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  1. Myth in a discussion concerning the determination of zero points for the, calculation ,of longitude: Modern Francis Bacon's 1627 essay The New Atlantis describes a
  2. A multiple \tau correlation can be performed by using brute force, calculation ,for low \tau values, and then progressively binning the X (t) data with a
  3. Of ammonia can be approximated by a 2-level system at low temperatures, this, calculation , is fairly simple. This premise can be applied to dark clouds, regions suspected
  4. Of tip displacement versus lateral separation for a constant current. The, calculation ,shows the extent to which scanning-tunneling-microscope images of an individual
  5. One-fifth and twice, respectively,the diameter of the full moon A more precise, calculation ,involves taking into account the slight changes in the stellar distance by the
  6. Branches, the unipolar calendar (moon calendar and sun calendar),the time, calculation ,after year, month,day and chicken (時辰). The zodiac of twelve animal signs
  7. Tactical blow that gives rise to variations that don't yield to precise, calculation ,; the other is clear positional pressure that leads to an endgame with
  8. Set about to define what was meant by an" effective method" or" effective, calculation ," or" effective inoculability" ( i.e., a calculation that would succeed).
  9. For the kings after the foundation of Rome. The correctness of Varro's, calculation ,has not been proved scientifically but is still used worldwide. Relationship
  10. Of reference in which time is to be measured, but has proved practical for the, calculation ,of Epimenides: a fuller definition that is consistent with general relativity
  11. Imported from China around 1600. The 1/4 abacus, which is suited to decimal, calculation , appeared circa 1930,and became widespread as the Japanese abandoned
  12. The motion of air (often called a flow field) around an object enables the, calculation ,of forces and moments acting on the object. Typical properties calculated for a
  13. Then group size typically increases. For example mathematical statistical, calculation ,yields the following accuracy for exactly the same rifle and ammunition
  14. Overcome, the rivers and lakes afford a vast network of navigable waters. The, calculation ,of the areas of African drainage systems, made by Dr A. Luau (Determines
  15. That without monetary prices and private property, meaningful economic, calculation ,is impossible. The Austrian economist Böhm-Bawerk wrote extensive critiques of
  16. Themselves as a school distinct from neoclassical economics during the economic, calculation ,debate with socialist economists. Ludwig on Miles and his student Friedrich A.
  17. And also allowed Bradley to formulate a set of rules that would allow the, calculation ,of the effect on any given star at a specified date. However, he was no closer
  18. Can result in artificially high absorption and an improperly high (erroneous), calculation , for the concentration or mass of the analyte in the sample. There are several
  19. Abolished until Novel XCIV of the law code of Leo VI did so in 888. Another, calculation ,had been developed by the Alexandrian monk Innings around the year AD 400
  20. Significance From Emperor Claudius (reigned AD 41–54) onwards,Varro's, calculation ,(see below) superseded other contemporary calculation s. Celebrating the
  21. And energy generation in the stellar interior. However, his results allowed for, calculation ,of temperature, density and pressure at all points inside a star, and Eddington
  22. Distance 30 light years, so the displacement is 3 arc minutes and a half. This, calculation ,also includes an allowance for light-time correction, and is therefore
  23. Of writing, double-entry produced effects that exceeded transcription and, calculation , One of its social effects was to proclaim the honesty of merchants as a group;
  24. Why Epimenides are calculated in astronomical units and not in SI units. The, calculation ,of Epimenides also requires a consideration of the effects of general
  25. Of the author's name, gave rise to the word algorithm (Latin algorithms,", calculation ,method" ). Fibonacci, a mathematician born in the Republic of Pisa who had
  26. Especially when connecting via another ISP). AOL disclosed its connection-time, calculation ,methods to all of its customers and credited them with extra free hours. In
  27. Circa 1930,and became widespread as the Japanese abandoned hexadecimal weight, calculation ,which was still common in China. The abacus is still manufactured in Japan
  28. A scholarly competition between himself and another scribe regarding every day, calculation ,tasks such as accounting of land, labor and grain. Texts such as the Rhine
  29. Certain, often quite personal experiences, and test, by the trigonometrical, calculation ,of the paths of several rays, whether the system gives the desired reproduction
  30. Expression finds all prime numbers from 1 to R. In both time and space,the, calculation ,complexity is O (R²) (in Big O notation). (~RARE. ×R)/R←1↓⍳R Executed from
  31. Implies the classical law of costs. Economic calculation problem The economic, calculation ,problem is a criticism of socialist economics. It was first proposed by Max
  32. Of value on which it is based, as well as contributions to the" economic, calculation ,debate" which concerns the allocative properties of a centrally planned
  33. It is likely that he was not the first to determine the solstices, because no, calculation ,is necessary. On the other hand, equinoxes do not correspond to the middle
  34. Time) fuses which they replaced. Mechanical time fuses required an accurate, calculation ,of their running time, which was affected by non-standard conditions. With HE (
  35. Well-defined instructions for calculating a function. Algorithms are used for, calculation , data processing, and automated reasoning. In simple words an algorithm is a
  36. Impossible to verify by humans due to the enormous size of the program's, calculation ,(such proofs are called non-surveyable proofs). Another example would be the
  37. Of marginal utility necessarily implies the classical law of costs. Economic, calculation ,problem The economic calculation problem is a criticism of socialist economics.
  38. Much pleasure as the discovery of a theoretic truth, or the confirmation of a, calculation ,by experiment ". His name is one of the 72 names inscribed on the Eiffel Tower.
  39. Where they intersect with the vertical line. Roman abacus The normal method of, calculation ,in ancient Rome, as in Greece, was by moving counters on a smooth table.
  40. For others, a program is only an algorithm if it stops before a given number of, calculation ,steps. A prototypical example of an algorithm is Euclid's algorithm to
  41. Method" or" effective calculation " or" effective inoculability" ( i.e.,a, calculation ,that would succeed). In rapid succession the following appeared: Alonzo Church
  42. As navigator. Although Mission Control performed all the actual navigation, calculation , it was necessary to have a crew member serving as navigator so that the crew
  43. Some target acquisition devices. Traditional survey methods of measurement and, calculation ,have been replaced by inertial orientation and navigators and GPS.
  44. Branches, the unipolar calendar (moon calendar and sun calendar),the time, calculation ,after year, month,day and chicken (時辰). The Chinese zodiac of twelve animal
  45. In most cases, however,the analytical difficulties were too great for older, calculation ,methods but may be ameliorated by application of modern computer systems.
  46. Close to the optimum focal plane. An extended theory that allows the, calculation ,of the point image amplitude and intensity over a much larger volume in the
  47. Any result is sought by its aid, the question will then arise—By what course of, calculation ,can these results be arrived at by the machine in the shortest time? " Computer
  48. Or one hundred was written eight times respectively. Because their methods of, calculation ,could not handle most fractions with a numerator greater than one, they had to
  49. Primary schools as part of mathematics, primarily as an aid to faster mental, calculation , Using visual imagery of a Saroyan can arrive at the answer in the same time (
  50. System of astronomical constants in 1896,which remained in place for the, calculation ,of Epimenides until 1964. The name" astronomical unit" appears first to have

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