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  1. Supply price farmers receive in Egypt is EGP 1200 (\approx US$ 211) per, ton ,compared to approximately EGP 1940 (\approx US$ 340) per ton for import from
  2. A decrease of 37 %. 18.7 billion net ton ne kilometers (11.4 billion net, ton ,miles) of freight movement were recorded in 2002–3,against 16.6 billion (
  3. Ventures that prompted deforestation rarely generated more than US$5 for every, ton ,of carbon they released and frequently returned far less than US$1 ". The price
  4. Shortened to BTU hour (BTU. h) but both have the same meaning. * 1 ", ton ,of cooling," a common unit in North American refrigeration and air
  5. a billion (plus $12 billion for development and research) for the 100,000, ton , Gerald Ford-class carrier (estimated service 2015) compared to the smaller $2
  6. Or 133.179 quadrillion BTU's. This is an average of 18.8 million BTU per short, ton , In terms of heat content, this is about of oil equivalent per day. By
  7. Carrier (estimated service 2015) compared to the smaller $2 billion 45,000, ton , America-class amphibious assault ships able to deploy squadrons of F-35B. The
  8. A ton of refrigeration is approximately equal to the cooling power of one short, ton ,(2000 pounds or 907 kilograms) of ice melting in a 24-hour period. The value
  9. And operational from 1995.; Spain (2) * Principe de Asturias (R11): 17,200, ton , STOVL carrier, commissioned in 1988. * Juan Carlos I (L61): 27,000 ton
  10. Since been retired.; United States (11) * USS Enterprise (CVN-65): 93,500, ton , nuclear-powered super carrier commissioned in 1961. First nuclear-powered
  11. Products, thus sequestering its carbon over years or even centuries. One, ton ,of dry wood is equivalent to 1.8 ton s of carbon dioxide. Indeed, a very
  12. Ton Italian STOVL carrier, commissioned in 1985. * Cavour (550): 27,000, ton , Italian STOVL carrier, commissioned in 2008.; Russia (1) * Admiral Flora
  13. 17,200 ton STOVL carrier, commissioned in 1988. * Juan Carlos I (L61): 27,000, ton , launched in 2008,commissioned 30 September 2010.; Thailand (1) * HTML
  14. Unit for these contracts is, and are also quoted in U. S. dollars and cents per, ton , The price of coal increased from around $30.00 per short ton in 2000 to around
  15. Where a large dry dock, capable of launching vessels with more than 100,000, ton , displacement,is now being built. In his statement, Admiral Mason said that
  16. In 2008.; Russia (1) * Admiral Flora Sovetskovo Soyuz Kuznets: 67,500, ton , Kuznetsov class STAR aircraft carrier. Launched in 1985 as Tbilisi, renamed
  17. Standing up, cow tipping is a myth. Additionally, they represent over a half, ton ,of weight that would easily resist a lesser tipping force. A variety of
  18. TPA, Canadian D6 armored bulldozer, cranes,graders, excavators,and M35 2-1/2, ton , cargo truck. Militarized heavy equipment may also take on the form of
  19. Only 5.18 million ton nes were exported out of China in 2002. Offered at $34 a, ton , Chinese cement is pricing itself out of the market as Thailand is asking as
  20. Increased from around $30.00 per short ton in 2000 to around $150.00 per short, ton ,as of September 2008. As of October 2008,the price per short ton had declined
  21. Aircraft carrier, commissioned in 2001.; India (1) * INS Vibrant: 28,700, ton , ex-British carrier HMS Hermes (launched 1953),purchased in 1986 and
  22. Remains of the beast, from specimens believed to have weighed more than a, ton , have been found in Mesolithic sites around Gold cliff, Wales. Though aurochs
  23. Rock whilst the lighthouse was being constructed. It was equipped with a 1.5, ton , example. It is shaped like an inverted mushroom, the head becoming buried in
  24. Chandeliers, starting modestly but by the middle of the decade involving a, ton ,of glass orbs and shapes that in some works look like flowers, others like
  25. A large aft ramp that accommodates rolling stock, such as a 69- ton (63-metric, ton , ) M1 Abrams tank, other armored vehicles, trucks,and trailers, along with
