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  1. Cases, such as suspensions for racing cars, experimental construction, modification , and testing is not so simple nor inexpensive. The electrical equivalent can be
  2. 7. Applications could not directly address video memory in this mode without, modification , so it was incompatible with most games, although there is no inherent reason
  3. Produce hydrophobic lipoproteins, or hydrophilic glycoproteins. These type of, modification ,allow the reversible targeting of a protein to a membrane. For example, the
  4. A500 can have the additional RAM configured as Chip RAM by a simple hardware, modification , which involves fitting a later model (8372A) Agnes chip. Likewise, all
  5. Stings and leaving a pure patch of lemon ant trees (Aurora hirsute). This, modification ,of the forest provides the ants with more nesting sites inside the stems of the
  6. Soviet initial experiments were closely followed by United States Nike Zeus,a, modification ,of then-existing anti-aircraft missiles. Nike Zeus proved unworkable, and so
  7. Or amputation at the neck, are the most radical amputations. Genital, modification ,and mutilation may involve amputating tissue, although not necessarily as a
  8. Restored under Enclaves; the most detailed accounts are of this fourth-century, modification ,rather than the Periclean system. It was suppressed by the Macedonians in 322
  9. Could be modified exactly as required, and in the very process of this, modification ,the unmodified would die out, and thus the definite characters and the clear
  10. As countersubject) is the technical name in counterpoint for the repetition or, modification ,by one part or instrument of a theme proposed by another.
  11. Things. Under Title III of the ADA, all " new construction" ( construction, modification ,or alterations) after the effective date of the ADA (approximately July 1992
  12. Be considered modification s of the form of the letters. Children learn each, modification ,separately, as in a syllabify; nonetheless, the graphic similarities between
  13. That occur without changes in DNA sequence and include DNA methylation, histone, modification , and RNA interference. Toxic levels of arsenic cause significant DNA
  14. Properties of the absolute value for real numbers can be used, with a slight, modification , to generalize the notion to an arbitrary vector space. A real-valued function
  15. Has been termed, has meant that the initial design of Adelaide required little, modification ,as the settlement grew and prospered. Adelaide was established as the center of
  16. Levels of intracellular arsenic and its other bases involved in epigenetic, modification ,of DNA. Studies investigating arsenic as an epigenetic factor will help in
  17. Has made them useful as biological indicators in the Ballantine Scale and its, modification , Uses Agar, a gelatinous substance derived from red algae, has a number of
  18. Navigation was principally confined to the main river; and even in 1857 a, modification ,of the government contract only obliged the company to a monthly service
  19. The Beautiful. Her version contained some new lyrics, as well as a small, modification ,of the melody. This version includes only two verses, the second of which is
  20. The formation of housing in the translation initiation factor EIF5A,through, modification ,of a lysine residue. Such modification s can also determine the localization of
  21. Plural is indicated either through endings (the sound plural) or internal, modification ,(the broken plural). Definite nouns include all proper nouns, all nouns in "
  22. When compressed at room temperature to 5 GPA, α-Am transforms to the β, modification , which has a face-centered cubic (FCC) symmetry, space group FMM and lattice
  23. And technical issues involving the death of parties *Abatement (heraldry),a, modification ,of the shield or coat of arms that supposedly can be imposed by authority (in
  24. Number of causes are believed to be involved, including habitat destruction and, modification , over-exploitation, pollution,introduced species, climate change
  25. Are found in proteins are formed by post-translational modification , which is, modification ,after translation during protein synthesis. These modification s are often
  26. Microorganisms exhibit resistance to antimicrobial are: # Drug inactivation or, modification ,: for example, enzymatic deactivation of Penicillin G in some
  27. Of new monastic orders, with new and more stringent rules, requiring a, modification ,of the architectural arrangements. One of the earliest of these reformed orders
  28. In the form of disease or disorder. A discussion of every disease caused by, modification ,of the various apoptotic pathways would be impractical, but the concept
  29. Concerned with GMO practices such as terminator seeds, which is a genetic, modification ,that creates sterile seeds. Terminator seeds are currently under strong
  30. G model essentially has the same guidance system as the D with some software, modification ,that enables the pilot to track larger targets. The G model's major difference
  31. Consonant-based, but indicate vowels with diacritics to or a systematic graphic, modification ,of the consonants. In alphabets in the narrow sense, on the other hand
  32. However, the other vowels were indicated with full letters, not diacritics or, modification , so the system was essentially an alphabet that did not bother to write the
  33. And dance. In the United States, only eastern New England speakers took up this, modification , although even there it is becoming increasingly rare. * The realization of
  34. By Archimedes in its current form, since it quotes Archimedes, suggesting, modification , by another author. The Lemmas may be based on an earlier work by Archimedes
  35. Blogger Turbo Board was a professionally fitted upgrade whereas the Elector, modification ,was described in an article in Dutch Electronics magazine Elector and intended
  36. With carnations to give oxides. Amy nitrites are also useful as reagents in a, modification ,of the Sandbar reaction. The reaction of the alkyl nitrite with an aromatic
  37. Rally cars in the 1980s,providing well over 400 horsepower (298 kW) after, modification , Before 1990,there were engines produced with a displacement between 2.0 L and
  38. ROMs and any software using the OS calls could function without significant, modification , making substantially more memory available for BASIC, View,View sheet and
  39. Environment, untreated,often containing antibiotics and pesticides. " Genetic, modification ,Salmon have been genetically modified for faster growth, although they are not
  40. Amino acids that are found in proteins are formed by post-translational, modification , which is modification after translation during protein synthesis. These
  41. To be generalized to include an antisymmetric part, called the torsion. This, modification ,was made by Einstein and Tartan in the 1920s. Equations of motion The theory of
  42. Substance, but upon peculiar arrangement of various substances ". One notable, modification ,of oxygen theory was provided by Berzelius, who stated that acids are oxides of
  43. With experiments always makes sense, since a falsified physical theory needs, modification , Mathematical logic In the field of mathematical logic, a clear distinction is
  44. A close support role, but these were conventional tanks whose only significant, modification ,was the replacement of the main gun with a howitzer. Among these was the M4 (
  45. And almost every other business application. By providing extra storage this, modification ,also allowed some games and applications intended for the BBC Micro to function
  46. Has since purchased the molding plates for the Jaguar's casing as with minor, modification ,they were found to be the right size for housing their Hot Rod camera. The game
  47. Of program into that region. If Acorn had thought to include this small, modification ,in the original Electron design it is likely the machine would have had a much
  48. The same way as consonants, as in Greek (true alphabet) * diacritics or, modification ,of consonants, as in Hindi (Devanagari: हिन्दी) (abused) The word "
  49. S-adenosyl methionine, while hydroxyproline is made by a posttranslational, modification ,of proline. Microorganisms and plants can synthesize many uncommon amino acids.
  50. Of their original pledges. " Closing down According to their own terms for, modification ,(Article XIII),the Articles would still have been in effect until 1790,the

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