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  1. States (1849). After the Great Chicago Fire, Lyell was one of the first to, donate ,books to help found the Chicago Public Library. In 1866,he was elected a
  2. Water. According to Brønsted–Lowry acid-base theory, acids are substances that, donate ,a positive hydrogen ion to another substance in a chemical reaction; by
  3. Propensities. Proline either breaks or kinks a helix, both because it cannot, donate ,an amide hydrogen bond (having no amide hydrogen),and also because its
  4. Polyprotic acids, also known as polybasic acids, are able to, donate ,more than one proton per acid molecule, in contrast to monoprotic acids that
  5. Part-time volunteer basis without stipend. Like all members, they are asked to, donate ,a tithe of 10 percent of their income to the church. An exception to that rule
  6. Listed as a" processed food ". In 2002,the McDonald's Corporation agreed to, donate ,$10 million to Hindu and other groups to settle lawsuits filed against the
  7. Popular to crochet hats (commonly referred to as" chemo caps" ) and, donate ,them to cancer treatment centers, for those undergoing chemotherapy.
  8. Common for people and groups to crochet clothing and other garments and then, donate ,them to soldiers during war. People have also crocheted clothing and then
  9. Definition of an acid. That is, substances with a higher Key are more likely to, donate ,hydrogen ions in chemical reactions than those with lower Key values. Phase In
  10. The facility. On 6 November 2008 it was announced that English Heritage would, donate ,£300,000 to help maintain the buildings at Bletchley Park, and that they were
  11. In 1970 against Ted Kennedy, but Camp ultimately declined. (He did, however, donate , his services as a speaker at a $100-a-plate fundraiser for Republican
  12. Could confess their sins one day, re-commit the sin the next day, generously, donate , the following day, then return to re-confess their sins and only receive the
  13. Owners of functional computers may find it easier to dump them rather than, donate ,because many nonprofits and schools are unable or unwilling to work with used
  14. With a biologic relative who has been diagnosed with CJD or CD are unable to, donate , Biologic relative in this setting means mother, father,sibling, grandparent
  15. And as electrons in NADH and QH2. The NADH generated in the TCA cycle may later, donate ,its electrons in oxidative phosphorylation to drive ATP synthesis; FADH2 is
  16. 1996 or received transfusion in the UK after the year 1980 is not allowed to, donate ,blood. Sperm donor restrictions In the U. S., the FDA has banned import of any
  17. They called the" Gates-Buffet Giving Pledge ", in which they promised to, donate ,to charity at least half of their wealth over the course of time. Recognition
  18. Monoprotic acids are those acids that are able to, donate ,one proton per molecule during the process of dissociation (sometimes called
  19. Huge properties in Maharashtra, in Mumbai—Kohinoor Mills. If he is willing to, donate ,land, we can start a school in the name of Aishwarya here. " Raj responded to
  20. Students chose to attend other universities and some alumni refused to, donate ,money to the school. Allan Bloom, a professor of philosophy at the University
  21. Awareness of the disease and the need for early detection. She continues to, donate ,her time to the foundation, and has appeared on morning talk shows, and has
  22. To form the bisulfate anion (HSO4−),for which Ka1 is very large; then it can, donate ,a second proton to form the sulfate anion (SO42-),wherein the Ka2 is
  23. Elements. Elements with low electronegativity, such as most metals, easily, donate , electrons and oxidize – they are reducing agents. On the contrary, many ions
  24. That prohibits sexual relations outside heterosexual marriage. LDS faithfuls, donate ,a 10 percent tithe on their income annually. They also perform volunteer
  25. History in Pittsburgh. * After the Spanish American War, Carnegie offered to, donate ,$20 million USD to the Philippines, so they could buy their independence.
  26. And Europe, some bakeries, grocery stores, or restaurants will routinely, donate ,food according to a Good Samaritan Food Donation Act, but more often, because
  27. Noble gas configuration, and therefore alkali metals and halogens will, donate ,and accept one electron, respectively,and the noble gases themselves are
  28. 4 in 1987. A major reason for Agassi leaving Nike was because Nike refused to, donate ,to Agassi's charities and Adidas was more than happy to do so. Agassi had a
  29. The Republican Party, and a week later, it was reported that Amway had tried to, donate ,$1.3 million to pay for Republican" infomercials" and televising of the GOP
  30. Then one proton per acid molecule, in contrast to monoprotic acids that only, donate ,one proton per molecule. Specific types of polyprotic acids have more specific
  31. To use their own money to pay for the education of their children or to, donate ,money towards the education of other children. Under non-voucher education
  32. The Entertainment Industry Foundation created the Aaliyah Memorial Fund to, donate ,money raised to charities she supported. In December 2009,Billboard magazine
  33. Have more specific names, such as diuretic acid (two potential protons to, donate ,) and Tripoli acid (three potential protons to donate ). A diuretic acid (
  34. S table Albion had to ask for the hospitality of a foreign king, and have him, donate ,his weapons, as was customary. For this initiation he went to the court of
  35. A person seeks donations. That person may find another person willing to, donate ,a substantial sum. However, if the person seeking the donations met the person
  36. Of modern public library begins around 15th century when individuals started to, donate ,books to towns. The growth of a public library system in the United States
  37. Kits until 1992,but they were rarely used. Charity support England players, donate ,all their pay for international matches to charity causes via the Team England
  38. Be treated worse than others for some arbitrary reason. If someone decides to, donate ,to help orphan children, but decides to donate less, say,to black children out
  39. And decisions made by a vote of the Caucus. They are also sometimes required to, donate ,a portion of their salary to the party, although this practice has declined
  40. In the area is Christmas tree farming. In fact, Cadillac was chosen in 1988 to, donate ,the Holiday tree to sit on the lawn of the U. S. Capitol building in Washington
  41. Stating that distance education creates new graduates who might be willing to, donate ,money to the school who would never have been associated with the school
  42. Then the second; i.e.,Ka1 > Ka2. For example, sulfuric acid (H2SO4) can, donate ,one proton to form the bisulfate anion (HSO4−),for which Ka1 is very large;
  43. Such as Carpaccio’s, support the appeal year-round; Carpaccio’s generously, donate ,50p for each Penne Jardiniere sold. New for 2011,Love Food Give Food are
  44. In 1908. Shear persuaded retired businessman and trustee Charles W. Gates to, donate ,$25,000 in seed money to build Gates Laboratory, the first science building on
  45. Tax credits are tax credits given to individual taxpayers or businesses who, donate ,to nonprofit organizations that give out private school scholarships to low
  46. And Pune. He wrote to the chief minister of Maharashtra, Vilasrao Deshmukh, to, donate , the lands that were allegedly acquired illegally in Pune. However, the Lucknow
  47. Reason. If someone decides to donate to help orphan children, but decides to, donate ,less, say,to black children out of a racist attitude, he or she will be acting
  48. Recording several television/radio public service announcements to, donate ,blood. A small amount of interest was garnered by his wearing of a white
  49. Potential protons to donate ) and Tripoli acid (three potential protons to, donate ,). A diuretic acid (here symbolized by H2A) can undergo one or two
  50. Electronegativity is electropositivity: a measure of an element's ability to, donate ,electrons. Electronegativities of the elements Periodic table of

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