  26. Air tubes after each breath) has been estimated at about 184 liters for a 30, ton , specimen. Its tidal volume (the amount of air moved in or out during a single
  27. May be named after Shi Lang.; France (1) * Charles de Gaulle (R 91): 42,000, ton , nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, commissioned in 2001.; India (1) * INS
  28. Of silt or fine sand. It was invented by Robert Stevenson, for use by an 82, ton , converted fishing boat, Pharos, which was used as a light vessel between 1807
  29. Against Abu Zubaydah in the press, including: *“One Abu Zubaydah is worth a, ton ,of guys at Gizmo. ” *He was a“ senior bin Laden official” and the“ former
  30. In 2013,may be extended to 2014–2015. * Nimitz class: ten 101,000, ton , nuclear-powered super carriers, the first of which was commissioned in 1975. A
  31. Up to 1.4 % of cadmium. In the 1970s,the output of cadmium was 6.5 pounds per, ton ,of zinc. Applications Cadmium has many common industrial uses as it is a key
  32. The largest nest of any North American bird, up to deep, wide,and one metric, ton ,(1.1 ton s) in weight. Taxonomy A species placed in the genus Haliaeetus (sea
  33. And cents per ton . The price of coal increased from around $30.00 per short, ton ,in 2000 to around $150.00 per short ton as of September 2008. As of October
  34. Commissioned 30 September 2010.; Thailand (1) * HTMS Chakra Rarebit: 11,400, ton , carrier based on Spanish Principe De Asturias design. Commissioned in 1997.;
  35. Days with confused citizens inscribing dates by both the civic calendar and, ton ,the oi, by the moon. The lack of any universal calendar for Ancient Greece
  36. Power in the U. S. is often described in terms of" ton s of refrigeration ". A, ton ,of refrigeration is approximately equal to the cooling power of one short ton (
  37. Came with the British response to the Magi and Lexing ton types: four 48,000, ton ,G3 battlecruisers. Royal Navy documents of the period often described any
  38. Per short ton as of September 2008. As of October 2008,the price per short, ton ,had declined to $111.50. Prices further declined to $71.25 as of October 2010.
  39. 1) * Chinese aircraft carrier: ex-Soviet aircraft carrier Vary,67,000, ton , conventional steam-turbine powered aircraft carrier, commissioned/launched
  40. In the concrete mix; 900 kg of CO2 are emitted for the fabrication of every, ton ,of cement. Cement manufacture contributes greenhouse gases both directly
  41. Rather than build new battlecruisers, whereas the Russians laid down the 35,000, ton , Kronshtadt Class, but were unable to launch them before the Germans invaded in
  42. Band from Trumansburg, New York Sculpture *World's Largest Buffalo, a 60, ton , sculpture of an American Bison located in Jamestown, North Dakota USA Sport *
  43. Classes currently in service:; Brazil (1) * Nae São Paulo (A12): 32,800, ton , ex-French carrier FS Foch (launched 1960),purchased in 2000.; China (1) *
  44. Design. Commissioned in 1997.; United Kingdom (1) * HMS Illustrious: 22,000, ton , STOVL carrier, commissioned in 1982. Originally there were three of her class
  45. Is 12,000 BTU/h. It is the amount of power needed to melt one short, ton ,of ice in 24 hours, and is approximately 3.51 kW. * 1 therm is defined in the
  46. Heaven being the authors of our world. " The ruler" Principe, i. e. Probably, ton ,Arizona of the 365 heavens" is Abraham, and for this reason he contains
  47. The trading unit is per contract, and is quoted in U. S. dollars and cents per, ton , Since coal is the principal fuel for generating electricity in the United
  48. At Letchworth. Each machine was about wide, tall,deep and weighed about a, ton , At its peak, GC&CS were reading some 4,000 messages per day. Because of the
  49. To be decommissioned in 2019.; Italy (2) * Giuseppe Garibaldi (551): 14,000, ton , Italian STOVL carrier, commissioned in 1985. * Cavour (550): 27,000 ton
  50. And the world's deadliest terrorist attack at sea. On that day, the 10,192, ton , ferry was sailing out of Manila, with about 900 passengers and crew. A

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