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  1. Of the Patriots. Older and better established men, Loyalists tended to, resist ,innovation. They thought resist ance to the Crown—which they insisted was the
  2. Liberalism in 1872: If there be any party which is more pledged than another to, resist ,a policy of restrictive legislation, having for its object social coercion
  3. Knives, inkstands,marbles and seals. Because of its hardness and ability to, resist ,acids, agate is used to make mortars and pestles to crush and mix chemicals.
  4. Matter which direction the vessel moves one or more anchors will be aligned to, resist ,the force. Mushroom The mushroom anchor is suitable where the seabed is
  5. Large rock as the primary element of their design. However, using pure mass to, resist ,the forces of a storm only works well as a permanent mooring; a large enough
  6. Him to a subordinate position. For want of funds, Alexander was unable to, resist ,the Grand Master of the Teutonic Knights or prevent Grand Duke of Muscovy Ivan
  7. 29 (1) (b) of the Crime and Disorder Act 1998.; Assault with intent to, resist ,arrest: The offense of assault with intent to resist arrest is created by
  8. And enabled, but prior to regeneration, one is able to believe … able also to, resist , # After one believes, God then regenerates; one is able to continue believing
  9. Heavy weight, usually cast iron or cast lead, that will sink into the mud and, resist ,lateral movement. Suitable only for very soft silt bottoms and in mild
  10. A smooth tension indicative of digging in. As the anchor begins to dig in and, resist ,backward force, the engine may be throttled up to get a thorough set. If the
  11. Alternating layers, much like in plywood, assisting in the bone's ability to, resist ,torsion forces. After a fracture, woven bone forms initially and is gradually
  12. Was founded in the summer of 1927 by Italy Bosch, The only major Roman club to, resist ,the merger was S. S. Lazio because of the intervention of the Fascist Militia
  13. Assault with intent to resist arrest: The offense of assault with intent to, resist ,arrest is created by section 38 of the Offenses against the Person Act 1861.;
  14. De Discard’s right flank, without proper infantry support, could no longer, resist ,the onslaught and, turning their horses northwards, they broke and fled in
  15. St. Clair was sent to defend Fort Ticonderoga. His small garrison could not, resist ,British Gen. John Burgoyne's larger force in the Saratoga Campaign. St. Clair
  16. Act (Northern Ireland) 1968 creates the offenses of: * Assault with intent to, resist ,arrest: under section 7 (1) (b); this offense was formerly created by s.38
  17. Immune system, based largely on white blood cells. White blood cells help to, resist ,infections and parasites. Platelets are important in the clotting of blood.
  18. Prior to being drawn and enabled, one is unable to believe … able only to, resist , # Having been drawn and enabled, but prior to regeneration, one is able to
  19. To the point of unbelief, one is unable again to believe … able only to, resist , Wesleyan Arminianism John Wesley has historically been the most influential
  20. The European slave-traders. Though the leaders of Dahomey appeared initially to, resist ,the slave trade, it flourished in the region of Dahomey for almost three
  21. To the citadel at Bam. Along with his two brothers, he made preparations to, resist ,the government forces that were sent against him. He was besieged at Bam for
  22. Respond to God’s will; # grace is not ir resist ible; and # believers are able to, resist ,sin but are not beyond the possibility of falling from grace. The crux of
  23. Of the capital to depose his uncle. Alexios III took no efficient measures to, resist , and his attempts to bribe the crusaders failed. His son-in-law, Theodore
  24. And tried to take over control of Kashmir. Initially Hard Singh tried to, resist ,their progress but failed. Hard Singh then requested the Indian Union to help.
  25. OH, to promote solubility in water, and the tendency of the carbon chain to, resist ,it. Thus, methanol,ethanol, and propane are miscible in water because the
  26. Bulgaria, Bulgarian Agrarian National Union (BZNS) was organized in 1899 to, resist ,taxes and build cooperatives. BZNS came to power in 1919 and introduces many
  27. Therefore, is able either to accept the Gospel call through faith or, resist ,its through unbelief. Calvinists hold that God's grace to enable salvation is
  28. Several key royal powers into the hands of lesser nobles. His inability to, resist ,the demands of his nobles was to leave a heritage of disunity in Aragon and
  29. Sturdy blades from four to six inches in length, with edge geometry designed to, resist ,chipping and breakage. The term" utility knife" may also refer to small
  30. To the death was better than a slow end in Soviet camps. They continued to, resist , hiding in cellars and sewers, but by early March 1943,the remaining small and
  31. Also have a third effect. Because of their positioning, the twin weights also, resist ,rotation instigated by a bow-hand error. If this error were not reduced, left
  32. To accept the Gospel of Jesus through faith, simultaneously allowing all men to, resist , * Election is conditional: Arminius defined election as" the decree of God by
  33. Some for actually being irrelevant or false. Color desperately tried to, resist ,impeachment by rallying the support of the youth and of the lower classes, but
  34. Followed up with life training and/or social support in order to help them, resist ,a return to alcohol use. Since alcoholism involves multiple factors which
  35. God then regenerates; one is able to continue believing … able also to, resist , # Upon resist ing to the point of unbelief, one is unable again to believe …
  36. The Ammonites, with some neighboring tribes, did their utmost to, resist ,and check the revival of the Jewish power under Judas Maccabeus. The last
  37. Be both freely accepted and freely denied. * Man has free will to respond or, resist ,: Free will is limited by God's sovereignty, but God's sovereignty allows all
  38. Released. The series follows the exploits of a village of ancient Gauls as they, resist ,Roman occupation. They do so by means of a magic potion, brewed by their druid
  39. And smaller atoms exert a tensile force on their neighbors, helping the alloy, resist ,deformation. Sometimes alloys may exhibit marked differences in behavior even
  40. Were offered a choice to join the Athenians, or be conquered. Choosing to, resist , their town was besieged and conquered; the males were put to death and the
  41. His army, but,while the other cities once again hesitated, Thebes decided to, resist ,with the utmost vigor. However, the resist ance was ineffective, and the city
  42. The adhered. The bond has strength because the adhesive is hard enough to, resist ,flow when stress is applied to the bond. Once the adhesive and the adhered are
  43. Seriously to consider the implications for their own lives of this call to, resist ,war and work for peace for their own lives. " After World War II The focus on
  44. Of minimum rainfall have a very scanty flora, consisting of plants adapted to, resist ,the great dryness. Characteristic of the Sahara is the date palm, which
  45. Policy, Gladstone was in general against foreign entanglements but did not, resist ,the reality of imperialism. For example, he approved of the occupation of Egypt
  46. Manufacturing and shipping. State legislatures were unable or unwilling to, resist ,attacks upon private contracts and public credit. Land speculators expected no
  47. Which is true at low temperatures),then the electrons will stay paired and, resist ,all kicks, thus not experiencing resist ance. Thus, the collective behavior of
  48. Aluminum is remarkable for the metal's low density and for its ability to, resist ,corrosion due to the phenomenon of passivation. Structural components made from
  49. Although oft-exaggerated) army and navy to Greece. Those Greeks who chose to, resist ,(the 'Allies' ) were defeated in the twin simultaneous battles of Thermopylae
  50. Lisbon. Iberian Union The Azores were the last part of the Portuguese Empire to, resist ,Philip's reign over Portugal (Macau resist ed any official recognition) and

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