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  1. That gained considerable support throughout the 1930s. Whilst never, actively ,endorsed by the Anglican Church, many Anglicans unofficially have adopted the
  2. Been made. NATO The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and Azerbaijan, actively ,cooperate on defense institutional reforms and have developed practical
  3. Simpler traffic alerting systems such as TPAs, which are passive (they do not, actively ,interrogate the transponders of other aircraft) and do not provide advisories
  4. The design of the One Laptop Per Child educational platform, with which Kay is, actively ,involved. After 10 years at Xerox PARC, Kay became Atari's chief scientist for
  5. Announces that a stable Afghanistan is in their interest. India and Iran have, actively ,participated in reconstruction efforts in Afghanistan, with India being the
  6. Influenced by Washington Redskins' owner George Preston Marshall, the AFL, actively ,recruited from small and predominantly black colleges. The AFL's
  7. Operating system for the RS/6000 series on its launch in 1990,and is still, actively ,developed by IBM. It is currently supported on IBM Power Systems alongside IBM
  8. In Somalia, al-Qaeda agents closely collaborate with the Shahab group, actively ,recruit children for suicide-bomber training, and export young people to
  9. Principal cities. This implies he not only placed a prohibition on music, but, actively , sought and crushed any resistance. Without music, and implicitly dance, many
  10. Out by the Al Aida cell within the city. Indigenous terrorist groups have been, actively ,operating in Algeria since around 2002. Geography Districts of Algiers * The
  11. As a primarily Buddhist monarch who underwent a conversion to Buddhism and was, actively ,engaged in sponsoring and supporting the Buddhist monastic institution. Some
  12. All phobias, the strength of the associations means the individual must not, actively ,pursue the consequences, and outsiders should not in any way undermine and "
  13. Use a compressor to cause pressure changes between two compartments, and, actively , condense and pump a refrigerant around. A refrigerant is pumped into the
  14. As one of the Seven Sages of Greece); Antaeus at that time was too young to be, actively ,involved; * Missiles - it is not known when he came to power but some verses by
  15. At the O. W. Cob urn School of Law at Oral Roberts University, where she, actively ,taught from 1983 to 1986. In 1986,she joined the faculty at the University of
  16. Imprisoned at Auschwitz concentration camp, spending 945 days there, not only, actively ,gathering evidence of genocide and supplying it to the British in London by
  17. And Islamist Muslims, such as the general perception that the U. S. was, actively ,oppressing Muslims. Bin Laden asserted that America was massacring Muslims in
  18. Of multiple states and Canadian provinces in the Pacific Northwest which is, actively ,undergoing continent building. One of the world's the largest tides occurs in
  19. Metals and toxic herbs in a way that removes their OSI. These processes are, actively ,used to the present day. Twentieth century satirists Albert Richard Raided and
  20. That membership to the foundation is granted only to volunteers who have, actively ,contributed to Apache projects. The ASF is considered a second generation
  21. Opposition to totalitarianism Throughout his life, Camus spoke out against and, actively ,opposed totalitarianism in its many forms. Early on, Camus was active within
  22. In his books on the Guarani tribe in Paraguay that" primitive societies ", actively ,oppose the institution of the state. These stateless societies are not less
  23. Democratic restorations; this has been interpreted as evidence that he was not, actively ,involved in politics despite his highly political plays, as well as his
  24. In 1839,a year after leaving the school and at the age of nineteen, she was, actively ,looking for a teaching position. As the daughter of a poor clergyman, she
  25. Views outside her music. During the 2000 U. S. presidential election, she, actively , supported and voted for Green Party candidate Ralph Nader. She supported Dennis
  26. In a book entitled An American Four-in-hand in Britain. Although still, actively ,involved in running his many businesses, Carnegie had become a regular
  27. The Tokugawa shogunate, that innovative daimyo from Western Japan had been, actively ,involved in negotiating trade and diplomatic treaties with Spain and with the
  28. Government and the sector will find new ways to encourage museums to collect, actively ,and strategically, especially the record of contemporary society. #* The sector
  29. Are either distracted by Patti or lost in contemplation, while skeletal Death, actively ,writes the epitaph. Algardi's tomb is much less dynamic. The allegorical
  30. Was, or is, based on: Apart from the main Moscow deployment, Russia has striven, actively ,for intrinsic ABM capabilities of its late model SAM systems. People's
  31. Disappear from the Martian atmosphere within several years, so the gas must be, actively ,replenished in order to maintain the present concentration. The Mars Science
  32. And Radcliffe-Brown's influence stemmed from the fact that they, like Boas, actively ,trained students and aggressively built up institutions that furthered their
  33. Consider Johnson" a flat failure ". Whereas Sean Silent wrote that Johnson ", actively ,sided with former Confederates" in his attempts to derail it. Accordingly
  34. Measured over time),and voltammetry (the cell's current is measured while, actively ,altering the cell's potential). Thermal analysis Calorimetry and
  35. Hardly a dead platform, the Apple II has a worldwide network of kindred spirits, actively ,engaged in preserving this otherwise outdated technology and indeed regularly
  36. Point for those interested in amateur astronomy, whether they be people who are, actively ,interested in observing or" armchair astronomers" who may simply be
  37. Upon this suspicion and speculated that belief in Plagiarism reflected an, actively ,provincial outlook in Britain and that Northern represented the Belgian party
  38. Holds that one should give up one's life, if necessary, either passively or, actively , for the sake of upholding the cardinal moral values of men and Yi. *Legalism
  39. Commentator, but in Old Comedy the Chorus was large (numbering 24),it was, actively ,involved in the plot, its entry into the action was frequently spectacular, its
  40. To mislead the uninitiated. Finally, the alchemists practiced their art: they, actively ,experimented with chemicals and made observations and theories about how the
  41. Of London in 1928. Research Work before penicillin After the war, Fleming, actively , searched for antibacterial agents, having witnessed the death of many soldiers
  42. Unix flavors including Matrix, SunOS, *BSD and IRIS. This package is no longer, actively ,maintained. Ports Used http://defindit.com/readme_files/iptables.html Sample
  43. View the desire of immigrants to be seen as German negatively, and they have, actively ,sought to revive and recreate concepts of identity in connection to traditional
  44. From Pakistan's powerful Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) spy network are, actively ,involved in a nationwide Taliban insurgency means" Land of the Afghans "
  45. Wrote in their letters that several" cabals" of Italians led by Salary were, actively ,putting roadblocks in the way of Mozart's obtaining certain posts or staging
  46. Fine control of both breathing and the vocal tract. The ability of a child to, actively ,communicate earlier than would otherwise be possible appears to accelerate
  47. To have gone out of its way to create it. At one time, Apple evangelists were, actively ,engaged by the company, but this was after the phenomenon was already firmly
  48. Ancient Greek word (idiots),meaning a private person, a person who is not, actively ,interested in politics; such characters were talked about with contempt and the
  49. Mostly keep to themselves in contrast to the" New Churches" which, actively ,proselytize. The Roman Catholic as well as some major Protestant denominations
  50. To UK Advanced Research and Assessment Group estimates. In the past, it also, actively ,supported the peacekeeping operation in Kosovo and Iraq. The Azeris peacekeeping

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