. * Once
  13. Are more complex to implement. Adders require extra logic to cause them to, wrap ,and generate a carry early. 15–20 percent more circuitry is needed for BCD add
  14. To some extent, everyday items like clothes-pins, wooden spoons or plastic, wrap ,are used as convertibles. It is commonly considered that a pleasurable BDSM
  15. Itself a reference to a torn Jaws' poster in The Hills Have Eyes. At the film's, wrap ,party, the crew held a talent contest, where Sam Rail and Bruce Campbell sang
  16. Was murdered by a thief in San Diego, California. After bringing cookies to a, wrap ,party for the show Of Mice and Men at the Old Globe Theater, he spotted and
  17. In Japan. An illustrated text adventure, Radical Dreamers was created to, wrap ,up an unresolved plot line of Throne Trigger. Though it borrows from Radical
  18. spring's torque rotated the sleeve which permitted the spring to contract and, wrap ,tightly around the driving sleeve. Load torque tightened the wrap so it did not
  19. Of c involves a linear (acyclic) convolution, where indices do not ", wrap ,around. " This can be rewritten as a cyclic convolution by taking the
  20. With some drag. Rotating the driving member the other way makes the spring, wrap ,itself tightly around the driving surface and the clutch locks up. Specialty
  21. The clutch, an electromagnet attracted the pawl away from the sleeve. The, wrap ,spring's torque rotated the sleeve which permitted the spring to contract and
  22. With a few asteroids drifting in random directions on the screen. Objects, wrap ,around screen edges — for instance, an asteroid that drifts off the top edge of
  23. Of other people. They wear Alemannic on their heads to cover their hair and, wrap ,it around their mouths and sometimes over their noses as well. They wear black
  24. And. Commands still read and write data in bytes. In most of them, the cells, wrap ,around,i.e. incrementing a cell which holds its maximal value (with the +
  25. Text when manipulating for later editing purposes (" ink text" supported word, wrap , could be formatted to be bold, italic,etc.). At any time a user could also
  26. A new source of revenue in whole-bus advertising from MTN similar to" bus, wrap ," advertising on public transit in more developed nations. There is also an
  27. Vowels (medals) are written under the initial consonant, to the right, or, wrap , around the initial from bottom to right, depending on their shape: If the vowel
  28. Driving cylinder. These clutches were lubricated with conventional oil, but the, wrap ,was so effective that the lubricant did not defeat the grip. These clutches had
  29. But suffered a 2–1 defeat. The following week Inter again had the chance to, wrap ,up their students against Saint in a home match, complete with a festive
  30. Include in-line links and images, set apart previous messages in block quotes, wrap ,naturally on any display, use emphasis such as underlines and italics, and
  31. Our scissors and our splicers. "" Before dawn-damp, cold,teeth chattering- I, wrap ,comrade Silva in a third jacket. " Quotation needed Vertov's driving vision
  32. The first instrument makers who developed and standardized them. The Ruse, wrap ,locates the B change valve above the first valve, near the thumb. The Knopf
  33. Taken down it is generally referred to as a block. Tacklers are not required to, wrap ,their arms around the ball carrier before bringing him to the ground; in fact
  34. Environment promotes the development of algae. It is therefore necessary to, wrap ,the tank with black film obscuring all light. Commercial Some commercial
  35. Announced would be shed when production of the Family II engine is set to, wrap ,up in late 2009. Vehicle lineup Corporate affairs and identity As of 22 March
  36. Somewhat mollified by his return, it was reported that she 'doth not mean to, wrap ,up his contempt without using some kind of reprehension, that he may not think
  37. By that period, the shiny armor plate was covered in dark paint and a canvas, wrap ,covered their elaborate Napoleonic style helmets. Their armor was meant to
  38. Lazio. ) Like weeks previously, on 4 May 2008 Inter once again had a chance to, wrap ,up their students race; this time against city rivals AC Milan, but suffered a
  39. In one of the episodes it is revealed why Al wears flannel - his father used to, wrap ,him in his flannel shirts when Al would get cold helping him in his workshop.
  40. A spring-loaded pawl pressed against the sleeve and kept it from rotating. The, wrap ,spring's torque kept the sleeve's tooth pressing against the pawl. To engage
  41. Difference is damped by the higher pressure before the currents can ", wrap ,around" to the other side. Motion without external radiation When the
  42. In addition to its dedicated I/O bus structure, the Nova back plane had wire, wrap ,pins that could be used for non-standard connectors or other special purposes.
  43. As belonging to a black male was later recovered from a sheet which was used to, wrap ,one of the victims. Misspelled quickly recanted his confession, citing
  44. To form one metameric nucleosome core particle, and 147 base pairs of DNA, wrap ,around this core particle 1.65 times in a left-handed super-helical turn. The
  45. Locates the B change valve above the first valve, near the thumb. The Knopf, wrap ,has the change valve behind the third valve, near the pinky finger (although
  46. The" beads on a string" structure (chromatin). # Multiple histones, wrap ,into a 30 nm fiber consisting of nucleosome arrays in their most compact form (
  47. The last minute by divine intervention. This is a useful technique to quickly, wrap ,up a story and make a happy ending, and has been used in drama many times. In
  48. A taping of Mason's monologue Sullivan, off camera, gestured that Mason should, wrap ,things up, as the show was suddenly shown live following an abbreviated address
  49. The air flows in a completely different direction on the other model. Ruse, wrap ,horns tend to be larger in the bell throat than the Knopf type. Typically
  50. Or entire branches. If the desired food item is too high up, the elephant will, wrap ,its trunk around the tree or branch and shake its food loose or sometimes

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