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  1. Human selection into the ancestor of modern maize, more than 6000 years ago. It, gradually ,spread across North America and was the major crop of Native Americans at the
  2. The state religion of the Roman Empire, the state's attitude towards the Jews, gradually ,worsened. James Carroll asserted:" Jews accounted for 10 % of the total
  3. Of invention because those tribes that emigrated early to the north, and there, gradually ,became white, had to develop all their intellectual powers and invent and
  4. Was about almost all aspects of his personal life. After his death, it became, gradually ,known and accepted that Warhol was a practicing Athenian Rite Catholic. Even
  5. States north of the Mason-Dixon line) had passed laws to abolish slavery, gradually , Congress in 1807 banned the international slave trade. Slavery faded in the
  6. Happiness and the unfairness of the situation in which he has been placed but, gradually ,comes to recognize his membership in a larger human community, which makes
  7. It in its entirety by 1080. The Turkish language and Islamic religion were, gradually ,introduced as a result of the Seljuk conquest, and this period marks the start
  8. Area, Khentiamentiu, began to be seen as an aspect of Osiris, and the deities, gradually ,merged and became regarded as one, with Osiris being assigned the epithet
  9. It oxidizes in air and is sometimes spontaneously combustible. At 100 °C, it, gradually , transforms into the stable form. The yellow allotrope of antimony is the most
  10. Population spoke an Iranian language called the Old Atari language, which was, gradually ,replaced by a Turkic language, now known as the Azerbaijani language from the
  11. During the 20th century BC the Indo-European Hittites entered the region and, gradually ,established a great empire which was destroyed by invaders in the 12th century.
  12. Misstated Rand's case. Since Rand's death in 1982,interest in her work has, gradually ,increased. Historian Jennifer Burns has identified" three overlapping waves "
  13. Acts 24:15. Survivors of Armageddon and those who are resurrected are then to, gradually ,restore earth to a paradise. After Armageddon, unrepentant sinners are punished
  14. Force in ancient warfare. Much of the Alpine region was, gradually ,settled by Germanic tribes (Lombards, Alemanni, Bavarii) from the 6th to the
  15. Byzantine Empire and the Seljuk Sultanate of Rum, with the Byzantine holdings, gradually ,being reduced. In 1255,the Mongols swept through central and eastern Anatolia
  16. Paracelsus alchemy led to the development of modern medicine. Experimentalists, gradually ,uncovered the workings of the human body, such as blood circulation (Harvey
  17. Rotten stone and oil. The final luster is given by friction with flannel. When, gradually ,heated in an oil-bath, amber becomes soft and flexible. Two pieces of amber may
  18. Around 3100 BC). The transition to a unified state actually happened more, gradually ,than ancient Egyptian writers would have us believe, and there is no
  19. Of many successive generations of Roman lawyers, a body of legal opinion which, gradually ,became authoritative. In music an" answer" (
  20. Civilization because it was the region where the mythic way of thought changed, gradually ,to the rational way of thought. It seems that the Greeks took advantage of the
  21. Having a maximum elevation near the Georgia line of little more than and, gradually ,decreasing toward the southwest, where Sand Mountain is a
  22. Influence was also exercised by the Jesuits in religion and education. War, gradually ,gave way to the philosophy of trade. The great trade routes and the agreements
  23. English, called a flick book) is a book with a series of pictures that vary, gradually ,from one page to the next, so that when the pages are turned rapidly, the
  24. Original audience enjoyed comedy mainly for the spectacle and music. The chorus, gradually ,lost its significance as New Comedy began to develop. *Obvious costumes:
  25. During World War II meant the track never reopened for racing. Competition, gradually ,spread to other parts of the British Empire. The first competition in India was
  26. Into society. As a result, an increasing number of Russian Orthodox churches, gradually ,became established within Alaska. Alaska also has the largest Quaker population
  27. Generation and forcing colonists back into the river valleys. " The Portuguese, gradually ,took control of the coastal strip during the 16th century by a series of
  28. Nobility in 189 BC, after which it was declared by Rome a" free city ", and, gradually , fell into insignificance. *Tlasimachus, Tethrippon and Synopsis Olympics 296 BC
  29. Oceanic waters contain homogeneously dispersed 235U. Its decay product,231Pa, gradually , precipitates to the bottom, so that its concentration first increases with
  30. Awards and Bu yids. At the beginning of the 11th century, the territory was, gradually ,seized by waves of Turkic Off tribes from Central Asia. The first of these
  31. GR-1,E75). From 2001 to 2004,a ring road toll-motorway (Attire Odds) was, gradually ,completed, extending from the western industrial suburb of Releasing all the way
  32. The 20th century. In 1406,Aarhus became prevalent in the written sources, and, gradually , became the norm in the 17th century. Aarhus is probably a remodeling after the
  33. Was tightly controlled by the Taliban. Since 2002,press restrictions were, gradually ,relaxed and private media diversified. Freedom of expression and the press is
  34. Have developed around a complex set of dramatic conventions and these were only, gradually ,simplified and abandoned. The City Dionysian and the Denied were celebrated in
  35. Deal (signed as" Aruba's Financial Independence" ) in which the Netherlands, gradually ,reduced its financial help to the island each successive year. The exchange
  36. Creation, by the end of the century, of over ninety colonial bishoprics; which, gradually ,coalesced into new self-governing churches on the Canadian and American models.
  37. Quite early to assist in breathing. Newt larvae have large external gills that, gradually ,disappear and the larvae of newts are quite similar to the adult form from
  38. In a Eucharistic service (" Communion in Both Kinds" ). This practice is, gradually ,being adopted in the Roman Catholic Church too, especially through the
  39. As the 16th century the place name Siberia and the ethnic demonym Scripture, gradually ,replaced Alberta and Arrest. While the two terms are popularly interpreted as
  40. Service accommodation. Although many gecekondus still remain, they too are, gradually ,being replaced by mass housing compounds, as empty land plots in the city of
  41. Cultural differences should therefore be understood as“ clonal ”," increasing, gradually ,as the distance separating groups also increases ". Departures from the
  42. Alphabet. Over time, the alphabet developed into the form shown below. Aramaic, gradually ,became the lingua franca throughout the Middle East, with the script at first
  43. Personal computer (PC) or television (TV). Many British publications have, gradually ,done away with the use of periods in abbreviations. Minimization of punctuation
  44. With cultivation. Continuous cropping (in which there is no fallow season) is, gradually ,becoming a more common mode of production because of increased profits and a
  45. Times we have another example in the case of St Bruno. Popes and sovereigns, gradually ,encroached on the rights of the monks, until in Italy the pope had usurped the
  46. Council, AD 787,to confer the tonsure and admit to the order of reader; but, gradually ,abbots, in the West also, advanced higher claims, until we find them in AD 1489
  47. Became Negroes or Blacks. In the 20th century, the colonial social structure, gradually ,started to be phased out with the introduction of universal education and
  48. With consistent practice, it will be possible to overcome the limitations, gradually , accelerating the spiritual progress. Christianity Altruism was central to the
  49. First a conqueror, then he searches unsuccessfully for the fountain of life and, gradually ,becomes a man of wisdom, has debates with Greek and Indian philosophers and
  50. At low temperatures restores its resistivity. In fresh samples, the resistivity, gradually ,increases with temperature from about 2 ohm·cm at liquid helium to 69 ohm·cm

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